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Random Thurdsay

1. I am going out of town for the next couple of days. I am so sad to leave Luke and Eli. It will only be a couple of days but I get all emo. Eli is so attached to his dad he probably won't even notice I'm gone.

2. Eli is a typical picky toddler when it comes to food but lately he has been on a huge cereal kick. Various times throughout the day he will ask for a bowl of cereal and sit down and eat a whole bowl of cheerios. I'm just glad he's eating!

3. Scentsy fans - -  don't forget that these scents are being discontinued this month. Get them before they are gone. All scents are 10% off! Order HERE!

4. Luke and I are going to New York City in the spring and I am SO excited! I'm going to need advice on where to eat, what to do, etc. Thankfully it will all be paid through Scentsy! Woo hoo!

5. I once declared that I hated Sharpie Pens. This is a pretty bold declaration as somebody who loves Sharpies in general. Well I recently gave them a second chance and I am happy to say that I now love them. I just don't love their price, $10 for a 4 pack? Sheesh!

6. We have snow on the ground here today! I love it. We went out and played in it for a bit, but Eli wasn't a big fan of the snow but still wanted to stay outside despite the 30 degree weather.

7. It's weird to me that girl scout cookies have different names in different parts of the countries. What we call "Samoa's" some of you call  "Caramel Delights". Interesting.

8. Eli is a master at taking my otter box off, which sort of defeats the purpose of that giant, bulky thing.

9. I really need to get better about sharing my Menu's on Mondays. We've been trying some new, good recipes.

10. Thanks for all the teenage drama input on my last post. Apparently I need to try Gossip Girl next! It was like adult nerds of the world united!


  1. Yes please post menu Mondays ! I've gotten so many good recipes from you (like those yum chciken enchiladas) I'm in such a menu rut where do you find ideas?pinterest hasn't been inspiring me whe it comes to dinner.. Only for such necessities like owl shaped cupcakes and firecracker icing for Fourth of July 5 months away !

  2. Love New York City!

    Two favorites: SarahBeth's for breakfast.

    Pommes Frites for lunch. This was on The Food Network. It's a little dive that only sells fries. In a paper cone. With EVERY topping you can imagine. Oh. My. Word. In an out of the way place but worth it!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. So happy y'all chose New York! You will not be disappointed! Let me know if I can help in any way, it's my favorite place. I'm so excited to take Lainey there in April! We will be there for 9 days.

  4. You will love Gossip Girl! That and One Tree Hill were 2 of my favorites!

  5. Girl Scout Cookies...I actually got two boxes of the "samoas" and each box had a different name. Turns out the name is determined by the manufacturing plant...thats why they have two names. They have a few cookies like that. So Random! exciting! Im with Scentsy as well and I also earned the trip this year! My first time! :) I only earned enough for one though, so I dont get to choose until Monday. Never has anyone been so excited for Monday morning to get here! haha New York is in my Top 3 Choices though...but I assume its in everyones! So I dont know where I will end up! Congrats! Hopefully I will be headed to NYC too!

  6. My husband and I really enjoyed the Starlight dinner. Aspiring broadway singers serve the food while performing. The food and entertaiment combo is amazing. We also really enjoyed serendipity's frozen hot chocolate but the wait can be pretty bad some days. It was delicious though!

    Random factoid for the day, Girl Scout cookies have different names in different parts of the country now because they are made by different bakers. The original bakers have the cookie names trademarked/copyrighted(/whatever the appropriate term is) and don't allow the other bakers to use them. Hence caramel delights vs samoas. Still weird to me. They are Girl Scout cookies, shouldn't the Girl Scouts own the names?

  7. You (and others who left comments) have just totally rocked my world with the multiple names for the GS cookies. They have different bakers?!? For real?!?


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