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New Frames

Social Media has changed the way I shop.

No longer do I need to take friends with me to get their opinion on how a shirt or pants look on me. With the click of a picture and the send of at text, tweet or instagram I can instantly get several opinions.

And for some reason, complete strangers who you've never met tend to be more honest than those "life long" friends in your life.

I mean those stranger-sisters tell it like it is.

This all works out very nicely for me because I enjoy shopping alone, so I go alone, tweet some questions, get some opinions, and buy some clothes. Its a very nice cycle.

Well today I had an eye appointment, which seems like a very normal, routine event in life.

Except I have this amazing ability to take normal, routine events in life and make them anything but normal and routine.

My eye appointment was going as scheduled, very normal and routine. I was chatting it up with the doctor having a good time - which side-note have I mentioned that I rank all my doctors on their ability to become my BFF?

I develop this weird attachment to my doctors, and if they don't pass the BFF test then it's time to move on. Usually male doctors only pass the BFF test. I realize this now sounds weird and like I'm one of those girls that "only has guy friends" but I can assure you I am not. I was scared of boys until basically age 19 when I met Luke.

He was the only boy who didn't scare me so I decided to marry him. It has worked out nicely.

This post is going downhill fast, most continue on.

So I was checking out at the doctor's office when the lady asked me if I needed some new frames. Which at first caught me off guard. I mean I'm used to the Target workers asking me if  need a Target Red Card when I'm FLASHING IT IN THEIR FACE but I didn't realize it was protocol for the eye clerk person to ask if I needed something extra when I was already paying $$$ for this one visit.

Or it could have been because I was trying on various frames exclaiming how cute they were that made her think I was in the market for some new frames.

And really, up until walking in that office I wasn't in the market for new frames, but when there are hundreds of beautiful glasses staring me in the face like sad little puppies basically begging me to take them home, suddenly I'M IN THE MARKET.

This is where my story gets hairy. I was out in the front of the store and I felt rushed to pick frames so I tried on a couple of pairs of glasses and then ultimately decided that this was the pair I "needed".

No mass text, no Instagram picture of opinions, just me, a tiny mirror and the eye clerk lady (clearly I don't know her professional name).

And since I left that place I have wondered if  made a mistake. I very expensive mistake. I mean I had these glasses on for about 5 seconds when I made the decision to get them. And lets not forget that I didn't even plan on getting glasses. It was a wham, bam, what just happened ma'am moment.

I was feeling rushed and stressed and now I may regret the decision that came out of that rushed and stressed moment.

Obviously big issues over here this week.

I sort of went the hipster route with my new frames. I am a 29 year old mother who recently shelled out a large sum of money to cover up her gray hair. There is nothing about me that leans towards hipster.

So as is customary in the social media world, when my glasses come in I'm going to tweet a picture and get opinions.

And in this case go ahead and lie and tell me they look good cause Luke already paid for them.

Please and thank you.


  1. i almost we t hipster on my glasses 8 months ago but went traditional bec social media told me to so i totally know what you mean- im sure they'll look great on you!!! can't wait what like seven to ten days before you get them? :)

  2. I am the exact same way with being scared of boys and preferring male doctors! Mostly ones that are my dad's age and fatherly. I think they tend to be way more sympathetic than woman doctors.

    Also did you ask about return policy? I had 30 days to decide about mine

  3. I can't wait to see them! I bet they look great!

  4. I like to shop alone and have always thought that maybe I was just weird. Glad to know I am not alone. I also have made rushed and expensive decisions only to regret them later. I try to learn from them and think through my next "big" decision. I'm sure your glasses will be adorable though.

  5. I totally went hipster with my last pair, but they were free and part of a blog review lol. I always feel so rushed at the doc too!


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