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Scary Weather, Need Your Help and a Shower

Our weekend started out on sort of a crazy note. Well maybe not so much crazy but a little stressful.

Last week for 3 days in a row, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday we had storms with potential tornados. It is hard to explain but its just this weird anxious feeling that just rests on your shoulders when there is "potential" bad weather expected. Is it going to happen? Is it not? Nobody knows, we just have to sit back and WAIT.

And waiting is not something I do well. At all.

Throughout these storms I've realized I cry when I get nervous. Looking back through my life I see where I have done this in almost every situation where I have extreme levels of nervousness. I cry.

I'm a CRIER. There I admitted it.

Friday we were expected to get very bad storms. Offices all over our city were released early, we were encouraged to stay off the roads, and stay home. So we did what any person stuck inside would do.....Order some Mexican food and eat chips, salsa and queso until we need to unbutton our jeans.

We spent all Friday night watching the weather. Which is probably as thrilling as it sounds. Thankfully, we never had to take cover. But that doesn't mean that my nervousness didn't reach crying levels.

This was the only helmet we could find for Eli to wear in case we had to go take shelter. Definitely need to get him one that fits!

Saturday we were happy to wake up to a sunny morning with ALL storms gone, thank the Lord!

We went and ate breakfast at one of our favorite local spots and then went shopping for appliances.


I DESPERATELY need washer and dryer help. Previously I had a front loader washer and dryer and I grew to LOATHE them. The mildew problem in front loaders is out of control, plus I'm pretty sure it shrunk all my clothes. I know I could just be getting bigger but Luke's clothes were smaller also and he has not gotten bigger.

So I want help with top loader washer and dryers. I had one picked out (the whirlpool cabrio) but then we read reviews that they were awful, so now I'm not so

Saturday night we had a bonfire and ate some smores. It was Eli's very first smore (s?) how does that work? Anyways it was his first and he loved it!

 Sunday after church Eli and I drove to Tulsa so I could attend the shower of my friend Jodi. She is pregnant with her second little girl, Harper.


Not much longer! I can't wait to see if she looks like her older sister Halle!

We are staying the night with my parents so I'm enjoying the comfort of cable and internet. Hello Real Housewives, I have missed you.



  1. I have a maytag bravo series top loader washer.. got it a few years ago and haven't had any problems. Its really big too and I love it! Good luck.. I know it can be stressful to pick one out.

  2. Just make sure you get one with an adjitator. We had a top loader without one and it tangled all of the clothes up. I just got the new LG front loader washer and dryer and love them! I think the best thing to do is read the reviews good luck!

  3. I have had a Maytag Bravo set for about four years and I love it! No agitator, so the inside is huge! I do agree, that the clothes get a little twisted, but I find if I shake them out a little before putting them in the dryer that all is well.

  4. We bought an LG washer and dryer set 4 years ago. I am not sure the exact model, but we haven't had any trouble with mildew. I do keep the washer door open when not in use and try to remove the clothes from it as soon as they finish washing. Also I haven't noticed any clothes shrinking. Of course now that I have said this they will probably both quit working this week! :) Good luck!

  5. Oops, I forgot to mention that our LG set is front loading.

  6. We have Maytag and we LOVE THEM...we haven't had any issues, and we have had ours for about 4 years!

  7. I totally agree. Those front loaders are awful! We had a cheap set of top loaders that we bought that when we first got married. It wasn't even a matching set. Used it for 8 years until they died : ( Now I have those stupid front loaders and I hate them.
    SO i realize this is no help. Just don't buy a front loader.

  8. I can't hardly handle the weather either. My anxiety about it is horrid. I've also got to order helmets.

    I have a top loader and I don't really like it. It's one that doesn't use much water and I don't think it cleans great. it's also LOUD.

  9. I have a GE top loader set with no agitator that's about 5 years old. My mom just purchased a new top loader with agitator. Both of us are happy! The only downside to the newer top loaders is that they "self-level" the drum so the motor doesn't tear up with bulky/heavy items and so they have a noise they make during the wash cycle. Mine isn't unpleasant (and Eli could totally nap through it) but it took some getting used to.
    Also, beware of steam dryers. Leaking has been a problem and the damage repairs I've heard are crazy!

  10. We have a Samsung front loader set, LOVE them! Have had them for almost 4 years I think? No mildew problems... Never heard of that. We always leave the door open when not in use to let it dry out. Maybe that would help you?

  11. We got a new Samsung AquaJet (top loader, no agitator) recently and I LOVE it! We had a different top loader with an agitator before that and it was RIPPING our clothes! It didn't mess with our sweats, but tore up some favorite, and not cheap, items. Apparently it isn't an uncommon problem with agitators, so I disagree completely with the comment above!

    My parents have had really nice front loaders for a while andI think they are OK, but honestly I like the AquaJet more.

  12. BTW: Our old washer that was in the habit of ruining my life by ripping my clothes was a Whirlpool. HATE it.

    And my BIL and SIL bought a Maytag front loader about a year and a half ago and they have had the service guy out like four times already. So can't recommend that one either.

  13. I have top loader Cabrio. it is AMAZING. I don't know how it gets bad reviews!


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