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New York City Day Five and Six

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Now that our New York trip was TWO months ago, I think it's time for me to go ahead and conclude my recap of the trip.

I'm nothing if not prompt.

So let's get back to where we were.....

Friday morning we let ourselves sleep in. I promised myself I was going to get up and go to GMA again, one last time, one last glimpse of my anchorman crush Josh Elliot, but it just didn't happen.

Sleep won over on my anchorman crush. Sorry Josh.

After we got up and around we decided to just walk around the city again.

I think we both fell in love with the city while we were there. At the risk of sounding cheesy, it was really enchanting being there.

We spent our day walking around the city, looking at new sites we hadn't seen earlier in the week, stopping to eat a bit and of course shopping.

Have I mentioned that H&M rocks my world? And my bank account.

Look at Luke being all cute and catching on to the mirror self pics 

We spent some time hanging out in this little courtyard area while we waited to meet up with some friends. We listened to some music and watched people walking. People watching is one of my top five favorite things to do.

I lead a thrilling life.

Later we met up with two of Luke's friends from high school. Cassie lives in NYC and Brandon was just visiting. Cassie took us to the restaurant she works at and treated us to an amazing lunch.  

Anytime french fries and garlic are put together on one plate I'm a fan.

After lunch and lots of visiting we went back to the hotel to get ready for the New York Yankees game.

As a former sports-hater turned into a a football tolerator I was not looking forward to sitting through a baseball game. The only thing I was looking forward to was a hot dog. After that I figured I would be ready to leave.

 Dang, Luke already forgot about the mirror self pics

We took a bus to the stadium which took WELL OVER an hour. After the game we took a subway back to our hotel which took like 10 minutes. Note to self, always take the subway in NYC. No matter how badly it smells like pee or how many times that strange man gives you the crazy eye, the subway is always best.

With my sweet friend and partner in Scentsy Amber. We had so much fun together and I'm so glad we were FINALLY able to spend time together.

I lasted about 7 innings before I needed to get outta there. Luke was impressed I lasted 7 innings, I was impressed he didn't care if we left early. It was a WIN all around. (although I have no idea who actually won the game that night).

Here we are on the subway. Those things are so dirty.

We wanted to soak up our last night in NYC, so we spent the rest of the night walking around. We went back to Washington Square and then hung out in Times Square.

Then we went back to our hotel and packed all our stuff to get ready to head back home. I was so sad to leave but I could not WAIT to see my bubba baby boy.

 One last mirror pic. So glad Luke participated.

One last picture in front of our hotel door. It was Luke's idea (totally joking) ((I so badly wish there was a sarcasm font)).

One last pic with Amber. Miss her!

I only had two regrets when leaving NYC.
1. That we didn't go see Wicked
2. That we didn't take a horse carriage ride around Central Park

So we decided to knock one thing off my regret list

Then we took a bus to the airport and said goodbye to New York City. I am beyond thankful and still in shock that this trip was completely free to us thanks to Scentsy and all my amazing customers who are in love with the product as much as I am. Thank you!

It was a wonderful and relaxing time for us, where we made lots of memories!


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