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A Weekend Away

Do you ever have times in your life where you walk away from something feeing completely refreshed and you weren't even aware that you needed a refreshment, but yet it came at the exact perfect moment?

That's how I feel right now. I just came out of a weekend away at the Dot Mom conference listening to some amazing women {and a couple of men} speak truth and life that can only come from the Lord. And oh how I needed every bit of it!

The weekend actually started on Thursday night when Luke dropped me off at my friend Sarah's house so we could drive to Frisco, TX for the conference. I felt very much like a kid in youth group going to camp as I hopped into Sarah's large SUV and waved by to Luke from the window as we drove off.

We had a pretty eventless trip to TX, mainly because I just kept my head down the whole time and refused to watch to see if any other traffic was making their way into Sarah's car.

I still have major PTSD-crazy-train-need-help from my wreck I had TWO YEARS AGO. Whenever I pass a semi-truck I am positive that the only goal of the semi driver is to come into my lane. This makes me an AWESOME passenger seat driver. Sarah may have threatened to leave me at a restaurant if I didn't shut my mouth and stop jumping out of my seat.

Which is way nicer than the things Luke says to me when I pull my passenger seat driver antics so that was an improvement in my life.

We made it to the hotel in one piece, friendship still intact and then the conference began.

I attended sessions regarding growth in my life as a parent and wife - and came away feeling the Lord speaking to me about so many areas of my life.

I love moments when my eyes, ears, heart and mind are all open and ready for the Lord to work.

I would like to say that I'm always that way - in fact that would be the good "chrsitian" answer. But truth be told there are times where I play all the parts right, but I have areas of my life closed off to the Lord. Maybe I don't want to hear Him right then, or maybe I'm looking everywhere but at Him, or I might be letting my mind dwell on everything but growing with the Lord.

And then in His true and reliable fashion He grabs my heart, mind and soul right when I need it.

I went into the weekend expecting to learn some good mom tips, but I came out feeling renewed and refreshed with the feeling of stirrings on my heart from God that I had long since pushed away.

I missed my boys, but this weekend was what I needed I had so much fun with friends, so much fun getting to know people and so much fun just spending time with God.

Sarah and I have talked via blogging and twitter for several years not, but she had no idea what she was getting into when she moved to my part of the state. I snatched her up and made her become my #3 BFF. I have been blessed by this friendship in so many ways.

We were able to meet my most favorite blogger ever Big Mama. I go through phases of my life where I don't read a lot of blogs, but I ALWAYS read hers. She makes me laugh so much. 

I got a wonderful surprise when I ran into my friend Jill in our first breakout session. She is so incredibly sweet and is so much fun! Love that I got to spend time with her. 

We were able to spend some of our time with some friends from blogging and meeting new people  we now call friends after these couple of days together. Time with fellow sisters in Christ was just icing on the cake to this great weekend!

So thankful to Luke for not caring when I pack my bags and head outta town for a couple of days. As long as I don't make a habit out of it! :-)

This weekend was just what I needed. There will be another conference in Chattanooga, TN in September. If you live around there you should try and go! 


  1. Meeting blog friends is the best! I'd love to go to TN (not too many hours from here) but I'll have a one month old, so probably not the best idea. Glad you enjoyed your weekend!

  2. Loved getting to spend time with you and your great hair this weekend!!!

  3. It was a great conference. Good to see you and meet Sarah!

  4. It sounds like you had a fabulous time at the conference! I went to my first conference last fall and just getting away, being able to listen to the Lord speak & meeting so many other women after His heart was so encouraging and such a blessing for me. It sounds like Dot Mom was the same for you!

  5. Sounds like fun! TN is MUCH closer to me so maybe I can go to that one!! :D

  6. I just had to comment about your PTSD from the car accident because you are NOT ALONE!! I almost got in a really bad car accident because of the snow a couple of years ago and it has traumatized me for life! I make my husband drive me if there's snow on the roads and we get in arguments because of it too. Hopefully it gets better for both of us someday. :)


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