Easy Hair Video

So we all know I'm a fan of some awesome wavy hair.

I like to wear my hair wavy most of the time. Either by letting it dry naturally for a little "beach" wavy look.

Or curling it with my curling iron for a nicer look.

And even though I curl my hair almost everyday, I still feel like I have so much to learn when doing it. I find myself watching countless videos on the internet trying to perfect my look.

I watched this video and was amazed at how awesome and natural her hair looks! Plus she keeps it quick and explains it in a way that makes sense, unlike some hair videos that are sixteen minutes long! (like mine, ahem)

So watch this video and maybe even try the hair style. I really want to try it sometime!

And then after watching the short video submit the form at the end to win $250!

So easy!

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