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Baby Shower!

Today I was able to help put together a baby shower for a dear friend of mine.

In fact when I started this blog on a whim I still lived with my friend Tambra. Shortly after that I got engaged and she stood by me on my wedding day. Then she got engaged and I stood by her on her wedding day.

Now we are popping out babies and talking about epidurals, diaper rash and breastfeeding. 

It's a glamorous life.

Tambra lives in Houston but drove up for the day so that her sisters and I could honor her and baby Georgiana who will be here in April! 

Tambra's younger sister had all kinds of fun stations set up for the shower, we painted onesies, made headbands for the baby and decorated diapers.

To further validate the fact that I have no artistic skills here is the onesie I made for baby G:

Those pink things are stars. And the yellow thing is a G. I was thinking the paint was puff paint that I could use to make a cute G. It wasn't it was just a regular G so it looked all weird and gloopy. 

Gloopy is a technical term for NO PAINT TALENT WHATSOEVER.  

Tambra's sister told me she hopes that my onesie will be dry by the time the baby is born. Encouraging words little sister. 

Luckily I had ordered an adorable gown for baby G from a friend that totally made up for my gloopy onesie:

By the way please notice that Tambra looks amazing as an almost-done pregnant girl. Before I was pregnant I would see cute pregnant girls and think maybe I would be a cute pregnant girl.

44 pounds later, plus pregnancy acne, two constantly swollen feet, and hair that fell out faster than a man going through a mid life crisis, it is safe to say that pregnancy doesn't look good on Megan.

It was such a fun day and I was able to hang out with my two pregnant friends. Jodi and I were pregnant together the first time around and apparently she didn't listen to me when I said DON'T GET PREGNANT WITHOUT ME NEXT TIME.

I will never understand why people think I'm bossy.

I'm thankful for these girls and our history. I can't wait to meet their baby girls!


  1. Looks so fun! I love this time of life! Babies and baby showers!

  2. Great photos! Thank you for Georgie's sweet gown and yummy cupcakes. She will totally wear a gloopy onesie.

  3. Seriously, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tambra's little girl's name. So old fashioned and feminine at the same time. And she even has an awesome nickname.


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