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Boxes in my Attic

Well I knew it would happen. I knew May would come and with all that we have going on this month that blogging would take a backseat.

Unfortunately working out has taken a bigger back seat, although eating all the junk in the world has NOT taken a back seat, so you can imagine how well that's going.

Reminder to my self: do not back those jeans that are a bit too big, mama is gonna need them after May.

Today during Eli's nap-time I conquered all the boxes that have been sitting in our attic for the past 3 years. And there were A LOT of boxes in there.

I knew some could be condensed and I could get rid of some stuff that didn't need to be moved.

I'm the type of person who likes to save things. I have a sentimental story for every single item in our house. I can tell you where I was when I got it, what kind of mood I was in etc. etc.

This is not a good trait to have when wanting to get rid of "stuff". I found a ROCK that I saved because Luke picked it up and handed it to me one time.

Nothing special. He was just joking around and picked up a rock and said here is a gift, it was a joke. AND I KEPT THE FREAKING ROCK.

Something is wrong with me. We were dating at the time which at this point was forever ago, so when I came across the rock I asked Luke if he remembered it. He of course didn't and gave me his blessing to get rid of it.

I put it back in the box. I've kept that rock too long to get rid of it now.

I also found a stack of blank envelopes that I saved for all these years.

Because THAT'S NOT A SIGN OF A HOARDER. Blank envelopes? Just weird.

Going through old boxes is an adventure. Finding lots of things you can part with, old clothes you are glad you don't wear anymore, tons of tiny baby clothes that make your mama heart hurt and smile all at the same time, and lots of pictures and notes from friendships of the past - ones that you know will never be the same but you smile at all the memories. And then stick the notes back in the box because you might want to read them again in three years.

Obviously going through boxes makes me an emotional mess.

And I've decided I would rather have the label "emotional" than "hoarder" I save tons of cards, notes, dried up flowers, MOVIE STUB TICKETS, napkins, journals, various rocks because I am an emotional being. NOT because I'm a hoarder.

This is another reason why I haven't been blogging, because nobody cares about the contents of the boxes in my attic.

But it's all I've got to share for now.

Maybe tomorrow I will have some riveting details of what I find in my kitchen cabinets.

Stay tuned.


  1. We moved last year and I do the same thing. Maybe keep the rock in your jewelry box or use as a paper weight if its big! Ha! I like to find ways to "use" my stuff :) bc I enjoy it so much !

  2. Oh girl, I am the same emotional hoarder! I have movie stubs from movies I can't even remember. And I swear I wasn't drunk, I just don't remember them. At all.

    Emotional hoarders. Not only do we need severe psychiatric help, but we need therapy too.

  3. I totally agree.. get rid of the word 'horders' .. maybe they'll make a new show on A&E called "EMOTIONERS" ... I'd be on it as well.

    & sadly, I bet my stack of blank envelopes are bigger then yours :) You never know when you may have a horrible misspelling accident 100x's in a row!

  4. I totally would have saved the rock, too.

    In fact, several years ago, I was irritated that this guy forgot my birthday. Later on in the day, he gave me a YELLOW STICKY NOTE with a badly drawn present on it and the words "Happy Birthday, Jess."

    I still have the sticky note. In my card holder.... ie, a decorative canvas storage box that I keep all cards that have nice notes in them. From forever ago.

  5. I do the same thing. You should see the silly boxes in my garage. I can't part with all of the cards and the movie stub from my husband and my first movie together, you know, important stuff. ;)

  6. I have a stick that Ryan gave me a few years ago. A STICK. [But we were on a hike in Arizona with his grandfather. So it is totally ok. Except that I carried that stick on an airplane. And then moved it 6 months later. So I feel your pain.]

  7. I moved last August and now my parents are finishing their basement so I was delivered my boxes of memories. I keep looking on Pinterest for things to do with old ribbons, I just can't throw them away!


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