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A Bachelorette and a Pirate

A couple of weeks ago I had an idea that I thought was monumental.

I decided I wanted to start a blog strictly for "fashion" and replicate outfits I see on pinterest using only items I found in my closet.

It made sense to me.....I am not a fashionable person so I like to look at magazines and now pinterest for outfit ideas and I get inspired seeing what other people wear so I thought I would start a blog to show this.

I shared my idea with Sarah thinking she would marvel at my creativeness and ask to be apart of this grand venture, but instead I was met with the exact opposite.

When I told her my plans she said "Ha, thats already been done, sorry".

And just like that my dreams were crushed.

Except it was never really a dream as much as it was just a spontaneous idea, but for blog purposes: DREAMS CRUSHED.

That was when she introduced me to the blog "Pinterest told me to". Which is adorable and WAY more creative and funnier than I ever could have been, so it's a good thing that got taken off my plate.

If you have not checked out this blog click over there right now, it is just so fun! And rather brilliant if I do say so myself.

So anyways, where was I going with this?

Oh yeah, I love to use Pinterest for outfit ideas. (I think I've said that like 5 times now), but it wasn't until recently that I've given my outfits more thought.

Sure in the past I liked to get dressed, and I wanted to look cute, but when I was getting dressed everyday it was just like blah blah.

But now that I put on something other than yoga pants just one or two times a week it has become fun to come up with an outfit. And sometimes I get carried away.

If we are getting out of the house even to the most mundane places like lets say... McDonald's I get dressed like I'm some celebrity who needs to look their best because the photogs might get a picture of me while sipping my McCafe Latte.

I have a problem of finding a happy median. I'm a go big or go home kinda girl. I'm either in sweat pants and a hat or a prom dress at Target.

After I was introduced to the Pinterest told me to blog I saw a picture on there from The Bachelor that I knew I wanted to recreate, something about it just appealed to me:

I'm not a big Bachelor fan....for several reasons.

1. WHY do the girls act like this guy is buying them all this stuff WHEN WE ALL KNOW it's really ABC
3. HOW long does every girl spend working out just for those pivotal hot tub scenes? Please go eat a donut and stop crying already.

BUT I do watch occasionally because the girls at my bible study like to talk about it (in between deep and moving conversations about the Lord of course) and I'm NEVER one to be left out so I tune in on Monday nights to watch The Bachelor so I can say

"I KNOW I totally thought they were truly, madly deeply in love also"

Even though it is a bold lie. Yeah I lie at bible study, so what? It's about The Bachelor, it doesn't count.

This has become the longest post ever to simply say I recreated the outfit above using only items found in my closet and this is how it turned out:

I love my short boots but I don't wear them a whole lot because I feel like Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates when I wear them.

Clearly the resemblance is uncanny.

Do you ever recreate outfits you've seen on Pinterest? You should it's fun!

As long as you don't end up looking like a cartoon pirate.


Simple yet True

Life is weird isn't it?

One Friday morning you are in college attending classes, avoiding homework, and trying to figure out just what you and your friends will do that weekend.

And the next Friday you are 28 years old, sitting in your house with the TV volume very low in order to  hear the roar of the garbage truck coming. And when you heard it you run to the window like it's Christmas morning so that your son can watch that magical garbage truck go by.

It's just weird.

One moment you are a person who gags at the thought of anything to do with human body fluid.

And the next moment you are in a store with no tissue and using your good shirt to wipe the copious amounts of green snot flowing from your child's nose.

I mean, life is really, really weird.

I'm a dweller by nature, which can be good and bad, and for some reason I choose to dwell on seasons of life.

Not in a bad way, but in the way where I truly want to enjoy every season I'm in. I reminded myself of this continuously when I was waiting for Luke to propose (I thought he was NEVER going to do it) and I focused on being thankful for my current season when I was working and just wanted to be home with my baby.

