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The boy who wanted to mow

Wednesday is my Scentsy work day. For several hours during the day Eli goes to the babysitter and plays with all the kids and gets his "learn how to share and be nice to other kids so you aren't the mean kid on the playground" time and I furiously work on everything that I have put off since the last Wednesday.

Sometimes I go to a coffee shop, which I did this morning but then decided I wasn't getting much done and I knew One Tree Hill reruns were on TV so I headed back to Crazy Larry's house to watch some reruns and work on some emails.

Have I mentioned since we moved to the rent house I called and had ALL THE CHANNELS added to our cable package and I now get the Soap Network also known as THE MANNA OF TELEVISION.

Multiple HOURS of One Tree Hill and 90210? Just consider me a couch potato. And a loser.

I digress....

As I was typing and watching a pivotal Lucas/Petyon moment (that I've seen 500 times) I heard a soft "knock knock" on my door.

I opened the door and standing before me was a fairly disheveled little boy with overgrown bangs and a gap in his front teeth.

I was a little taken aback because I wasn't planning on it being a little boy at my door, but he quickly said "hello ma'am I was wondering if I could mow your lawn today for any amount, you could pay me $0 or $20 it's up to you"

Well, forget the mowing of the lawn, I immediately wanted to scoop him up and bring him inside and just talk to him all afternoon.

But that would be creepy. I looked at him trying to come up with an answer. I mean we do need our lawn mowed, horribly. The grass goes well past your ankles, but our lawn mower is in storage so that creates a problem.

As I was trying to figure out what to do because I didn't want to turn him away he conveniently mentioned that he was "extremely thirsty".

I went and got him water and we talked for a bit. I found out he was 10 and often pushes his lawn mower up and down the street asking people if he can mow their lawns. In the past he didn't bring his mower but it became too much trouble to go back home and get it. So he just brings it with him.

So there I stood outside in the heat talking to this 10 year old boy just catching up on life with him. He asked me again if he could mow our lawn, but then told me that he doesn't know how to mow the "sides" of the lawn so he only does the middle.

Due to the fact that our lawn is close to jungle length I thought that might look weird if only the middle was mowed. And then I saw sweat dripping down his head and all I could imagine was him  passed out in my yard from heat stroke and me trying to explain to the police why a TEN YEAR OLD was mowing my lawn.

I was still wavering a bit until he asked me if the bush by our window was a weed that he could just mow over. I decided it would be best if junior here didn't mow our lawn today.

I told him he could step inside my front door for a second and I would get him some more water. I got him more water and then gave him the $3 that was in my wallet (my coffee money). And he said:

"Wow, nobody has ever given me money for not doing anything, thanks m'am you are the nicest person I've ever met"

And then he said:

"And you sure do have a nice house".

Let me tell you two things:

1. There is nothing nice about Crazy Larry's house
2. I am not the nicest person you've ever met

But he was so sweet I believed every word he said.

I sent him on his way and told him to come back and visit me. And then I went inside and wrapped myself in my shawl and rocked myself to sleep by the fire because apparently I'm a 95 year old lady who asks young children she doesn't know to come visit her.

I loved how it wasn't much for me to give that boy $3 (except I'll be cursing him tomorrow when I go to get my coffee and have no cash) and how it just made his day. A little act of kindness, I need to do it more.

And then about 3 hours later there was a "knock knock" on my door and it was another little boy asking if he could mow my yard.

I think the word got out that I pay boys to come to my door and do absolutely nothing.

And with that I'm done.


Lazy Summer Days and Crazy Larry

I've had two people ask me if I have cooked in my kitchen yet. So I decided to update the masses and let you know that I have in fact cooked in my kitchen.


Actually I cooked in there tonight so that makes thee times. And all three times it was as awful as I imagined it would be.

No amount of bleach will make me feel clean in this kitchen. And that feeling of ickiness was multiplied when I found out from neighbors that the man that occupied this house before us (for many many years) was lovingly referred to as Crazy Larry.

There are few things less comforting than finding out you now dwell in Crazy Larry's abode.

Or showering in Crazy Larry's shower. Feel sorry for me.

As a consolation prize (or the fact that we don't have a mortgage right now) Luke agreed to create a spot for a house cleaner in our budget.

So twice a week Crazy Larry's house gets cleaned and I feel a little bit better about our situation.

This morning the wonderful and angelic cleaner came so Eli and I went to the park to give her space to do what she needed to do without tripping over legos and trains.

