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Hereditary Guitar Playing

When I was in high school I developed a somewhat ridiculous crush on the worship leader of my youth group.

I guess most teenage girls go through a stage where they fall head over heels for someone they know they have no chance with ever. And if not then just HUMOR ME.

I will say it made it a little hard to worship the Lord when I was staring at my worship leader and his stinky ole girlfriend stood next to him singing like a perfect angel.

And really the girlfriend was incredibly sweet but that should have been ME up there singing next to him. Never mind the fact that I have no signing or stage skills, IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME.

Well I went to college and soon discovered that there were plenty of other guitar playing fish in the sea.

And then I met Luke. My knight in guitar playing shining armor. Long gone were the days of crushing over an unattainable worship leader there was a new singer in town.

We started dating and I would beg Luke to play the guitar for me. Sometimes he would oblige but mostly he thought it was silly that I wanted to just sit and listen to him play the guitar.

Ah young love.

I went on a cruise while we were dating and listened to some recorded songs of him singing over, and over and over and over. I'm surprised my super cool discman even worked after that cruise, I think I listened to those same 3 songs approximately 800 times.

And then we got married.....

Before marriage I was not aware that Luke's singing and guitar playing did not have time limits. Nor did it understand TV boundaries.  For example, if there is a really pivotal scene in let's say...Real Housewives of anywhere, the last thing I need is for Luke to be off in his own little world playing the guitar and singing at the top of his lungs.

It was a new revelation for me, and after a couple of bumps in the roads (see: ARGUMENTS) we found a happy median when it comes to appropriate times and levels of very loud guitar playing.

And then I gave birth to Luke's spawn....

Noise. Constant noise. I had no idea that the guitar playing, song singing gene was hereditary. But as soon as Eli was able to move he has played the guitar, hummed in harmonicas, shook tambourines and buzzed kazoos.

It's like I live in the middle of a Branson family show that has gone terribly wrong.

I caught Eli and Luke in the middle of one of their songs the other night, this is actually a mild example of the singing and guitar playing that goes on around here, but oh how it just sings to my heart:

This past week at the Dot Mom conference Angie Smith mentioned during her message that she is learning how to support her kids interests even when she doesn't necessarily like them - and I immediately thought of all the loud music going on in my house.

And though Luke isn't my child, I want to support him in all he does even if it drives me bonkers sometimes, and if Eli follows in his dad's footsteps and sings loud all the time even during my most favorite TV shows I will be supportive.

While also investing in a sound proof room. 


  1. Alas, I fell victim to the same guitar-player phenomenon. I fell in love with my (now) husband in college when he was playing guitar for a group of friends outside his apartment in the summer. Double whammy...he also played in the worship band for the college group we attended. There was no turning back. :) And yes, he has passed this gene on to our kiddos, too. My 4 and 2 year old both have "play guitars" (that I think are louder than his real guitar) they love to play with him.

    This is the first time I've read your blog. I found it through the Big Mama blog and just started following. I really enjoy your writing style! Thanks for this post. It made me smile!

  2. oh goodness, that is all kinds of adorable.

  3. Megan I have been reading here for awhile. Found you fronm Kelly's blog. Never commented before , but today's post is just to good not to!

    I have raised my babies, 4 of them. I am priveleged to have 2 grandsons about Eli's age. Our third son played in rattle the windows upstairs drum playing. I feel your pain. BUT it was so very worth it when that young man felt he had no self worth in school, to see him play in the pep band and ROCK IT! People raised him up for that talent.It paid off for him...and that made this mama happy.

    Also I just want you to know that I adore your writing! Many days I laugh at your posts. Thank you for that. And today's comment about a Branson show gone wrong STILL has me giggling! Keep on Megan, you are a good mother. We don't tell others that enough. When the days are long we doubt ourselves. You ARE a good mother. And many thanks for the humor you find in your days! God bless!

  4. LOL! I think you're right - every girl has a weird crush on their youth worship leader or weirder their youth pastor (NOT me) or the college intern guy in their youth group (ME). ;) Eli's playing/singing is SUPER cute.

  5. hahaha!

    I love this.

    And that video is the sweetest thing EVER.

    B. You are hilarious. I'm honored to be BFF #3.

  7. That is the sweetest video! Now I want to force my fiance to take guitar lessons so that he can play with our kids!

  8. That was the cutest thing EVER!!!! :)

    I've been with my boyfriend/fiancé for almost 18 years now... And he has been a drummer in 3 bands for as long as we've been together. He started playing the drums when he was 4 years old! Crazy. The whole front room of our house is drums, five guitars, and a piano. Talk about noise!


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