So here I am in a season where it seems I have everything I ever wanted. I have a beautiful home, that  hott guitar playing boy finally proposed and I'm living my dream job as a stay at home mom. Our non-perfect life is full of perfect moments and it's wonderful.

But, just as anything, little feelings of discontent creep their way in and through and if i'm not careful they take residence. I get discontent with my house and feeling like it's always dirty. I get discontent feeling like I'm not doing enough for Eli, or he is watching too much TV (he is).

And then I'm reminded of some words my boss told me on my last day of work in October.

On my last day in the office my boss asked me to go out in the hall with her.

Let's be honest.....going into the hall with any authority type always makes me nervous. I was not the best student in my Jr high/ High school years so hall visits never meant something good was about to be said to me.

Hallway visits cause a large amount of stress to stir up in me and I start sweating out of my arm pits.

Nice visual huh?

But this was one of the best hallway visits. She let me know how happy she was for me, and reminded me that I wasn't staying home so that I could have a perfectly clean house or to get everything on my to-do list done, but I was leaving my job to stay home with my son. This was now my focus.

And it's another one of those statements that seems so simple yet so profound. So very, "I should already know this" but yet " I need to be reminded of this"

I think about those words often. I don't just think of them when I'm trying to get out of cleaning and I'm looking for a reason to convince Luke to hire a house cleaner (though that would be nice) but I think of them when I doubt myself as a mom, as the "keeper" of our house.

When I find myself wondering if everybody else is as scared as I am  to look behind their oven, I remember that right now the crumbs behind the oven is not my focus. If I get around to it ,awesome (which let's face facts I'm not going to get around to it). But my focus is being a wife and a mom and all that fits into that.

And when I remind myself of the truths I know - there is no room for discontent.

Maybe there will be a season of life when I have time to clean my house to the point of it sparkling.

Hopefully a season of having money to hire a person to clean my house to the point of it sparkling comes before the aforementioned season.


Hereditary Guitar Playing

When I was in high school I developed a somewhat ridiculous crush on the worship leader of my youth group.

I guess most teenage girls go through a stage where they fall head over heels for someone they know they have no chance with ever. And if not then just HUMOR ME.

I will say it made it a little hard to worship the Lord when I was staring at my worship leader and his stinky ole girlfriend stood next to him singing like a perfect angel.

And really the girlfriend was incredibly sweet but that should have been ME up there singing next to him. Never mind the fact that I have no signing or stage skills, IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME.

Well I went to college and soon discovered that there were plenty of other guitar playing fish in the sea.

And then I met Luke. My knight in guitar playing shining armor. Long gone were the days of crushing over an unattainable worship leader there was a new singer in town.

We started dating and I would beg Luke to play the guitar for me. Sometimes he would oblige but mostly he thought it was silly that I wanted to just sit and listen to him play the guitar.

Ah young love.

I went on a cruise while we were dating and listened to some recorded songs of him singing over, and over and over and over. I'm surprised my super cool discman even worked after that cruise, I think I listened to those same 3 songs approximately 800 times.

And then we got married.....

Before marriage I was not aware that Luke's singing and guitar playing did not have time limits. Nor did it understand TV boundaries.  For example, if there is a really pivotal scene in let's say...Real Housewives of anywhere, the last thing I need is for Luke to be off in his own little world playing the guitar and singing at the top of his lungs.

It was a new revelation for me, and after a couple of bumps in the roads (see: ARGUMENTS) we found a happy median when it comes to appropriate times and levels of very loud guitar playing.

And then I gave birth to Luke's spawn....

Noise. Constant noise. I had no idea that the guitar playing, song singing gene was hereditary. But as soon as Eli was able to move he has played the guitar, hummed in harmonicas, shook tambourines and buzzed kazoos.

It's like I live in the middle of a Branson family show that has gone terribly wrong.

I caught Eli and Luke in the middle of one of their songs the other night, this is actually a mild example of the singing and guitar playing that goes on around here, but oh how it just sings to my heart:

This past week at the Dot Mom conference Angie Smith mentioned during her message that she is learning how to support her kids interests even when she doesn't necessarily like them - and I immediately thought of all the loud music going on in my house.

