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Luke's 10 year Reunion

Last week I took a little vacation from everyday life. Luke had a couple of after work meetings and would be working late every night so Eli and I packed up (wait who am I kidding ALL of our belongings are already packed up) and headed to Tulsa to stay with my family.

There are a lot of times that I wish we lived in the same town as our families, but it is still nice that they are a short drive away that we can just pick up and go stay with them if we want to.

I was able to see lots of friends and hang out with family and just get away for a bit. Eli of course loves being with the family (and especially my nephew Maxton) so he had a great time.

Thursday, Luke met up with us and we headed to his hometown for his 10 year high school reunion. My reunion was last year, so after going to mine and actually enjoying it I had been looking forward to Luke's reunion. We've been together almost 10 years, so I know all his friends and consider most of them my own friends, I knew it would be a fun weekend.

Friday we headed to an adult's only thing, this event could have been held in a run down bar and cost $100 and I would have been perfectly happy. It is just so nice to get out and do something every so often and we haven't been out in a long time. Luke caught up with old friends while I ate a lot of food (tried to get our money's worth) and talked to friends.

(Samantha is also a blogger and we keep in touch via the social media world but I knew her way before that because she is one of Luke's good friends from high school)

Saturday we spent the day with Luke's parents which is always relaxing for me because they spend all their time taking care of Eli...and he loves it!  Then that night we headed to the part of the high school reunion where people were told to bring their kids.

After a bit of hanging out and chatting we hit the road and headed back home. I can't believe I was gone almost an entire week. I have SO much catching up to do around here (we are finally in our rent house and I need to unpack). But I really enjoyed my little getaway!


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