Eli and I spent all morning at the park. We walked around for a bit, went and chased the ducks, climbed and then slid down slides and rode in a bouncy motorcycle. We finished our morning off at Chick Fila where Eli played in the 5X5 play area that I'm sure carries every virus any child in a 10 mile radius has been infected with.

There are times when having a thumb sucker is not good. When your child climbs up something that has probably been thrown up on, pooped, peed and spit on and then sucks his thumb you just gotta GIVE IT TO GOD. Or you might have a coronary right there.

When we first left the house this morning I was irritated (which seems to be my attitude of choice lately) I'm so sick of living in a rent house and everything that comes along with it (hopefully not including the ghost of Crazy Larry) (RIP Larry). But as we spent our morning playing and me continuously yanking Eli's thumb out of his mouth I started to realize how ridiculous it is for me to have an "irritated" attitude.

I am able to spend an entire morning with my son at the park. This time last year I wanted to do that so badly. I longed to stay home with Eli and spend summer mornings at the park. And here I now have it, but I've already deemed it "not good enough" and moved onto the next thing I want.

In full disclosure, because of our choice for me to stay home, there are many materials "wants" we go without and our house search has probably been a bit harder because we have a specific budget we must stick to. But all the withouts and budget talks and everything that comes with living on one salary, are so beyond worth it.

So this morning, well mid-morning I actively chose to change my irritated attitude to a grateful attitude. Sure I'm in someone else's kitchen trying to maneuver it and yes we don't have at timeline for when we will be moving into "our" house but I have SO much else to be grateful for.

Like lazy summer mornings at the park with this guy.

Some people struggle with gossip, or food issues or anything else, but for whatever reason I struggle with negativity. My first instinct in a situation is to go negative, talk negative and think negative. I have to work hard to keep negative thoughts from spilling out onto my lips. And I don't always win that battle.

But today I'm thankful for warm mornings at the park where I feel the Lord whisper to me to be grateful. Not in a pushy or mean way, but in a soft way that seems like a simple reminder...."look around, look at my gifts" and then I remember to be thankful.

And just in case there is any confusion, being grateful does not mean I will be cooking anytime soon. I'm still working on being thankful for Crazy Larry's kitchen.

There are times in life when the negativity comes easier than others, and I will struggle with it again, but I'm grateful for those small yet clear reminders, be thankful.


6th birthday!

Tonight I was looking back on old posts on my blog. I like to do this from time to time. So much of my history is on this blog. 

I started it one day at work (shh) and have used it for many purposes since that day. 

There is no denying that blogging has changed since I sat down that weekday and signed up for a blogger account. 

Various forms of social media as well as texting and group texting have led to blogs not being our first source of information anymore. 

Yet, here I am, still blogging. Still coming here and sharing my random and sometimes vulnerable thoughts. 

There are times I wonder why I bother doing it anymore, and then I go back and read past posts and I'm reminded why. My history is here. From my wedding, to all the emotions of finding out we were pregnant, to just our everyday simple, yet fun lives it's all here in these "pages".

And so I keep on keepin on. I enjoy writing, and I enjoy sharing my life. I love times when I feel like God is speaking to me and I can share that with someone else who might need to hear it. And I love reading back on trip recaps, weekend memories and fun times with family and friends. 

I'm not the best writer and I make plenty of mistakes but this is my space and I love it. 

So thanks for following along, it sometimes feels weird to come write, not knowing exactly who reads but it's apart of me now, it's just something I do. 

Happy 6th birthday Tales of the Trees! 

(yes I just told my blog happy birthday and yes it's corny but I'm feeling sappy tonight, go with it)


Our Trip to Colorado

A couple of weeks ago, the Wednesday before the 4th of July (so July 3rd for those bad at math) we hit the road and drove to Colorado for a quick little trip.

I was going to say that we headed North to Colorado but I'm not sure that's correct? It just sounded good, but I'm really bad at Geography. And Math.

So anyways, Luke got home from work and we drove to Colorado. It was a pretty quick 9 hour drive considering I slept 5 of it. Sorry Luke.

We didn't have any big plans while we were there. Basically we just wanted to spend time with family, relax and let Luke's parents take care of Eli the whole time.

Well maybe that was just my goal, but it was one I definitely succeeded in. Eli loves his Maw and papa time. Mama loves Eli's Maw and Papa time. WIN WIN.

And even better, my mother in law scheduled time for me to go to a spa for a whole morning where I got a massage, facial and pedicure. Glory.

