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Fun in Indianapolis

I just got back from another trip away from home.

Actually I just realized I never even mentioned on here that Wednesday the 3rd of July we hit the road and went to Colorado for a couple of days. We got home on Sunday night and then Wednesday early morning (VERY EARLY) I got on a plane and flew to Indianapolis to go a our annual Scentsy Family Reunion. I traveled a lot in the span of one week.

I always hate traveling without my two favorite guys, but I had a great time with friends, and feel like I'm now on the right foot to get my Scentsy business started in the Fall.

I've mentioned many times on my blog how much Scentsy has blessed my life. I use this blog to journal my life and now my Scentsy business has just become apart of my life. I honestly never would have or could have imagined the possibilities that were before me when I signed up for Scentsy. So far I've been on TWO completely free trips because of Scentsy, seen and helped other girls start and grow their business and I've been able to buy MANY clothes and shoes because we had extra money due to my Scentsy check.....priorities people.

A quick glimpse into my week:

I mentioned that I flew out early on Wednesday morning, well I got a Starbucks coffee (caramel macchiaato to be exact) to help me wake up.

I drank a lot of it before getting on the plane, took this pic of me chugging it and sipped on it throughout the flight. For some reason when I was about to throw it away I opened it to look and see how much I had left and floating in the coffee, cream, carmel mixture was a dead belly winged side up FLY. A freaking FLY was in my drink. I was fairly certain I was going to die. I want to sue Starbucks now. FOR EMOTIONAL GRIEF.

Our flight landed and I was still alive even though I drank a coffee with a dead fly in it. We couldn't check into our hotel until later that afternoon so we just walked around the town for awhile. Our hotel was connected to a mall with an H&M. Can I get an amen? AMEN.

That evening we went to Lucas Oil Stadium for our opening night ceremony which included a Kelly Clarkson concert.

Have you ever seen her life? Oh my. Girlfriend can rock a show. And she is so pretty, humble, talented, funny and personable. By the end of the concert I felt like she was my best friend. I forgot she was talking to a room of around 8 thousand people and instead felt like she was speaking directly to me.

I wanted to text her and let her know how great the concert was but then I remembered I'm really not her best friend. It was a sad moment and the emotional grief from the fly in my cup just drowned into emotional grief of not really being Kelly's best friend. 

The next morning we woke up and spent a day listening to speakers and seeing ALL the new products. I'm so pumped about everything Scentsy has to offer this fall. I know my customers are going to flip out  over new warmers from Scentsy and new purses from Grace Adele. 

Pics from the day:

The rest of the week was filled with fun with friends, lots of learning, lots of being a nerd (it's what I do best), LOTS of walking around town, walking across the stage TWICE for being a director and lots of thoughts about how I can't believe how I took this business and made it such a large part of my life.

From monetary aspects, to friendships I've made, to discovering my passion and being able to pursue something while still staying home full time I feel truly blessed with Scentsy in my life.

And I can't wait to build my team internationally....we found out that Scentsy is opening up in two new countries AUSTRALIA and MEXICO. Woo hoo!

So that's my recap from my time away. Eventually I will share new products, and pictures, and the scents you HAVE to try, but for now I wanted to tell about my own personal time there. It was a blast.

I also still need to finish recapping our NYC trip from 18 years ago. Best blogger ever.

As much as I love time away nothing beats sitting in bed, listening to it rain outside, while my two year old best friend (at least someone wants to be my best friend if Kelly doesn't) watches Curious George next to me.

It's been a good week!


  1. It was so fun watching y'all document the trip. I WILL BE GOING NEXT YEAR!! :) And...I totally feel that way about Kelly. Bad thing? We see her around town all the time...and I have to remind myself not to run up to her and start rambling on! Ha.

  2. I can't believe you were in Indy and I didn't even know it!! And that H&M is literally the best once I've been in - I always have the best luck there!

  3. I had a blast with you! So glad we could finally meet :-) Can't wait until next year!

  4. So, funny story..somehow I connected with you on a blog level quite some time ago and it wasn't until last year before Convention that I realized you, like me were a Scentsy gal. We exchanged emails back then about convention and I have continued to follow your blog. Half way through the reunion this year, I thought "hmm...wonder if 'Tales of the Trees' is here." LOL I had my eye open to meet you, but never managed to catch up! Maybe in Greece?! :)

  5. I think we talked about this last year but I'd be interested in getting involved with Scentsy, can you be my leader even though I'm in New England?! :)

  6. How fun!! Love it!

    I saw Kelly Clarkson back in 2005 and it was AMAZING. Breakaway had just been the best song of the year or something and I was obsessed with her. She's crazy good.

    I'm in Indiana this week visiting my parents and my mom just said, "I think Kelly Clarkson was here last week." How funny! You were there!

  7. I LOST it at the part about the fly! Oh my gosh; I'm dying.


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