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Megan Needs her Groove Back

I'm a person who thrives on routine.

Actually, I don't think the word thrive can completely encompass just how desperately I need routine.

I need the same thing to happen at the same time everyday or I will possibly come unglued.

This obviously makes me a joyful, fun, non-high maintenance person to be around.

If Luke is 2. 5 minutes late coming home from work I start internally freaking out. On the outside I'm all cool, calm and collective for Eli's sake but on the inside I'm crying uncontrollably because  clearly he's in a ditch somewhere. What kind of crazy person doesn't come home at the same minute every single day?

And 90% of you just said a quick prayer for Luke and his sanity.

I need routine. I'll claim it. I live it. It's me.

So when we recently moved (more than once in a three week period) I sort of lost all cognitive and rational thinking.

It's like when we sold our house my brain went with it.

Then we moved to the cabin and I lost all sense of routine and normalcy.

And now we've been in the rent house for a month now and I still haven't got back into a routine.

Which really is my fault, at this point its a mental road block that I can't seem to break.

Or maybe I don't want to break it?

Every time I get the urge to cook dinner I picture myself in my old kitchen. I knew my way around that kitchen, I had a system, I had a GROOVE.

My groove is gone.

But it's getting ridiculous. We cannot continue to eat out, I HAVE to conquer my fear of cooking in a new (sort of gross rent house) kitchen.

I can do it.

I don't want to do it, but I CAN do it.

I'll let you know how that goes. I'm sure you'll be on the edge of your seat.

Anybody else share this problem? Does change completely throw you for a loop?


  1. Hey girl,
    You crack me up! I know I routinely tell you that, but I just love you to pieces. I know what you mean, I do like routine too.
    Did u cook last week? I know you can do this girly! Xoxo

  2. Completely my story. I also freak out anytime is 'not right'. Drives C CRAZY. know my living situation is currently a hot my groove and routine and sanity is packed into a box somewhere.

  3. Oh the bad grammar in my previous post. See...LOSING IT!!! Hahahaha

  4. Hey,
    I've never commented before but found your blog through a different blog and love your story telling abilities. I could write this exact blog, down to the panicking when routine is off or my husband gets home a few minutes late. I have a four month old and a four year old and trying to establish a routine has been rough since the new baby came. I keep telling myself no routine is my routine...sure it's not logical but it gets me through the day...:)

  5. I need a routine too or I lose it. It was worse when I was working my last job. When I didn't get home right at 4 or close to it it drove me nuts. I think I needed that control since my job drove me nuts. I still have a routine with my new job, but I'm a little less upset if it's not quite on time. But I also like my new job a whole lot more.

  6. Girl.....I am with you!! Change completely throws me for a loop. I feel lost when something changes. I'm one of those people that if I go somewhere I like to park in the same spot. Sounds crazy. I know. My husband will park at a different entrance of the mall and I beg him to park where I usually do. To him it's no big deal. To me, it's a real big deal!! Why?! I have no idea. I don't like change and I'm real big on routine. aren't crazy. :)' I completely understand where your coming from.


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