And though Luke isn't my child, I want to support him in all he does even if it drives me bonkers sometimes, and if Eli follows in his dad's footsteps and sings loud all the time even during my most favorite TV shows I will be supportive.

While also investing in a sound proof room. 

Being Authentic

Lately I've been struggling with something that seems so silly to me, yet I STILL STRUGGLE WITH IT.

You see, Eli and Luke have a special bond. I guess maybe because they are both boys? Or maybe because they both have Indian blood in them and I have none? Not sure, but for whatever reason Eli is extremely attached to his dada and could care less about his mama.

Sure I'm there for all the necessities; fixing his food, changing his diapers, all "that" stuff, but when it comes to the person he goes to when he wants to play, or be comforted, or PUSH THE CART IN TARGET he wants Luke.

It's been this way for awhile and honestly in the past it didn't bother me too much. I figured it was good and healthy.

And then for whatever reason I started to become consumed with it. I'm pretty sure (see: CERTAIN) that this was a work of the enemy but I fell prey. I would find myself crying when Eli would choose Luke over me, or when Eli would push me away because he wanted his dad all to himself.

I am not a good mom.

He will never love me.

They don't need me.

He does this because I worked for the first year of his life and now he resents me.

All of the above statements are lies that went through my head. Maybe not constantly, and maybe not all at once, but every so often one of these lies (or another) would creep through my head. And instead of taking that thought captive and trashing it, I would entertain it. I would think on it and think of how bad of a mom I was. How I am such an unlikable person that not even my own son wants me.

Man, the enemy has a hay-day with our thoughts doesn't he?

Also...does anybody under the age of 80 say hay-day? Just me? Ok cool.

I recently consulted Twitter because if the tweeps of the world can't help me THEN NOBODY CAN.

My uber emotional tweet of feeling like the only person in the planet that has dealt with a child who prefers their dad over their mom was met with over 30 responses of fellow women telling me that I am  not the only person. They dealt with this also,  and responses that it once got them down also and they found a way to get over it, whether it be through realizing how amazing that relationship their child has with their dad was, or just by conquering the lies.

And immediately I felt better. I'm not here trying to tell you everybody needs to get on Twitter or anything like that, I'm here trying to tell you that sharing our lives with others is necessary.

We need authenticity in life, we need people to share their stories, to share their weaknesses to share their triumphs.

I have dealt with all these lies for several weeks now, NEVER once sharing them with anybody other than Luke. And yes Luke has been very supportive and assured me that this was normal, but I honestly felt like the only person in the world who was dealing with this. Luke had to say those things to me, he is my husband. But he hadn't dealt with this, he didn't know how I was feeling inside.

I was too ashamed to tell anyone else. For fear of confirmation that I was a bad mom. For fear of what they would think of me. For fear that they would tell me it was normal only to walk away with thoughts of how weird I am or dysfunctional our small family is already.

For fear.

The key words.

I was living out of fear. And in one moment when I decided to be authentic I was immediately met with encouragement.

I try and live my life as authentic as possible. I believe there is so much freedom in sharing our lives, sharing our secrets. The enemy wants nothing more than to have us keep our lives a secret, thinking that we are shameful and unworthy, when really it is all a lie.

If we are never authentic, if we never confess our fears, sins, and mistakes we will never know the true freedom that comes from forgiveness, encouragement and just sharing life with others. And that comes at different levels for every person. Am I saying go tweet all your problems to the internets seeking comfort? No.  But I am saying to share you life with others, be authentic, allow your mistakes, insecurities, fears and doubts be shown, so that God can use those in your life.

This was a real issue in my life, but it also became an illustration for me. I never want to be so ashamed of something or so fearful of something that I miss out on the Truth and the freedom that comes from being authentic and sharing my life.

