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Help, please?

When Eli was born I promised myself I would NEVER enter him in one of those cutest kids contests and beg my friends, family, and acquantinces to vote for him.

And I have held true to that promise.

However, I never promised myself that if I became a finalist to be a fashion blogger for our local mall that I wouldn't beg friends, family and acquantinces to go vote for me.

Glad I never made that promise. 

Because, here I am, asking (begging?) you to please go vote for me, this would be a really neat oppotunity for me and makes me excited.

And if I lose I will blame all of you.

Just kidding.

So if you have time (it just takes a second) go vote for me HERE

Thanks so much!

Oh and you have to be on an actual computer, for some reason the link doesn't work on phones.

Thanks friends!!!


  1. I never can remember my google account so I have never commented on your posts.. this motivated me to look it up so I could tel you I voted!:) Hope you win!!

  2. Voted AND shared on Facebook asking friends to vote!!! Good luck!


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