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Whenever I find a good gadget I love I like to share it with my blog friends.

Actually not just a gadgets, if I find a good food or drink I share it also like when I shared my love of Zevia. 

Well I have a new gadget that I've started using in our house that I absolutely love that I wanted to share with you.

Its called the PropUp and works with any iPad. We have the original iPad which sadly is also almost equivalent to having the first computer I got in's time for an upgrade. 

Sorry I got sidetracked that was a little note for Luke to see....anyways the PropUp is so awesome and so useful. I use it for everything. My dad gave it to me when I was home for Christmas and since we started using it around the house we fell in love with it! 

The PropUp does basically what it claims in the name, it props up my iPad, but it works better than anything I've used and I've tried several different "stands" for my iPad. This is by far my favorite. 

It is lightweight and completely simple to use, even a monkey could use it, you just stick the iPad in the front of the PropUp. So easy.

Our iPad serves many purposes around the house: I use it for working on Scentsy stuff, Eli watches lots of shows on it (umm I mean he uses it for educational purposes such as learning Spanish), I use my iPad in the kitchen for recipes and I also watch Netflix at night in bed.

The PropUp has proved to be useful for all of those things. I have fallen in love with this product time and time again.

The PropUp in use around the house:

In the kitchen

Me reading a book (don't I look so studious?)

It also even props in your lap:

Different views of the PropUp:

Look how dirty my iPad is! That would be the proof of a toddler's use of the PropUp!

I would suggest anybody who has an iPad have at least one of these. It really is that great! Plus it comes in three colors pink, green and black!! Check out their website here! 


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