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Date Night Goal

At the beginning of the year Luke and I both made our list of goals for the year and then shared them with each other.

Well actually I shared mine with Luke because let's face it, if you are reading this blog then it's quite obvious that I share way too much of my life with waaaaay too many people, so sharing my goals with Luke is like putting on pants - its completely natural.

Luke on the other hand is incredibly private and didn't openly share his goals with me. So naturally, like putting on pants, I "accidentally" pulled his paper off the printer when he printed off his goals. Which by the way, who prints off their goals? I write mine in one of my 15 journals sectioning them off into categories and color coding each category with a different colored sharpie pen.

Now THAT is normal.

After I read Luke's goals we did discuss them and we found it was funny that I had set a lofty goal of going on 6 date nights in the year 2013. SIX.

Six may not seem like a lot, but it sure beats the three dates that we went on in 2012. Last year was a hard year for several reasons, maybe one day I will talk about it. So dates got put on the back-burner. Which honestly, I don't think it affected our marriage negatively. Yes it is nice to go out but I'm not one of those people that harps on dates being a necessity. They are nice and fun but I don't think they are vital to your marriage surviving. Just my two cents.

Back to our date goal...because we didn't go on a lot of dates last year we decided to attempt to go on at least one date night a month in the year 2013.

So here we are in the beginning of February and we've already been on THREE dates! We are so ahead of the curve! Which is awesome for me because I'm almost never ahead of the curve in my life. When teachers would grade on a curve I was always the kid that brought us down. School was not my fortay. Or maybe it was just the studying and homework part?

Anyways, Luke and I have enjoyed dinner and a movie, a fun Thunder game, and a night at a work party with Luke's company. And, yes I considered a work party a date but I hate an entire meal with my husband and not one person threw food at me while demanding a cookie, that my friends is called a date.

And now that I've finished this post I have no idea why I wrote it, I guess talking about the success of goals is important!

Here we are on our date nights:

Well I guess technically it is two pictures of us on dates and one of me eating on our date but Luke didn't want to be in any pictures that night and does a date really happen if you don't chronicle it through Instagram? I didn't think so, so I had to take a picture.

Hopefully we stay above the curve and continue our goal for more dates in 2013!!


  1. Um...six dates IS A LOT. LOL That's always on our goal list for the new year. It's so hard for us to make time just the two of us. Mainly because finding a sitter is so stinkin' hard. But's to more dates in 2013! :)

  2. I agree about the whole "we have to have date nights" thing. We don't get them often but it's not the end of the world. It's just where we are in life. Still it's fun to get out now and again.

  3. In the first picture, you look like Connie Britton, hair and all! And I love the outfit combo! Also, when we move back, I hope the four of us can go out together for one of your dates!

  4. First of all, this is EXACTLY why I read your blog! You are too funny!!

    Oh, and I love how you put a red belt with the turquoise!

    Oh, and your hair looks awesome!

    Oh and you said it's not a date if it's not on Instagram, and again, I laughed outloud!!

    Oh, and........... :)

  5. Still have hair envy.. ;)

    Last year was bad for us too. Really bad. And like you, I'm not sure I'll blog about it. BUT that just means 2013 must be better right??! Date nights included. We've already gone on a few this year too and I've loved it. I also think our marriage is fine without it but it is kind of nice to go out to eat and not have to scarf down your food before a toddler gets antsy ;)

  6. I had my daughter 3 months ago and Daddy and I made a commitment to have one date a month. we are lucky to have friends that are more than happy to watch our little one. although it doesn't hurt to not go on dates i think it is important to have some mommy daddy time.

    way to be ahead of the curve!!


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