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Teenage Drama

It has now been a week since I painted my Key to Nowhere picture and realized that I am void of any significant talent.

That was until tonight, when I discovered I do have a very rare and possibly amazing talent.

I hold, in my body, the talent to get deeply, and completely emotionally involved in teenager drama TV shows from yesteryear.

Yes I just said yesteryear, no I'm not 80.

What makes this talent even more appealing is that I never really got into teenage drama TV shows when I was ACTUALLY a teenager.

I was too busy spending time in AOL chat rooms talking to random people convincing myself that one of those random persons was actually Taylor Hanson just trying to find true love and it would be me and we would connect through the powers of the internet and live happily ever after.

OBVIOUSLY what all the cool kids were doing.

I heard talk of shows such as Dawson's Creek, Felicity, The OC, and others but I was too busy living my own teenage drama to watch them on TV.

Planning my wedding to Taylor Hanson = teenage drama (in this scenario anyways)

And then sometime in college I started watching reruns of Dawson's Creek and fell hard for Dawson, Pacey, Joey and all their American Eagle apparel.

It was a downward spiral from there.

Which has now resulted in me spending way too many hours of my life watching teenage dramas and passionately declaring myself to be "Team (fill in the blank with some boy from a TV show)".

This wouldn't be so bad if I had watched these shows in their hay-day. But here I am almost 29 years old declaring myself TEAM PACEY to anyone who gives me a minute of their time which borders me on the verge of looking either crazy or like a cougar.

Or both.

It also 100% solidifies the fact that I am always 10 steps behind anything that is cool. Or in this case 15 years.

There is just something about all the drama, bad clothes, breakups, makeups, back stabbing friends, and teenage controversial issues that just gets me weirdly addicted.

Thank you creator of Netflix that has helped foster these addictions. Without you I would be forced to read or clean or something gross like that.

I own the complete series of Dawson's Creek on DVD (Team Pacey)

I watch and rewatch One Tree Hill constantly (the winner of all teenage dramas ever) (Team Nathan)

I am currently watching Felicity even though the main character makes me want to claw my eyes out with my fingernails (Team Ben) (currently, I'm only at the beginning of season 2)

It may not be a wonderful piece of artwork, and I may not be standing before you belting out a song that leaves you with goosebumps, but oh friends, I can stand before you and give you 10 reasons off the top of my head why you should stop what you are doing and start watching One Tree Hill.

Talent. Pure talent.

So I'm curious....what is your favorite teenage drama? What do I need to watch next?


  1. Love One Tree Hill and I'm also Team Nathan!!

  2. Team Pacey ALL THE WAY! It's not possible for J.J. to be more charming. And OTH is amazing. Bethony's blog is cute if you don't already follow it.

  3. I'm really into Gossip Girl right now. The series just ended and I had never seen an episode. Now, I'm ready to start season 4 on DVD... LOVE it. SO much drama!

  4. Please don't give up on Felicity! I'm also Team Ben. You have to watch Friday Night Lights next. It pretty much beats them all!

  5. I'm not up on my teenage dramas. If I had to rewatch one series from beginning to end right now I'd pick Friends. Classic television, right there.

  6. I was seriously crying with laughter over this post. Love it! I'm totally Team Pacey and Team Ben as well;-)

  7. I have never seen a single episode of one tree hill :)

  8. Team Pacey, all the way. I don't have the ability to understand the people who are Team Dawson.

    Have you ever watched Gilmore Girls? I still miss that show.

  9. Dawsons Creek- Team Pacey! I also love/loved 90210. Does Gilmore Girls count as a teen drama?

  10. I just watched Felicity for the first time a couple of months ago and I was hooked. I really hated Felicity a lot. But man I loved Noel and Ben!

    I never stayed up to date on shows either, AOL was always WAY more interesting!

  11. I never missed Dawsons Creek or 7th Heaven. I was in love with Pacey too.

  12. Ahh! You read my mind! I watch Dawson's Creek while I grade papers at night, and I'm almost done with the series and am wondering what teenage drama to obsess over next. But.. I must say... Team Dawson! swoon.

  13. The OC!!! I own all seasons and still pull them out every now and then!

  14. I'm ashamed to admit I just finished Gossip Girl and it was awesome. lol. Netflix has all but the last season.

  15. I just got all the Dawson's Creek DVD's for Christmas! I need to start planning a way to get them all watched during summer vacation. I also need to throw away all the VHS tapes that are still in my old closet at my parents house. That's right I had ALL of the episodes recorded:) I always loved Party of Five as well. My husband bought me the first 3 seasons on DVD but they still don't have the others yet. I did find them on Amazon Instant Video for free since I'm a Prime member.

  16. I LOVE OTH! It is the best! I used to watch them new, and I was so sad when they ended. After mourning, I moved onto Gossip Girl, Switched at Birth, etc. I am looking forward to trying some of the shows you have watched! Adding to my list. :)

  17. I just watched all the seasons of One Tree Hill on netflix last year and fell in love with it. I cried in every other episode. Nathan was also my fav. Have you watched Friday Night Lights? It is high on my favs in it were Tammy Taylor and Tim Riggins!

  18. Felicity is my all time favorite. Loved. It. Still. Do. Yes, I am a Nonny. So? :)

  19. I watched the season finale of Dawson's Creek when it aired but I had never seen a single episode. Of course after watching that, I went and bought all the seasons and was HOOKED. Totally Team Pacey. I'm watching OTH on Netflix now, pretty much thanks to you talking about it on Twitter! Right now, I'm in season 2 so I'm kind of Team Nobody. Can't wait to see why everyone likes Nathan!

  20. OTH is my all time favorite show ever!!! I was completely obsessed with it and own every single season!!
    Loved Gossip Girl!! You must watch it!
    Felicity is something I watched off and on but will have to watch it all again on Netflix.
    Friday Night Lights was amazing as well!
    I don't have cable or satellite which means no DVR so I watch everything on Hulu and Netflix!!

  21. I have that exact same problem, I get so addicted that I watch whatever show Im addicted to at the moment almost every time Im free. Haha! Gossip girl is what I just finished, well through season 5 because the last season isnt on Netflix! But its hilarious :) And super addicting

  22. Secret Life of the American Teenager on ABC family.


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