It was a wonderful and relaxing time!

We took Eli to a nearby town where he got to ride his first train - which happened to be the same color as Thomas. The train ride was probably a dream for Eli but I was slightly concerned the whole time that the train was going to careen off the mountain at any given moment. Plus I wore WHITE PANTS to ride a train and ended up with soot stains on my pants.

But Eli had a good time so it was worth the stained white pants.

We spent a lot of time in the cabin watching movies and eating food. We are big eaters in this family.

We took Eli fishing for his first time, and while there I realized it was also my first time to fish. 

Eli "helped" catch a fish, which amazingly was his favorite color, orange.

Eli has adopted orange as his favorite color and whenever he sees ANYTHING orange he calls it "MY ORANGE". He only wants orange ice cream, at Target he will pick up anything orange and carry it (today it was sun screen), we went to the library the other day and every book he picked had an orange cover.

So the fact that he caught an ORANGE FISH? Hilarious. 

I also caught my first fish which was cool. But after that I was ready to go back inside. How do people stand and do that ALL DAY?

Sunday morning we got up early to drive home so we could get back late that afternoon. We had a 9 hour drive and Eli slept for 30 minutes of it. THIRTY MINUTES. 

The kid talked the rest of the 8 hours and 30 minutes. I had no idea he had so much to say, but the boy can talk.

He must get that from his dad. 

It was so fun and just what we needed during this busy summer. So thankful for time like that to spend with family and just relax!!


Megan Needs her Groove Back

I'm a person who thrives on routine.

Actually, I don't think the word thrive can completely encompass just how desperately I need routine.

I need the same thing to happen at the same time everyday or I will possibly come unglued.

This obviously makes me a joyful, fun, non-high maintenance person to be around.

If Luke is 2. 5 minutes late coming home from work I start internally freaking out. On the outside I'm all cool, calm and collective for Eli's sake but on the inside I'm crying uncontrollably because  clearly he's in a ditch somewhere. What kind of crazy person doesn't come home at the same minute every single day?

And 90% of you just said a quick prayer for Luke and his sanity.

I need routine. I'll claim it. I live it. It's me.

So when we recently moved (more than once in a three week period) I sort of lost all cognitive and rational thinking.

It's like when we sold our house my brain went with it.

Then we moved to the cabin and I lost all sense of routine and normalcy.

And now we've been in the rent house for a month now and I still haven't got back into a routine.

Which really is my fault, at this point its a mental road block that I can't seem to break.

Or maybe I don't want to break it?

Every time I get the urge to cook dinner I picture myself in my old kitchen. I knew my way around that kitchen, I had a system, I had a GROOVE.

My groove is gone.

But it's getting ridiculous. We cannot continue to eat out, I HAVE to conquer my fear of cooking in a new (sort of gross rent house) kitchen.

I can do it.

I don't want to do it, but I CAN do it.

I'll let you know how that goes. I'm sure you'll be on the edge of your seat.

Anybody else share this problem? Does change completely throw you for a loop?


Figure It Out

Before I was a mom I didn't really pay much attention to all the moms around me.

I figured they knew what they were doing, they seemed to have it all together. I never considered HOW they knew what they were doing, or WHERE that information came from. I just assumed they knew what they were doing.

Then I became a mom and I realized WE'RE ALL JUST FLYING BY THE SEAT OF OUR PANTS.

If you're not a mom, don't be fooled, we don't know what the heck we're doing. Sure we read books, study other moms, try and remember what our moms did when we sprawled out, face down down, on the floor of Target demanding a cookie......but really it's all just one big guessing game.

When we brought Eli home from the hospital I was so dumbfounded that he didn't come with an instruction manual. And thus my "winging it" lifestyle began.

Baby cries all night? Figure it out.

He won't drink from a sippie? Brainstorm.

He gets mad, picks up the closest hard object and throws it directly at you? Duck. Cry. Laugh. And then figure out where he came from. Because surely you've never behaved that way.

Sometimes through the learning process I make mistakes, and sometimes I have a victory and I make sure and journal it for future use.

Except I don't really journal, so I make a mental note and then never think of it again.

The biggest lesson I've learned is....if you're child is screaming bloody murder in your favorite TJ Maxx store just take him out immediately. Don't take the time to put every single item in your cart back. NO. Get out of that store before you start crying louder than your screaming child.

Wait till you get to the car to cry, so you can call you husband at work and cry to him, because that's just what he needs in the middle of his work day.

