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Multi-tasking is a lie

It's 11:00 and I'm sitting at my usual spot of the kitchen table at the cabin working on various things.

I'm a multi-tasker at heart, which I recently heard means I never get anything fully done. I always thought multi-tasking meant I got more done, but then someone had to go and reveal that lie.

And really, I  agree with it completely. I'm the person who quits vacuuming midway through the room to go clean the sink cause it NEEDS TO BE CLEANED NOW even though the whole room isn't done being vacuumed.

Then the vacuum will sit there for about five hours before I finish that task.

The worst part of all this? My mom did this my whole life and I vowed to myself I would never do it. I would finish vacuuming the whole room.

And actually the funniest part of this whole thing is I just realized our vacuum is sitting out on the patio where I used it earlier today and haven't brought it back inside yet.

Ah the circle of life. We become our parents, for better and worse.

I was sitting here blogging about our fourth day in NYC (riveting I know) when Luke walked out of the room where he was sleeping (with Eli in his own bed) and told me that there was a cat in our cabin.

Excuse me? The cabin we've been in for about four hours now without leaving and you think there is a cat? That we haven't seen once?

I looked at him closely to see if he was sleep walking and he seemed fully awake. I told him he was dreaming and he assured me he wasn't. So together we started looking for the "cat" that is in the cabin.

I have to admit I only halfway looked and didn't give it my full energy because I KNOW there is no cat in this cabin.

Luke looked at me and said "well I guess Eli meowed in this sleep then" and then he laid down and went back to sleep. I'm still so confused.  For the record there is NO cat in this house.

There is a random vacuum sitting out and lots of halfway completed tasks, but there is no cat.

Before I was interrupted for a night time cat hunt I was thinking about the season of life I'm in right now. I feel like God is trying to teach me a lot and I'm not always willing to listen or willing to learn.

I've actually thought about it all day long. It's sort of like God is doing a bunch of things to get my attention and I'm just like "yeah whatever God just teach me and get it over with" instead of actually taking the time to learn and retain what He wants me to hear.

If I've learned one thing in my relationship with the Lord it's that his timing is always perfect. Even when it doesn't seem perfect, it is. And it's sort of annoying cause I want things done in my way in my timing and my immature, prideful self takes over and then He once again reveals His perfect plan and I am brought to my knees in how much he cares for me and thinks about every single detail of my life.

He has reminded me of this about 10 thousand times today, and so now at 11:30pm I am choosing to let it sink it.

That doesn't mean when I wake up in the morning (please be past 6:30am) that I will still feel this way, it's a daily battle of keeping my mind filled with the truth. And filling my mind with the truth.

Because I'm human, and because I multi-task, and I get things halfway done, my small, feeble human mind instantly thinks, well God must be multi-tasking, He started vacuuming and then went over to clean the sink and I'M OVER HERE WAITING FOR HIM TO FINISH VACUUMING.

Where are you Lord?? The room is only half vacuumed. COME BACK PLEASE.

But then in the stillness of the night, between cat hunts and to do lists and blog posts about past trips I'm reminded that His ways are higher than mine. His thoughts are higher than mine. And I'm thankful.

Rest assured there will be times where I'm frustrated, times where I want to pout, or times where I do pout about how things aren't going according to my plan. But because My God is not a multi-tasker and did not forget about me, I can rest and wait in His perfect timing.

In the meantime I will go get the vacuum and put it up and vow to quit multi-tasking. Or at least quit looking for nonexistent cats at 11:30pm


  1. I love this analogy. Praise the Lord that His timing is perfect and His plans are better than ours! Thank you so much for sharing, I needed to read this today. :)

  2. "Rest assured there will be times where I'm frustrated, times where I want to pout, or times where I do pout about how things aren't going according to my plan. But because My God is not a multi-tasker and did not forget about me, I can rest and wait in His perfect timing."

    I needed this! Thank you!

  3. I so needed to read/hear this today! Thanks for sharing your heart and being real!!

  4. Thank you. Needed this. Might be crying just a little after reading it. I'm so frustrated, I just want Him to tell me, tell me what the plan is, tell me what you want me to do, but make the learning, growing, pruning experience stop. It's not fun. But, that's not His way, is it. His timing is perfect, His timing is perfect, I need to tatoo that on my hand. :-)

  5. thanks for posting this...we're in a season right now of trusting in God's perfect timing--I definitely needed this reminder.


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