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Working out with Spiderman

Today is "does it really make a difference" day.

First of all we have time out. Eli has become all too familiar with time-out lately. Whether it is him acting a-fool at the dinner table, or refusing to let me change his diaper or get him dressed or throwing fits that I'm pretty sure our neighbors an acre over can here, he will find himself in time-out because of these actions.

Well recently Eli started putting himself in time-out. For instance this morning he threw a doozy of a fit. I'm talking screaming, fake crying, and rolling around on the floor. Then just as quickly as it started he stood up, walk to time out and sat there.

It's very hard to not laugh at your child when he DISCIPLINES HIMSELF. He has all the standard first born characteristics already.

I let him sit there for two minutes and then let him get up.

Then I wondered how affective is time-out if it's a place that he WANTS to go sit?

Or maybe he realized that is actions were wrong and deserved a punishment?

Either way he's basically a toddler-genius. This we already know.

The second question is how affective is working out when you have a toddler running around you "shooting webs" from his hand at you?

Eli was playing in our room this morning and seemed to be doing a mighty fine job of entertaining himself, so I decided to use this opportunity to do a little Ripped in 30 by Jillian Michaels. If I skip her super slow warm up and cool down parts (I do them on my own and not as slow) then it is actually a pretty quick, and good workout.

Well shortly into my workout Eli decided to join me - he does this sometimes and it ends up being really fun. He will do the exercises with me and then do his own thing and then come back and workout with me.

Consider it our Jillian Michaels bonding time.

However this morning he decided he was spiderman and was trying to 'beat me up" while I was doing my ripped thang.

I used photo booth on my computer to record a bit of what was going on because I knew Luke would find it hilarious


While I was trying to get Ripped in 30 and Eli was attacking me I wondered just how affective this workout was when I was halfway doing the exercises while dodging a 28 pound ball of energy.

Did halfway doing the workout really even matter? Maybe it mattered more?

And I look completely ridiculous doing my workout, usually I do them in the privacy of my house while NOT filming it for the 10 people who read my blog to see, just focus on the small child running around the bottom of the screen.

This is just another one of those times when I wonder and try to remember what life was like before I had a child who doubled as spiderman. Not nearly as entertaining that's for sure.


  1. That video is so funny and so relatable!!! HAHAHAHA!

  2. The video is awesome. And REALLY encouraging! I need to see that its not always easy to get it done so thanks for showing that it CAN be done and I just need to get off my rear and do it!!

  3. This is hilarious! And I vote you got twice the workout in since you had to play dodgeball with Eli and still listen to Jillian.
    As for timeout... Evie won't actually go sit there on her own, but she suggests it pretty often. Maddening and hilarious at the same time.

  4. Lol! I made it on the 10 readers roll call lol kidding but that video is hilarious maybe America's funniest video material i vote for extra workout too bec you were multitasking

  5. I'm starting to think I'm a creeper cause I comment frequently that you are hot... but you are.

    And he is hilarious. I can't stop laughing.

  6. That is hilarious! Normally I try to work out when Dell Harper is asleep because she gets underfoot so much, but lately our dog (who is 80 pounds) has started jumping all over me when I try to work out at home. Such a mess!

  7. Oh my gosh, I laughed so hard. Looks so much like my crazy kid. He actually pulls my pants down! Life of a mother...

  8. Ok, I almost snorted my coffee all over the keyboard. I just had to tell you that yes, it is effective in more ways than one. When my daughter was younger I worked out everyday(granted it wasn't Jillian, I did step-aerobics)and she was right there, sometimes working out with me. She's in her 20's now and she works out. You are making a positive impression on Eli by showing him that you respect your body and by also including him- and it does count for you too. Besides- chasing a toddler during the day is definitely exercise!


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