This is all hypothetical obviously.

Each age has brought a new set of questions to try and figure out the answers....

How many fruit snacks are too many in one day?

Does too much TV really affect him?

What is the appropriate number of baths in one week?

How long should I let his hair get before cutting it?

The hair one is tricky. My sister usually cuts her hair and we haven't seen her in awhile. Well I felt like Eli's hair was getting long but figured it was ok because it seemed to be a little bit of the "Biebs" hair cut, and what mom doesn't want her 2 year old looking like a semi grown pop singer with anger issues and saggy pants?

Then tonight we were at church and for some reason I was thinking about the length of Eli's hair.  Not sure why that thought decided to consume my mind at that moment. 

Probably because I was supposed to be learning about something that would help draw me closer to the Lord but there I was over in lala land trying to figure out what C list celebrity my toddler looks like.

And then it hit me. Maybe it was the Lord. Maybe it was the longest, most drawn out rabbit chase in my mind ever but I realized who Eli's hair reminded me of...

None other than ice skating queen Dorothy Hamill. I mean it's uncanny really.

So now I tackle the mom challenge of deciding whether to continue to let my son look like a former olympic queen, or cut his locks.

Some decisions are easier than others.

There is no instruction manual, but you become your own manual. Figuring it out every step of the way. Today's brain buster is hair length, tomorrow's may be tantrum tactics and next year it could be clothing choices.

It changes day to day, so you go with it, figure it out and don't doubt yourself. You have tomorrow to try and figure it out again!


New York City Day Five and Six

previous NYC recaps: Day One     Day Two     Day Three     Day Four

Now that our New York trip was TWO months ago, I think it's time for me to go ahead and conclude my recap of the trip.

I'm nothing if not prompt.

So let's get back to where we were.....

Friday morning we let ourselves sleep in. I promised myself I was going to get up and go to GMA again, one last time, one last glimpse of my anchorman crush Josh Elliot, but it just didn't happen.

Sleep won over on my anchorman crush. Sorry Josh.

After we got up and around we decided to just walk around the city again.

I think we both fell in love with the city while we were there. At the risk of sounding cheesy, it was really enchanting being there.

We spent our day walking around the city, looking at new sites we hadn't seen earlier in the week, stopping to eat a bit and of course shopping.

Have I mentioned that H&M rocks my world? And my bank account.

Look at Luke being all cute and catching on to the mirror self pics 

We spent some time hanging out in this little courtyard area while we waited to meet up with some friends. We listened to some music and watched people walking. People watching is one of my top five favorite things to do.

I lead a thrilling life.

Later we met up with two of Luke's friends from high school. Cassie lives in NYC and Brandon was just visiting. Cassie took us to the restaurant she works at and treated us to an amazing lunch.  

Anytime french fries and garlic are put together on one plate I'm a fan.

After lunch and lots of visiting we went back to the hotel to get ready for the New York Yankees game.

As a former sports-hater turned into a a football tolerator I was not looking forward to sitting through a baseball game. The only thing I was looking forward to was a hot dog. After that I figured I would be ready to leave.

 Dang, Luke already forgot about the mirror self pics

We took a bus to the stadium which took WELL OVER an hour. After the game we took a subway back to our hotel which took like 10 minutes. Note to self, always take the subway in NYC. No matter how badly it smells like pee or how many times that strange man gives you the crazy eye, the subway is always best.

With my sweet friend and partner in Scentsy Amber. We had so much fun together and I'm so glad we were FINALLY able to spend time together.

I lasted about 7 innings before I needed to get outta there. Luke was impressed I lasted 7 innings, I was impressed he didn't care if we left early. It was a WIN all around. (although I have no idea who actually won the game that night).

Here we are on the subway. Those things are so dirty.

We wanted to soak up our last night in NYC, so we spent the rest of the night walking around. We went back to Washington Square and then hung out in Times Square.

Then we went back to our hotel and packed all our stuff to get ready to head back home. I was so sad to leave but I could not WAIT to see my bubba baby boy.

 One last mirror pic. So glad Luke participated.

One last picture in front of our hotel door. It was Luke's idea (totally joking) ((I so badly wish there was a sarcasm font)).

One last pic with Amber. Miss her!

I only had two regrets when leaving NYC.
1. That we didn't go see Wicked
2. That we didn't take a horse carriage ride around Central Park

So we decided to knock one thing off my regret list

Then we took a bus to the airport and said goodbye to New York City. I am beyond thankful and still in shock that this trip was completely free to us thanks to Scentsy and all my amazing customers who are in love with the product as much as I am. Thank you!