And who knows what all can come out of that authenticity. Sometimes God takes our struggles and insecurities and uses them  in somebody else's life to help them.

All because we chose to be authentic.


A Weekend Away

Do you ever have times in your life where you walk away from something feeing completely refreshed and you weren't even aware that you needed a refreshment, but yet it came at the exact perfect moment?

That's how I feel right now. I just came out of a weekend away at the Dot Mom conference listening to some amazing women {and a couple of men} speak truth and life that can only come from the Lord. And oh how I needed every bit of it!

The weekend actually started on Thursday night when Luke dropped me off at my friend Sarah's house so we could drive to Frisco, TX for the conference. I felt very much like a kid in youth group going to camp as I hopped into Sarah's large SUV and waved by to Luke from the window as we drove off.

We had a pretty eventless trip to TX, mainly because I just kept my head down the whole time and refused to watch to see if any other traffic was making their way into Sarah's car.

I still have major PTSD-crazy-train-need-help from my wreck I had TWO YEARS AGO. Whenever I pass a semi-truck I am positive that the only goal of the semi driver is to come into my lane. This makes me an AWESOME passenger seat driver. Sarah may have threatened to leave me at a restaurant if I didn't shut my mouth and stop jumping out of my seat.

Which is way nicer than the things Luke says to me when I pull my passenger seat driver antics so that was an improvement in my life.

We made it to the hotel in one piece, friendship still intact and then the conference began.

I attended sessions regarding growth in my life as a parent and wife - and came away feeling the Lord speaking to me about so many areas of my life.

I love moments when my eyes, ears, heart and mind are all open and ready for the Lord to work.

I would like to say that I'm always that way - in fact that would be the good "chrsitian" answer. But truth be told there are times where I play all the parts right, but I have areas of my life closed off to the Lord. Maybe I don't want to hear Him right then, or maybe I'm looking everywhere but at Him, or I might be letting my mind dwell on everything but growing with the Lord.

And then in His true and reliable fashion He grabs my heart, mind and soul right when I need it.

I went into the weekend expecting to learn some good mom tips, but I came out feeling renewed and refreshed with the feeling of stirrings on my heart from God that I had long since pushed away.

I missed my boys, but this weekend was what I needed I had so much fun with friends, so much fun getting to know people and so much fun just spending time with God.

Sarah and I have talked via blogging and twitter for several years not, but she had no idea what she was getting into when she moved to my part of the state. I snatched her up and made her become my #3 BFF. I have been blessed by this friendship in so many ways.

We were able to meet my most favorite blogger ever Big Mama. I go through phases of my life where I don't read a lot of blogs, but I ALWAYS read hers. She makes me laugh so much. 

I got a wonderful surprise when I ran into my friend Jill in our first breakout session. She is so incredibly sweet and is so much fun! Love that I got to spend time with her. 

We were able to spend some of our time with some friends from blogging and meeting new people  we now call friends after these couple of days together. Time with fellow sisters in Christ was just icing on the cake to this great weekend!

So thankful to Luke for not caring when I pack my bags and head outta town for a couple of days. As long as I don't make a habit out of it! :-)

This weekend was just what I needed. There will be another conference in Chattanooga, TN in September. If you live around there you should try and go! 


Random Thurdsay

1. I am going out of town for the next couple of days. I am so sad to leave Luke and Eli. It will only be a couple of days but I get all emo. Eli is so attached to his dad he probably won't even notice I'm gone.

2. Eli is a typical picky toddler when it comes to food but lately he has been on a huge cereal kick. Various times throughout the day he will ask for a bowl of cereal and sit down and eat a whole bowl of cheerios. I'm just glad he's eating!

3. Scentsy fans - -  don't forget that these scents are being discontinued this month. Get them before they are gone. All scents are 10% off! Order HERE!

4. Luke and I are going to New York City in the spring and I am SO excited! I'm going to need advice on where to eat, what to do, etc. Thankfully it will all be paid through Scentsy! Woo hoo!

