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The Big Apple

In a couple of months Luke and I are headed to New York City.

We are so excited, we have always wanted to go and never had the opportunity, and now because of my role in Scentsy we are getting to go for free!

Luke is even more excited about that part.

I've started planning on our trip, what we want to do, where we want to eat, what we should wear, etc.

And I'm drawing a blank.

So this is where I need help, if you'e been to NYC what are some things we should do while we are there?

Where would you reccommend we eat?

And if you've ever written a post on a trip you took to NYC you get bonus points!

So share away with all your great NYC tips!!


  1. I was there in Sept of 2011 and my one tip would be don't try to drive in the city. Take the train/subway/walk to get to places. It makes it much simpler.

  2. I will just email you the links to my recap posts. They are ridiculously too long, but I like to preserve memories, lol.

    Serendipity to get a Frrrooozen Hot Chocolate. That is a "Must-Do" every time I go to NYC.

    Also, as cheesy as they sound, do the Hop-on, Hop-off tour. Both Uptown and Downtown. You don't even have to get off the bus, but it will let you get a glimpse of the whole city that you won't be able to see all of in a few days (or few years).

  3. NYC is my FAVORITE place to travel. It's seriously the best city. If you are going during the summer though, you need to wear really light clothes because it get ridiculously hot and humid and I had sweat dripping down my back most of the trip. I had several recaps from our trip last year but here is one of them with all the arts we did out there.

    You have to go to a show on Broadway, the tickets are kind of expensive but it's worth it for the experience.

  4. OMG, seriously?!?! You HAVE to find time to hang out with me!!!!!! I'm about 1/2 hour outside the city {give or take with traffic}

    Definitely do all the fun touristy things...spend time in battery park, go to the 9-11 memorial, go see Phantom of the Opera on broadway. Go see Jimmy Fallon at the NBC studio...go to central park...omg, so many things!

  5. We've been there many times, but I wrote a couple posts (back when I was keeping up with the 'ole blog!) about our babymoon to NYC. Here are the links:

    Have a great time!

  6. I've been there several times... the next time I go, I will wear yoga pants and sneakers. Forget about wanting to look cute just because you're in NYC. Look COMFY! The styles are SO diverse that nobody will even think a thing about it. :) Definitely hit up a broadway show though. :) I ate in a little pizza joint that had a mirror in front of the bench that you sit idea what it's called but it's near Broadway. Don't eat there- it's awkward staring at yourself.... and even more awkward catching strangers staring at you. ;-) haha

  7. For cheap/good Italian food head to Little Italy. There are so many fun cupcake bakeries in the city but a fav is Baked by Melissa. The cupcakes are teeny tiny (just one bite) so you don't feel guilty sampling more than one flavor.

    As for sightseeing you can take the Staten Island Ferry for free and you get a a nice view of the Statue of Liberty. If your into museums some offer discounts on Fridays or your hotel may be able to help you with cheap tickets.

    NYC is big and you end up walking alot so comfy shoes are a must.

    Can't wait to read about your trip.

  8. We LOVE NYC (and are going back this summer). Here is a link to a blog post I wrote about our last trip:

  9. My family has been twice and our favorite restaurant is

    Ollie's Noodle Shop: 411 W. 42nd St., New York, NY 10036

    It is Chinese but is literally the most amazing thing in the world. Prices arent bad, and the food is incredible. Just off of Times Square.

    Another place you have to go look at is the Toys R Us on Times Square! It is enormous and really creative and just a must see.

    Have fun :) One of my favorite places to go.

    Also, stay sharp because famous people will walk by you and you wont even realize it. Its really awesome!

  10. I did a few NYC re-caps and I LOVED IT! I want to go back so bad you'll love it Megan! Posted here and there are a couple more too. Have fun and enjoy every minute!!!!

  11. Go to the Neue Galerie (86th and 5th). It is a small gallery of German and Austrian art with one of the most gorgeous portraits by Gustav Klimt (Adele Bloch-Bauer, 1907). It is down the street from the Met, but it is super intimate, and has an amazing cafe on the first floor (Cafe Sabarsky - amazing Viennese pastries). It is a totally romantic date!

  12. katz's deli! it will change your life! the pastrami is AMAZING!

  13. NYC is my favorite city EVER!!! Definitely see a show, walk through Central Park, Max's Deli in Times Square...I could go on and on!

  14. I LOVE NYC! I went a couple of years ago and blogged all about it. Here are the links for each day. :)


  15. we used to chat some on twitter but I totally deleted my account :) My husband is a pilot and was based at LaGuardia and lived in Queens. Our favorites:
    -hop on/off tours even if you've lived there.
    -Seredipity for frozen hot chocolate.
    -Dylan's candy store is down the street from Serendipity. We run in there real quick while waiting for our table.
    -Magnolia bakery
    -Pasta Presto has a great dinner
    -Best hamburgers are at the Le Parker Meridien hotel. It's hidden behind curtains. Best secret place that locals go. It's a dive and so awesome. (look it up online)
    -Carnegie deli, massive good sandwiches
    -Grays Papaya (from You Got Mail)
    There's many more :)

  16. So excited for your first trip to NYC! I dreamed of going there my whole life and last year we made it happen. They were five of the most fun days ever. I did some pretty extensive blog recapping of our trip and have very detailed itinerary that I'm happy to email you if you are interested. I'm pretty crazy when it comes to researching sights/restaurants/etc. :) My advice is to go there with a plan so you aren't overwhelmed!

  17. We live in Jersey (military...not by choice) and the train ride into NYC is only about an hour long. We've been a few times, mainly to play tour guide to family and friends!

    If you go to the 9/11 memorial, I would recommend getting your tickets before hand. You'll have to pay a $2 donation, but if you wait until you're there, they ask for $5 instead. (And you have to wait in line longer!) If you take the subway, you'll need to get off on the rector street station. (confusing signage)

    I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Lombardi's Pizza. It's delicious!

    The Subway and walking are the best ways to get around. Download the Hopstop app on the iPhone and just look at the transit map. (You won't be able to get service on the subway, but the map will still load.) You can get mostly where you need to go on the 1, but the 2/3 are the express trains that don't stop at every single station.

    If you want to go to a show, I would purchase tickets now.

    NYC is a really fun place to just walk around and discover new things. There isn't a lot of signage/directions so you'll have to figure out a lot on your own. Be prepared to wait in line for the big attractions (FAO, 9/11, etc).

    If you have any other questions, feel free to email me! maryverett at gmail dot com

  18. One thing you have to go do is walk the high line. It is completely free but definitely an experience! I loved it!

  19. See if Letterman is filming during the time you'll be there. Tickets are free and given out as a lottery type deal, but we got to go.


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