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The Monday Man Cold

Have you heard of the man cold?

It's when a man gets sick and thinks he is dying because he has a simple cold.

I realize this could be a sexist term but have you ever been around a man with a cold? The man cold is real.

But unfortunately I think I have a man cold. It started about two weeks ago with a runny nose. And then it led to a cough and a sore throat. My voice went away for about a day but then came back in sort of a rough, manly type sound.

Which was just in time for me to speak at a Scentsy event last weekend. I don't think I mentioned on here that I spoke at an event but I did. It was fun. I made sure to tell the audience that I had been sick for a bit.

Which is typical of the man cold - anybody and everybody must know that you had been sick.

I kept waiting for the cold to go away but instead of going away it just got worse. And worse.

Until Sunday morning-ish when I was pretty sure I was going to die from a cold. Thus the definition of a man cold.

Sunday night when I was sure I couldn't carry on with life as normal I consulted Dr. Twitter which I have found to be 92% more accurate than WebMD. Dr. Twitter unanimously agreed that I have a sinus infection.

I've had sinus infections before and never felt like my head might explode at any moment but I am not one to doubt perfect strangers diagnosing me through the internet.

So first thing Monday morning I made a Dr appt. I am the prime example of "if everybody told you to jump off a bridge would you do it?" Yes. Clearly I would.

I have so much pressure in my head I really want to try one of those Netti pot things, but I remember hearing stories about people who used them and then some amoeba thing ate their brain.

I can only assume that would be much worse than a man cold.

I had big plans today to do my Jillian Michaels workout and do a little run on my treadmill. But I'm pretty sure it is impossible to do any sort of workout when you feel like your head might explode and your teeth hurt from the pressure.

Everybody knows it is impossible to workout with a sore mouth.

It is also impossible to meal plan and grocery shop with a cold that is causing a sore mouth.

At least that's what I'm telling myself as I sit here trying to meal plan.

Happy Monday! This mama needs some antibiotics!


  1. Get a Neti Pot. They are amazing.... especially when you have a sinus infection. Just remember to pick up a gallon of water when you get the Neti Pot. The people who got the brain-eating things were people who used water out of the tap.

  2. Ha, I'm going through the same thing. I started complaining bout it when I felt a slight tickle in my throat last week and told everyone who'd listen. I actually went to the drugstore and told the guy, "you know I'm a singer and I have a gig on the weekend, I CANNOT LOSE MY VOICE" He looked at me like, "ummm...okaay" Today it's turned into a full blown sinus infection made worse by the fact that I had to change me pharmacy *_*

  3. As a fellow sinus infection and exploding sinus headache sufferer, GET A NETI POT. Just DO NOT use tap water. Use filtered, distilled, whatever they suggest water. And you will be fine. Get the neti pot and the sinus salts. THEY ARE WONDERFUL!!!! It takes some getting used to, and yeah, it's weird, but it works. Sinus infections are the worst. I am sorry you are sick.


  4. No, no!! Don't use the neti-pot! That's bad, bad! Mold eating brain infection is right!

    Gahh! Hope you got some meds today and are feeling up to snuff soon!

    Even when you are sick, you make me laugh! Lol! (write a book! ;) )

  5. I see a Neti-pot argument brewing. I actually like them - EXCEPT, I get ear infections so the water goes straight to my ears for some reason???? But I do think they clean you out. Safer route? use saline spray in your nose every day to keep your nasal area clear.

    I get sinus infections ALL the time & yes, they kill my teeth. ButI will say, if you only have symptoms ABOVE the neck, its actually good to work out - it breaks up the junk in your head & helps get it out.
    Fun tip you probably dont want to know. I'd rather someone just tell me, Dont work out :)

  6. I knew a little boy that died from the amoeba, unthinkable. But everyone's right.. if you buy water it's ok

  7. I know I'm a little late to this conversation, but I'm a huge Neti-pot fan. Use either distilled water from the store or boil your water before use (you have to let it cool back down before use, but it will still be ok to use for a couple of days). Boiling it will save you money over buying it, and it will kill anything that is living in it.


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