5. I once declared that I hated Sharpie Pens. This is a pretty bold declaration as somebody who loves Sharpies in general. Well I recently gave them a second chance and I am happy to say that I now love them. I just don't love their price, $10 for a 4 pack? Sheesh!

6. We have snow on the ground here today! I love it. We went out and played in it for a bit, but Eli wasn't a big fan of the snow but still wanted to stay outside despite the 30 degree weather.

7. It's weird to me that girl scout cookies have different names in different parts of the countries. What we call "Samoa's" some of you call  "Caramel Delights". Interesting.

8. Eli is a master at taking my otter box off, which sort of defeats the purpose of that giant, bulky thing.

9. I really need to get better about sharing my Menu's on Mondays. We've been trying some new, good recipes.

10. Thanks for all the teenage drama input on my last post. Apparently I need to try Gossip Girl next! It was like adult nerds of the world united!


Teenage Drama

It has now been a week since I painted my Key to Nowhere picture and realized that I am void of any significant talent.

That was until tonight, when I discovered I do have a very rare and possibly amazing talent.

I hold, in my body, the talent to get deeply, and completely emotionally involved in teenager drama TV shows from yesteryear.

Yes I just said yesteryear, no I'm not 80.

What makes this talent even more appealing is that I never really got into teenage drama TV shows when I was ACTUALLY a teenager.

I was too busy spending time in AOL chat rooms talking to random people convincing myself that one of those random persons was actually Taylor Hanson just trying to find true love and it would be me and we would connect through the powers of the internet and live happily ever after.

OBVIOUSLY what all the cool kids were doing.

I heard talk of shows such as Dawson's Creek, Felicity, The OC, and others but I was too busy living my own teenage drama to watch them on TV.

Planning my wedding to Taylor Hanson = teenage drama (in this scenario anyways)

And then sometime in college I started watching reruns of Dawson's Creek and fell hard for Dawson, Pacey, Joey and all their American Eagle apparel.

It was a downward spiral from there.

Which has now resulted in me spending way too many hours of my life watching teenage dramas and passionately declaring myself to be "Team (fill in the blank with some boy from a TV show)".

This wouldn't be so bad if I had watched these shows in their hay-day. But here I am almost 29 years old declaring myself TEAM PACEY to anyone who gives me a minute of their time which borders me on the verge of looking either crazy or like a cougar.

Or both.

It also 100% solidifies the fact that I am always 10 steps behind anything that is cool. Or in this case 15 years.

There is just something about all the drama, bad clothes, breakups, makeups, back stabbing friends, and teenage controversial issues that just gets me weirdly addicted.

Thank you creator of Netflix that has helped foster these addictions. Without you I would be forced to read or clean or something gross like that.

I own the complete series of Dawson's Creek on DVD (Team Pacey)

I watch and rewatch One Tree Hill constantly (the winner of all teenage dramas ever) (Team Nathan)

I am currently watching Felicity even though the main character makes me want to claw my eyes out with my fingernails (Team Ben) (currently, I'm only at the beginning of season 2)

It may not be a wonderful piece of artwork, and I may not be standing before you belting out a song that leaves you with goosebumps, but oh friends, I can stand before you and give you 10 reasons off the top of my head why you should stop what you are doing and start watching One Tree Hill.

Talent. Pure talent.

So I'm curious....what is your favorite teenage drama? What do I need to watch next?


I am Thankful

Every night before I fall asleep I go in and check on Eli one last time.

When I'm in bed, either perusing Pinterest, or watching some very important  90's teen drama on Neflix,  or maybe even both at the same time (obviously I'm an ultimate mult-tasker) I wait until I am on the verge of sleep, when my eyelids are almost glued shut and then I go in and get a glance of Eli just one last time for the day.

I readjust his blanket over him knowing that by the time morning comes it will be all disheveled and tossed across his crib again.

I touch his cheek and watch the gentle rise and fall of his breathing chest. Sometimes I get on my knees and pray for him, for his future, for me and Luke in our roles of being his parents. 

