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The Wedding Singer

This weekend Luke and I were able to watch two good friends of ours get married. It was a fun weekend and because Luke sang in their wedding we were also apart of the rehershal events, which made for a full weekend.

There was a time in Luke's life when I felt like he was one more wedding away from becoming this generations next big wedding singer.

And then one day all the wedding singing requests ended. I blame it on old age (I mean who wants an old man singing at their wedding when they could have a young youthful teen) or it could have been due to the fact that Luke repeatedly expressed his disdain for singing in weddings.

What is it with men and weddings? Or maybe it's just my man? Luke acts like going to a wedding is nothing short of pure torture.

However I never once heard him complain about singing in the wedding this weekend. Probably because he hadn't sang in a wedding in awhile and he was realizing that his singing days are numbered.

Or not.

I on the other hand have the complete opposite reactions to weddings. I look forward to them and regardless of how well or how long I've known the couple I cry my little eyes out at the wedding.

I love weddings so much, and it always reminds me of the commitment Luke and I made to each other and to God.

The commitment I try and remember at night when Luke is completely on my side of the bed while snoring (something I had no idea he did prior to marriage) or when he leaves his dirty clothes on the lid of the hamper rather than LIFTING THE LID to place them inside.

That commitment.

And then this weekend like a cold slap in the face I was faced with completely different emotions at this wedding. It happened the night of the rehearsal when I was watching the slideshow of the couple and saw all the pictures of the groom as a baby and young child with his family.

Suddenly I was transported years in the future, I pictured myself watching a screen like the one today, but if it's the future and if Apple has their way it will probably be some floating screen with fireworks coming out of it or something.  And on that screen pictures of Eli as a baby were playing, pictures that seems so everyday-matter-of-fact- now were up on the screen in the future for all.

It was at that point that I began to understand why my mother in law cried so hard on our wedding day that it caused some people to wonder if she had mistaken our wedding for a funereal.  While I stood on that wedding stage seeing Luke as my groom, she saw her baby boy whose thousands of diapers she changed. Her little boy who would run and play outside and read The Lord of the Rings books just for fun. The boy who grew into a teen in what probably seemed like the blink of an eye.

Not sure why I chose that moment to think about all those things, but next thing I knew I was bawling at the rehearsal. Luckily I cry enough that I've gotten pretty good at hiding my tears. I'm a graceful crier, if you will.

The wedding came and went and Luke sang his song beautifully causing me to wonder if age really matters and if maybe he could still sing at weddings well into his thirties?

Which honestly doesn't matter, but I was trying to think of anything to keep me from turning into that crazy mom who already dreads the day her child leaves.

Too late.

After the wedding I told Luke about all the weird things that had been going on in my head (floating screens in the future being the main one). Luke agreed that I was maybe on the verge of crazy and I should quit focusing on the future and focus on today. Which was pretty good advice coming from a wedding singer.

Maybe one day I will follow his advice...until then I will be staying up late in bed, trying to shove my snoring wedding singer to his appropriate side while reading I'll love you Forever and being ashamed that I now relate to that creepy mom who breaks into her sons house late at night and rocks him in his sleep.


  1. I have been reading your blog for awhile and we have boys that are only a few months apart and I can TOTALLY relate to your feelings. You are not alone!

  2. Well said. I think I'm gonna have to share this posting with my other momma friends. We have to stick together... So when we are bawling at our babies' weddings, we can hold each other up!

  3. The best thing I ever did for our marriage was to get rid of the lid on our hamper.

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