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The Great Boy Band Debate

I recently downloaded Spotify on my phone which means I now have the music world at my fingertips.

And it's amazing.

Although, it's a far stretch to say I have the music world at my fingertips because I only use about 2% of that music world - and it's all boy bands all the time on my spotify.

Do you know how long it's been since I've popped in a boy band album and jammed down like nobody was watching?


As I've been listening to my favorite boy band songs lately and forgetting that my windows are in fact see through and people could be watching me sing at the top of my lungs... I've had a lot of conflicting feelings rising up inside of me. One day they bubbled over and I shared with Luke my concern.

We were driving in the car, and I told him my inner conflict and how I always felt torn because I loved the Backstreet Boys songs the most, but I thought Justin was the hottest out of all the boy bands so I was so confused....did that make Backstreet Boys or 'Nsync my favorite band??

Luke told me that this wasn't the first time I had shared this "problem" with him (I honestly don't even remember telling him before) and he was embarrassed to be married to me.

Well that was a little harsh for something that I feel such STRONG CONVICTIONS about.

I can remember one day in my former life of a TRL watching, eating macaroni and cheese on the couch  after school teenager,  that it was official, I was going to be a Backstreet Boys fan. Done.

I enjoyed their songs the most, and really that's what boy bands are all about right? Their artistic talent?

And then Bye Bye Bye happened. The song, the dance, the music video. Everything about it was perfection. This scene stands out in my mind:

I mean, what is a 16 year old girl with a torn boy band heart supposed to do with that?


I converted to a full blown Nsync person. We're talking Nsync planner, Nsync posters, furiously recording any and ALL Nsycnc appearances on the TV.

But deep inside it didn't feel right. Yes JT had my heart with those curly blonde-dyed locks, but the Backstreet Boys ballads struck a deeper nerve.

Also, I see a theme in my life. I tend to obsess, OBSESS over trivial, meaningless things while more important things (ahem, grades, college applications ETC) are being put on the back burner. This could be a talent or a curse. Carry on.

Years went by, I went to college, got married, Nsync and BSB broke up and then JT straightened his hair. Everything was different.

It wasn't until this past month when I invested in Spotify that the conflicted feelings came flooding back.

And now, in my 29th year of life, I am confident in saying that BSB is my favorite boy band of all time. I have been continuously listening to their greatest hits and nothing compares. Have you listened to Drowning lately? Maybe the best boy band ballad of all time. I still sneak in a little Bye Bye Bye here and there but I can listen to the full album of BSB over and over.

I do realize at the age of 29 I have bigger issues to worry about, but some issues just need to be settled.

And I can officially say all the loose ends of my boy band dilemma have been tied up.

Thank goodness.

Now I can go on and worry about more pressing matters, like is One Tree Hill or Friday Night Lights the best show of all time?

That's all now, bye bye bye (see what I did there?) (It never gets old).


  1. You are killing me. This post has me just rolling from laughter.

    My opinion....BSB but I'm a solid JT fan, and definitely FNL!

  2. Um No OTH is the best show of all time! I did like so FNL but so much more drama, and suspense. Geez Megan!

    Now the BSB and JT should of just combined. Make it simple on all of us. For real.

    Although there is one of the original boy bands. NKOTB!

  3. I love this post! My husband makes fun of me because I'm 28 and still love the Backstreet Boys.

    I'm just now watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix and I love it! I've also seen all episodes of One Tree Hill and love it too. Tough call!

  4. I think I will concur that BSB is the best. The Millenium album was probably the best album. I did however have the same experience you had. I was diehard BSB until Bye, Bye, Bye came out. That was just awesome! I was never and I'm still not a Justin fan. I loved Lance and JC was up there too. When I worked at Disney during college we actually did the "NSync tour". We knew where all of their Orlando homes were and we'd do drive bys. The only thing we actually ever saw was Joey Fatone's dad taking out the trash.

    Just to top it off I saw New Kids and BSB a couple of years ago in concert and I'm going to the see The Package Tour this weekend.


  5. Let this older generation preach to you... I am from the old school of NKOTB... Jordan Knight, my heart flutters. Donnie Walberg? Makes me want to go for the bad guy every time (even though now he's bald & wears glasses)

    But they were here in town this past week.. & I could get NO ONE to go to the concert with me. No one would pay $125 to see old men sing & dance... I literally CRIED Monday knowing they were in town & I wasn't there...

    how pitiful am I? ... this is just embarassing & sad in so many ways.

  6. Oh how I loved NKOTB. And I was little, which was a little weird....but Please Don't Go Girl and Hang Tough really spoke to me I guess :) Never got into Backstreet Boys or NSync that much though... but there music was fun to listen to :)

  7. It's a tough one, but you got it right with BSB. And while I do enjoy One Tree Hill, Friday Night Lights has EVERYTHING beat. Yes, EVERYTHING!!!!

  8. hahaha! I love this! It's a very tough competition for Best Boy Band of All Time!

    And I seriously vote for FNL, best show ever!

  9. I fairly often say how I want NSync to get back together. I know that JT is legit and all, but come on! N SYNC! They were unstoppable!!!!! GET BACK TOGETHER! That would be so awesome. I LOVE the Celebrity album and still listen to it sometimes. I was never really into Back Street Boys, but I feel like I should give them a chance now.


  10. This post was amazing. So funny.

    I was always a BSB fan. I had one summer where I was freakin' obsessed with NSync (picture me and a friend at her cottage in a canoe trying to memorize all their lyrics. Oh, I can't forget about the time we RECREATED their ByeByeBye music video).

    BSB is on their reunion tour now and they are coming to my lovely hometown of Toronto. I tried to find someone to go with. Sad Days.

  11. I might have to rewatch FNL this summer. Texas Forever.

    I loved NKOTB when I was a little girl. I think Jon Knight may have been my first crush. You know, because it's totally normal for an 8 year old girl to love a 30 year old man. I never got to see them in concert though. I've made up for it in my adult life-I've actually seen NKOTB 4 or 5 times. Even waking up crazy early in NY to see them on the Today show.

    My only age appropriate boy band crush was with N'Sync. Except I loved JC Chasez. He was a hold over from my MMC fan days.

    I was never super in to 98 Degrees or BSB, but have seen them both touring with New Kids. Let's just say, it's a good thing those crushes die hard. Those boys are a little worse for the wear :)

  12. I agree that BSB is the best but I understand the temptation from Mr. Timberlake. I've been firm in my love from BSB since 16... That's 15 years of devotion... which I'm both proud and embarrassed by. Why do we feel we need to hide this love? :)

    I disagree on the One Tree Hill vs. Friday Night Lights debate. It's Dawson's Creek all the way for me!!!!


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