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Luke's Birthday

Today was one of those days I absolutely love.

Cloudy, dreary, rainy at times with a chill in the air. Ahhh, I love it so much.

The only thing that could have been better was for it to have been a Saturday with nowhere to go and rain coming down all day. I love those days.

The weather this morning wasn't quite chilly yet which was good because Eli and I needed to get out to go buy Luke a birthday present. Today is his 29th birthday and he's pretty emo about it. Something about how when he turned 10 years old and he doubled his age it was only 20 but now when he doubles his age it's almost 60. I didn't really follow along and thought it was sort of crazy talk. I can only imagine how he will act when he hits 30. Lord help us.

I've known for awhile I wanted to get Luke a Thunder shirt for his birthday so Eli and I went to a local store that sells some awesome Thunder appareal. We then went to the store and got all the necessary ingredients for a cookie cake. Luke isn't a big cookie cake fan but I decided it would be ok if I went ahead and made him one for his birthday. See also: I was craving a cookie cake.

Luke came home from lunch and told me they got him a cookie cake at work. WELL DANG. There went my brilliant plan for a cookie cake at dinner. The man who doesn't even like cookie cakes can't have two in one day. That would be kinda cruel on his birthday.

So after he went back to work Eli and I got in the car again and went to buy the necessary ingredients for a yellow cake with chocolate icing - Luke's favorite cake.

I made Luke's favorite meal of beef enchiladas, spanish rice and black beans - which is also Eli's favorite meal on the days he chooses to eat - which was apparently not today.

Toddlers and their eating habits.....this is the stuff I wonder, WHY DID NOBODY PREPARE ME FOR THIS?

Overall it was a great night and I hope Luke had a great birthday. I feel like every birthday of Luke's I am working overtime to try and make-up for his birthday two years ago. I was pregnant and for some reason I chose to use February 7th, Luke's birthday to obsess over my weight from pregnancy and cry and cry. And cry.

Not my finest moment. Now I am forever trying to one up myself on every birthday of his.

Happy birthday Luke! Eli and I love you so much! You are an amazing husband and daddy!

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