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Shredding. Again.

When I started staying home I assumed I would lose some weight.

That statement makes it sound like I think about my weight all the time, which I don't always (usually) but I was going from sitting at a desk all day long snacking on whatever snacks co-workers brought in, to chasing around a toddler, and moving about the house. It just seemed like I would lose weight.

But in fact the exact opposite happened.

Well I don't know if technically I've gained weight because I only judge based on how my pants feel. And lately they've been begging for mercy as I pull them on and attempt to button them.

I have been walking/jogging more since I started staying home, plus I move all day long, so I can only imagine that my pants getting tighter is CLEARLY my washing machine shrinking them.

There are no other explanations.

I highly doubt my coke a cola addiction, free reign of the pantry all day and Easter candy consumption has anything to do with my pants getting tight.

So now the time has come for this mama to get her bootay in gear. And I looked no further than to my friend Jillian to help me.

I've been doing The Shred on and off since 2009, so I pulled out my ole DVD and got to Shredding.

And I actually allowed myself to listen to music instead of listening to Jillian. In the past my first born "always follow every rule" self would have felt like that would have been breaking the rules or something but this year I decided I don't care how many 400 pound people can do jumping jacks when I can listen to various songs that bring me delight.

I'm using the word delight loosely as nothing that involves front anterior raises will bring me delight.

But I did put together a pretty good workout playlist that keeps me going. Such as Baby One More Time. There is nothing that will make you want to get in shape more than picturing Britney Spears and her abs. Or at least the ones she had 16 years old. Pre-shaved head.

Or my own abs when I first heard that song at 15 years old. Never shaved my head.

If I do The Shred while Eli is awake I simply turn on Curious George for Eli in the living room and then I put The Shred on my laptop in the kitchen and Shred while Eli watches TV.

And if my doctor is reading my blog, that Curious George time is included in his two hours of TV a day (ahem).

There was a time when my new mom self would have felt bad about this 20 minutes I took to do something for myself and not dote on Eli, but then I said satan get behind me you are clearly on my pants side, and I got to Shredding.

I have set a goal to do the Shred everyday in April. And to motivate myself I get a sticker on my planner everyday that I complete my session.

Because nothing says "you go girl, get rid of that muffin top" than good ole Thomas the Tank Engine himself.

These were the only stickers I could find in our house. And Eli won't even miss them. I bought them in a fit of desperation last week when waiting in line at the store and Eli was just past the point of a full on meltdown.

My doctor gave me an article that said to not bribe your children. Clearly the author of that article (I'm assuming it was a man) never stood in line at Old Navy for 15 minutes with a wild toddler. Hello bribery you are my best friend.

When I saw those Thomas stickers it was like a $2 piece of GOLD FROM ABOVE.

And the bribery worked twofold because it now serves as my motivator for me to continue working towards a sick pack.

Except not really that's a joke. I'll never have a six pack.

So here I go, 30 days of The Shred. Hopefully my train stickers keep me motivated.


  1. I started to Shred yesterday too. I flipping hate Jillian's voice and I have this system rigged up where I put Jillian on the laptop and put some Bravo on the big TV, put them side by side, and bam. Miracle toning of the arms and legs.

    At least that's what I'm hoping for.

  2. I'm a fan of Jillian's videos. If you are at all tired of the Shred, try Ripped in 30. Same concept but updated exercises. I'm currently working through 6 Week 6 Pack, which is surprisingly effective. Not at getting me a 6 pack, but at slimming a little of the fat off of my mid-section.

  3. Things are okay in moderation..including bribery! I have never done the Shred but might try it after Baby #2 is born!

  4. OH snap... I now what to go find Disney Stickers to inspire me to do more! :) You're never too old

  5. Good luck girl! The stickers would definitely motivate me!

  6. Lol you're so funny!! I bribe my own baby boy too you just have to sometimes :) keep going on your shred journey.. Stayi consistent really gets results

  7. This whole post cracked me up! I started doing the same thing last week - curious george in the living room and the shred in the kitchen! It's my favorite video, I love that it's so short, but effective.

    And your doc sounds very... involved? haha! I consider stickers while shopping or crackers during diapers changes as "rewards for good behavior" not bribes ;)

  8. I always associate Thomas theTrain with getting rid of a muffing top:) I can't stand the sound of Jillian's voice, she is so stinking annoying lol.


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