It was a wonderful and relaxing time for us, where we made lots of memories!



Tonight I sat down to read blogs for the first time in a long time.

And I was relieved to find that I wasn't the only person who hasn't been blogging  much this summer, it seems like there are a lot of blogs taking a hiatus for the summer.

That, or blogs are dying. Either, or.

I have to admit it feels nice to sit down, kick my feet up, plop my laptop on my lap and do absolutely NOTHING.

While it's nice to be busy it's REALLY nice to also sit down and fill my mind with quality entertainment such as the Real Housewives.

Why oh why can't these people JUST GET ALONG?

Or at least stay away from each other.

Because then there wouldn't be quality TV. That's why.

We've had a pretty busy summer, from getting ready to move, going to NYC, moving to our temporary cabin, moving to our rental home, going to Colorado and then me going to Indianapolis; it's been a whirlwind!

I'm the kind of person who thrives on normalcy and routine. Think of an adventurous person and I am the complete opposite of that person.

Carrying a child in my body and bringing home a person from the hospital that I knew nothing about has been the most adventurous thing I've ever done. And it nearly broke me.

Well, saying it nearly broke me is a little dramatic, but it was hard. It just messed up all my "normal" that I had going.

So now, while it doesn't seem like a big deal, moving a couple of times and living in a temporary rent house that I don't feel comfortable in, doesn't seem to be a big deal, it's a big deal to me.

And that was one major run-on sentence but I don't feel like fixing it.

I'm just ready to be settled again. Even if it means being settled in a rent house for a temporary amount of time. I need normal again.

I actually haven't even cooked in this house once, but I figure that's the first step to feeling settled and "normal" again is to go grocery shopping and cook dinner here.

So I plan to do that sometime this week.

Monumental news over here. But this is part of my normal is coming on here and sharing useless information that is pouring out of my brain.

Bring on the normal!

Fun in Indianapolis

I just got back from another trip away from home.

Actually I just realized I never even mentioned on here that Wednesday the 3rd of July we hit the road and went to Colorado for a couple of days. We got home on Sunday night and then Wednesday early morning (VERY EARLY) I got on a plane and flew to Indianapolis to go a our annual Scentsy Family Reunion. I traveled a lot in the span of one week.

I always hate traveling without my two favorite guys, but I had a great time with friends, and feel like I'm now on the right foot to get my Scentsy business started in the Fall.

I've mentioned many times on my blog how much Scentsy has blessed my life. I use this blog to journal my life and now my Scentsy business has just become apart of my life. I honestly never would have or could have imagined the possibilities that were before me when I signed up for Scentsy. So far I've been on TWO completely free trips because of Scentsy, seen and helped other girls start and grow their business and I've been able to buy MANY clothes and shoes because we had extra money due to my Scentsy check.....priorities people.

A quick glimpse into my week:

I mentioned that I flew out early on Wednesday morning, well I got a Starbucks coffee (caramel macchiaato to be exact) to help me wake up.

I drank a lot of it before getting on the plane, took this pic of me chugging it and sipped on it throughout the flight. For some reason when I was about to throw it away I opened it to look and see how much I had left and floating in the coffee, cream, carmel mixture was a dead belly winged side up FLY. A freaking FLY was in my drink. I was fairly certain I was going to die. I want to sue Starbucks now. FOR EMOTIONAL GRIEF.

Our flight landed and I was still alive even though I drank a coffee with a dead fly in it. We couldn't check into our hotel until later that afternoon so we just walked around the town for awhile. Our hotel was connected to a mall with an H&M. Can I get an amen? AMEN.

That evening we went to Lucas Oil Stadium for our opening night ceremony which included a Kelly Clarkson concert.

Have you ever seen her life? Oh my. Girlfriend can rock a show. And she is so pretty, humble, talented, funny and personable. By the end of the concert I felt like she was my best friend. I forgot she was talking to a room of around 8 thousand people and instead felt like she was speaking directly to me.

I wanted to text her and let her know how great the concert was but then I remembered I'm really not her best friend. It was a sad moment and the emotional grief from the fly in my cup just drowned into emotional grief of not really being Kelly's best friend. 

The next morning we woke up and spent a day listening to speakers and seeing ALL the new products. I'm so pumped about everything Scentsy has to offer this fall. I know my customers are going to flip out  over new warmers from Scentsy and new purses from Grace Adele. 

