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My Favorite Planner

Today Eli went to his babysitter's house where he goes one day a week so I can work on my Scentsy work.

It was much needed today because I didn't really have time to work last month so I had A LOT to do.

I went to my favorite local coffee place and ordered a large carmel macchiato and yogurt parfait. I'm not sure why I just shared this useless information with you but felt it was necessary.

This particular place is not just my favorite because their drinks and food are delicious but also because they have a big menu that has pictures of what every drink and food LOOKS LIKE.

I mean it's pure genius. I wish all restaurants did that, not just fast food joints.

Anyways, all of that to say this...while there I posted this pic via Instagram:

After posting it I got several people asking what type of planner I was using.

Which reminded me that I said I was going to post about my favorite planner: But before we get into the details of my favorite planner can we marvel in that yogurt parfait for a minute? Absolutely delicious. And fancy.

Because I have this wonderful talent of taking a simple story and making it the longest most drawn out novel EVER, I'm going to try and not go into all the details of my journey with planners, but trust me when I say it has been a LONG JOURNEY.

A little bit too long. Like I'm on the verge of having issues kind of long.

I have tried a lot of planners. I've bought them from Target, Wal-mart, fancy business supplies stores, online stores, basically everywhere.

Last year I was at the end of my planner buying rope and had almost succumbed to the pit that is using an electronic calendar. Even just the thought of using an electronic calendar sends shivers down my spine.

I couldn't find the perfect planner and I felt like maybe what I had pictured in my mind was just a dream in my nonexistent planner world. I had decided no paper planner would ever meet my desires and it was time to move to electronic.

I had set my calendar up and synced it with Luke's calendar but I still wasn't satisfied. Luke was practically giddy with the fact that I had "finally took a step into the new millennium" but my planner buds still weren't quenched.

I remembered my friend Ali had told me that she found the perfect planner so I decided to give ONE more planner and shot. And it was the winner.

The planner is the Much Ado About You planner.

That picture above is a preview picture of the new planner that was just released this week. My planner is from last year so it doesn't look like this one so there is no point in me showing you the front of my planner but here is the inside:

First of all,  the planner is the perfect size, not too thick or bulky. I ALWAYS have mine with me and carry it around everywhere. The tabs have never gotten bent or messed up from me carrying it in my purse. The new planners are 6x9 which seems like the perfect size.

I love how the months are on two pages with BIG boxes for enough space to write everything that needs to be written.

This is the week at a glance page:

I have to admit, at first I was skeptical and a little turned off about having the hours of the day written out, but I ended up loving it and can't imagine using a planner that doesn't include this feature.

I love how there is plenty of space to write and then I use the boxes at the bottom to write out our meals or anything extra that needs to be included for the day.

I will say the only negative thing is that there isn't an option to have a customized planner cover, which I know a lot of people love. I'm ok with not having a custom cover as I am really only worried about the contents on the inside. And, there is an option to order a fabric cover for your planner which is really neat!

So there it is, my favorite planner. I use it to keep up with all that I have going on, plus our meals and other little life details as they come up!

I feel that I need to say that nobody asked me to write this, I have never spoken to the owner of Much Ado About You nor does she even know who I am. I'm just a happy customer who wants to share her good find with others!


  1. You got it girl. I'm so glad you share this love of Much Ado About You with me : ) It really is the best!

  2. This is my favorite planner too! I love it!!

  3. random question but is this planner the size of a piece of copy paper? or ?


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