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Questions in my Head

I'm sitting here on my couch thinking about many things...

1. How my eyes are burning because I'm cleaning my oven and the smell/smoke that is coming from it is pretty bad. Luke keeps asking me if it's normal and I play my role where I pretend like I know what I'm talking about when I really have no idea. So every time I say,"yes completely normal" I say a prayer that it is in fact normal.

2. What I want to wear while in NYC. I appreciate everyone sharing your posts, I haven't gone through them all yet but I'm working on it. I just don't know if I will want to wear shorts, or dresses or what? It will be May so I'm guessing something cool. And for walking will I want to wear flat? I heard my feet will get dirty if I wear flats.

3. Speaking of shorts. What is the appropriate short length for a 29 year old mom of one to wear? I"m seriously stumped on this.

I LOVE these shorts from Old Navy but is 3 1/2 inseam too short for a mom?

Will I look like a cross between a mom trying to relive her glory spring break college days and/or a cougar?

For the record I spent my spring break college days either sitting on the beach with a friend or skiing with Luke. So there were no "glory" days that involved incredibly short shorts.

Also? I'm not implying that just because you wear short shorts means you have a scandalous past.

OK I'm stopping now.

Cute shorts though right?

4. Next week is Easter and I have no idea what any person in my family is wearing. Our church is definitely EXTREMELY casual and I will be spending the morning with 4 and 5 year olds, so I'm not gonna worry too much about what me or Eli will wear. And Luke will pick his own.

There I just solved that dilemma.

So these are the thoughts going through my head. Interesting huh?

And yes my eyes are still watering from the cleaning oven and I keep telling Luke it's completely normal.


  1. My oven isn't self cleaning, but I remember my mom's smelling awful. Those shorts are great. I got some last year and they're long enough to cover enough, but still stylish. NYC depends on your plans but assuming you're walking a lot I'd wear comfortable shoes...Toms would be good since they're cute and comfy!

  2. I am having the same short dilemma! What is an appropriate mom length? Lol

  3. You have great legs so I say rock the shorts!! As long as it covers all that should be appropriately covered, you are good to go!

  4. I dont think its about being a mom - its if you have great legs. My money is on you being able to totally pull them off :)

  5. 1) Yes, the nasty smell and eye-burning fumes are normal.

    2) Beware... Just because it's May doesn't mean it will be warm the whole time. I've been in early June where there was a cool snap and I needed a hoodie. As for the footwear, non-sandal flats always work for me. Like Toms (or the cheaper knockoff version of Toms).

    3) I think the shorts are fine. You are tiny and can wear them.

    4) I'm so glad you solved the Easter question, because I have NO clue what I'm wearing.

  6. I think those shorts are fine (especially with your teeny bod!). And they are super cute!

  7. I wish I knew what we were doing for Easter. I've got my outfit picked, no clue what the hubs is wearing, and no clue what we are doing after church. Our family is over 3 hrs away, so it's just us.

  8. I so need to clean my oven, but I really don't want to do it while Elyse is at home...there's no where for us to go to get away from the fumes!

    & I LOVE those shorts and I think they'd be a fine length for a cute momma such as yourself!

    For some reason I had our Easter outfits picked out WEEKS ago...maybe because I found a dress that I thought I HAD to have so everyone else had to match me! ha!

  9. I totally wear 3 1/2 shorts...or 3"...does that make me a skank? haha.

    Definitely do flats in the city. Yes, your feet will probably get dirty...but you're whole body will feel dirty too, so it doesn't matter much.

    The weather's been crap around here recently though, so it might not be too warm yet in May...also you're totally gonna make time to meet me right?!:)

  10. It depends on how tall you are and what you are wearing them with. I think that the 4" shorts from J.Crew are a more comfortable length for me, 5" depending on who I will be around. I'm 32 and 5'8" tall. That said, I do have a couple pairs of shorts from Old Navy that are shorter, which I wear with 3/4 length sleeves. It's all about balance.

  11. lol ive never really thought about the allowed short length as a mother(age 23) of 1... im more worried about if the actual leg part is too tight and as long as my butt cheeks arent showing theyre good!


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