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Moving and organization

A couple of weeks ago we put our house on the market.

We decided it was time to move to somewhere else in our town so we got it all cleaned up and listed it on the market.

And by "we" I mean I hired someone to come get my house all cleaned up. I realize to some it seems like an oxymoron for a stay at home mom to hire a house cleaner. Just all me an oxymoron. Or whatever you want. House cleaners are god-sent. Like little angels from above with mops and dusting contraptions I didn't even know existed.

We figured we would list our house and then look around for a house while it was on the market. Basically we saw it as a slow process.

Then six days later we got an offer on our house. We did that back and forth thing that buyers and sellers do and then came to an agreement.

And in just a short bit we will be homeless

Honestly at first I wasn't stressed, but the closer our move out date moves upon us the more I start to stress.

This whole selling your house in six days thing is awesome for people who  move slow. I'm not a slow mover by nature but Luke is a very slower mover (anybody remember our 18 year courtship) so this is rocking our world.

Because we are scheduled to move soon I've been packing our house up bit by bit.

Do you know how much JUNK one family can acquire in a short amount of time?


So instead of stressing about finding a house and not being homeless and all that nonsense I've been stressing about the amount of stuff we own in this house. I'll leave the bigger stressful stuff to Luke.

I've been using the stress to organize our home.

Because clearly, if you are going to be moving and packing everything up you want it to be as organized as possible before throwing it in those moving boxes.

I'm talking I've been organizing our books by category. What is wrong with me? This is NOT required for throwing them in a box.

I've never claimed to be a person who makes a lot of sense. I just am me.

It should be an interesting next month as we already had a fairly busy May planned and then we threw in packing, moving and finding a new house or temporary housing until we find something.

Fun times at the Tree house.

I have no way to end this other than stay tuned.....and come help me organize if you want.


  1. Oh gosh! Moving is so stressful! But yay that you sold your house! And I'm excited to see what comes next!

  2. Oh geez, this post is making me sweat! I need to start packing, too! Way to go on selling the house so quickly AND on hiring a house cleaner. I'm thinking of giving up cable for a regular cleaning lady! ;)

  3. I'm horrible at organization, so no help there. But I would definitely suggest getting egg boxes from a local grocery store for packing - we think they are amazing!

  4. How long until settlement?

    Don't know if you followed any of our moving story, but we sold our house REALLY quickly after lowering our price back in January, and we had nowhere to go. Our realtor wouldn't even let us look at houses when we had a signed agreement. It was nuts, and we found a new buying realtor, went through 3 different offers on 3 different houses, raced to move in with my parents...raced out, into the apartment we're in now (groan) and now we're building a house. Madness! But as you know, God has a bigger plan than we ever realize or understand...and I'm so glad he does, because it's come to this. It was rushed and SO stressful (all while 8-9 months pregnant), but there's a gleaming end in sight. Same will happen for you! Hang in there!

  5. I totally organized before the movers came for our move. But we will be downsizing from a 3 bedroom to a 1 bedroom with a storage unit when we first move until base housing becomes available. So things had to be in order so I know what goes where on the other end.

  6. I totally can relate to this post! I am due with baby #2 in July. We are planning to list our house in a week or 2. We've found a house we love..but it's a short sale that could take a while. SO, if our house sells quickly, I'll be 8 months pregnant and homeless. Yikes. Good luck to you guys!

  7. Also can relate.

    We decided a year ago that we wanted to move from the West coast to the East coast and we knew our realtor personally. We lucliky had a mortgage so low and unheard of so we decided to rent our house out (enough to pay our mortgage and rent another house). We started the process in March and got a renter in one week. We had two weeks to pack and move, so we put our stuff in a storage unit day by day...and figured it would be easier to see progress that way!

    We used plastic totes, and didn't bother with boxes that could break etc...Then had a 5 day trip cross country. But that part didn't stress me at all.

    Before we decide where we want to rent full time (most likely Charlotte), we've booked vacation homes (fully furnished) until the end of summer, so we can relax before making the next big decision.

    Good luck!

  8. Yay for selling so quick! Good luck house hunting, apartment life has me wanting to jump out of a window.

  9. You're moving!??? I missed this. Praying you find a house soon!

  10. I got rid of a lot of junk last summer before I knew we were moving so soon. It was the perfect time to do it because we knew a move was coming, so it was easy to pack it up knowing we weren't moving junk. Usually I don't lose things between moves, but this time we did! I'd totally come help you organize if I could! It's my favorite thing to do!

  11. Wow! That sounds stressful, but hopefully you'll find a wonderful house in no time :) good luck Meghan!

  12. Congrats!! I TOTALLY feel your pain. We got an offer on our house after 2 weeks on the market. I was anticpationg a few months, but that didn't happen. Now we are two weeks away from moving from this house into our new one and I kind of don't know where to start...especially with two littles. AHHHH!

  13. I hear you honey - praying all goes well!

  14. Going through the same thing now. I have a two month old daughter and we are being forced out (landlord is selling our house) of our home and we are now looking to buy a home. For now its into my mom's house...ugh.

    I am totally OCD and I am packing that way- each box gets a number and the room written on it and go with a corresponding index card that lists detailed lists of the contents. The cards go on a binder ring. I know, totally OCD. Oh, and I suppose I may have wasted some time alphabetizing the dvds but its so much easier to move in and already be organized. You'll feel good opening a box with organized books.


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