Pics from the day:

The rest of the week was filled with fun with friends, lots of learning, lots of being a nerd (it's what I do best), LOTS of walking around town, walking across the stage TWICE for being a director and lots of thoughts about how I can't believe how I took this business and made it such a large part of my life.

From monetary aspects, to friendships I've made, to discovering my passion and being able to pursue something while still staying home full time I feel truly blessed with Scentsy in my life.

And I can't wait to build my team internationally....we found out that Scentsy is opening up in two new countries AUSTRALIA and MEXICO. Woo hoo!

So that's my recap from my time away. Eventually I will share new products, and pictures, and the scents you HAVE to try, but for now I wanted to tell about my own personal time there. It was a blast.

I also still need to finish recapping our NYC trip from 18 years ago. Best blogger ever.

As much as I love time away nothing beats sitting in bed, listening to it rain outside, while my two year old best friend (at least someone wants to be my best friend if Kelly doesn't) watches Curious George next to me.

It's been a good week!


Faithful Reminders

I unintentionally took sometime away from blogging this past week or so.

Well maybe part of it was intentional. It was probably best that I didn't take the time to come here and use the keyboard to express what was going on in my mind, because it probably wouldn't have been the most uplifting or entertaining posts.

I'm the kind of person who wears my emotions on my sleeve - which I've never really understood that phrase but obviously it means if I'm upset EVERYBODY KNOWS.

And sometime between May and today I feel like I've hit this season of life where I feel like I'm waiting on everything. Which has then caused me to have a bad attitude.

Obviously I'm not waiting on "everything" - not only do I "wear my emotions on my sleeve" but I tend to be a bit dramatic. I'm not waiting on "everything" but I do  feel as if there are so many areas of my life that are on hold right now and I'm ready to push that GO button.

I'm ready to push the GO button, but for WHATEVER reason the GO button is malfunctioning right now, so I'm waiting. And waiting.

In the midst of this waiting and having a bad attitude, I was at church and I was flipping through my bible to turn to the directed page, when I stumbled across a note I had written in my bible...

I don't even remember writing this down, but I remember the feeling of wanting to be home full time with Eli. I was content with where I was and the season of life I was in at that point, but still, I knew I wanted to be home with Eli, so there I was waiting.

When I read this verse over a year ago it resonated with me, and I began to pray that verse over my request of wanting to be home full time with Eli. Taking it to the Lord, leaving it at the cross.

And now here I am on the other side of waiting. And the Lord is reminding me that He is faithful. Before the waiting, during the waiting, after the waiting. He was there, He is here.

It's funny how God can be SO faithful, yet I constantly need reminders of his faithfulness. And He is faithful enough to constantly give me reminders.

Thank goodness, because I need them.

I keep going back to this page of my bible, reading it and sitting in amazement of God. Not just because a request had been met and it was time to move on to the next request, but because I'm able to have a relationship with the One who hears me. I needed to see this reminder at this exact time and it was delivered.

A reminder of His faithfulness.


Old Scents, New Scents!

I absolutely love the month of July in Scentsy because it is Bring Back My Bar Month!!

Twenty scents that were previously discontinued are now available for purchase, which means some of my old favorites (and customers old favorites) are back, as well as scents that were around before I was a consultant - so it's like brand new scents to me! So fun!

This is the list of bars that are back for the month of July only!

I'm still deciding on my favorite from the group above but I think it is going to be Lavender Vanilla

If you a see a scent that you NEED to get in your warmer order quick because these are only available for the month of July!!
You can order HERE

And as always, because it is the first of the month I want to show you our super cute warmer of the month for July that is TEN PERCENT OFF:

This pic is blurry but it shows how the warmer works, after you put the scent cubes in the lighthouse you replace the lid that has holes in it so the smell comes out. 

And then the scent of the month: Watermelon Mint:

Can we just stop and talk about this scent for a minute? I'm usually always a fan of the scent of the months - they are always something different and new and so I'm instnatly drawn to them - however this scent is unbelievable. 

It is definitely a summer scent, so if you are a fan of seasonal scents you probably wouldn't want to warm this past September, but it is so fresh and fruity. And to me smells JUST like a sour watermelon jolly rancher (which happens to be my favorite kind of jolly rancher).

As you can see from the prices above this scent is also 10% off for July only.

You can purchase HERE

As always a big THANK YOU to my customers, I appreciate you so much! And if you've ever considered starting your own Scentsy business email me and let's chat!