And sometimes I just stare at him. I just look at him sleeping and then I try and lift myself over his crib rail to kiss his soft cheek while remaining as quiet as possible. Which usually ends in me injuring myself with the sharp edges of the crib. 

But always, every night before I go back to my room, turn on my fan and allow myself to get a few hours of sleep, I ask myself, how did I get so lucky?

In that moment nothing else matters, not the crushed Cheerios in my carpet, or the Barney theme song that won't escape my mind because I heard it 20 times that day or even the stain on my new shirt from the food that was thrown on me during dinner during another massive screaming fit because what kind of person wants to eat human food?

No, late at night those things fade away. And instead, in their place is the realization that I am blessed beyond measure.

And in place of the mess ups of the day, tempers lost, to-do lists undone and a house that needs some TLC, there is the hope of a new day.

I then go back to bed, scoot Luke over who has happened to roll himself to my side in the THREE MINUTES I was out of the room and then finally go to sleep for the day. Drifting to sleep as my to-do lists for the next day runs through my head along with contemplations of whether I'm Team Noel or Team Ben in the show Felicity and why I EVEN CARE.

And then sugarplums dance through my head.

Luke often asks me how I'm able to function each day with so little sleep. And most days I don't really know. I definitely hit a wall somewhere around 4:00 or 5:00pm (which is when I'm usually cooking dinner so that can't be safe) but I get through it and keep on trucking till 1:00am. It's probably not healthy at all.

But honestly I look forward to that time at night alone. There are times during the day when I have alone time, but there is something about the quiet alone time at night that clears my mind and allows me to stop, and just thank the Lord for everything. The hard times, the good times, the boring times, the busy times.

It's not always easy to be thankful in the moment, even in the good moments, but during the night, I have time to stop, reflect, and think.....and thank.

And then the morning comes, and the food battles, dirty kitchen floor, and to-do lists resurface again. And I am thankful. 


Layer Yourself

If you are reading this blog then you probably already know that I am a consultant for Scentsy Fragrance. 

It has been such a blessing in my life and each month I use my blog to introduce the newest warmer and scent to come out at that time.

People that are familiar with Scentsy know how awesome the products are. A cute pot that is warmed with a lightbulb to create a wonderful aroma in your house. Genius.

But lately I've found that a lot of people aren't familiar with Layers, a line of body products through Scentsy.

Scentsy offers lotions, creams, shower gels, hand soap, hand creams, body butters, bath tablets, hand soap and so much more in many of your favorite scents!

I have used all of these products and have loved them all. I use the hand soap, hand cream and body butter on a daily basis. The hand soap is awesome. Almost everybody that comes to our house and uses the soap ends up buying some because they like it that much!

One of my very favorite products though are the dryer disks:

I use these in my dyryer instead of fabric softener and my clothes smell soooo good. This product comes in four scents right now with more coming in March.

I'm telling you all of this because ALL of these products are 10% off this month! Now would be the perfect time to try one (or several) of the products to see if it's something you like.

Also, if you've ever even considered becoming a Scentsy Family consultant email me (MeganTree84{at}{dot}com) and let's chat. I would love to hear why you thought about it and what your hesitations are! I love sharing my Scentsy story with others!

Let me know if you have any questions! 


Baby Shower!

Today I was able to help put together a baby shower for a dear friend of mine.

In fact when I started this blog on a whim I still lived with my friend Tambra. Shortly after that I got engaged and she stood by me on my wedding day. Then she got engaged and I stood by her on her wedding day.

Now we are popping out babies and talking about epidurals, diaper rash and breastfeeding. 

It's a glamorous life.

Tambra lives in Houston but drove up for the day so that her sisters and I could honor her and baby Georgiana who will be here in April! 

Tambra's younger sister had all kinds of fun stations set up for the shower, we painted onesies, made headbands for the baby and decorated diapers.

To further validate the fact that I have no artistic skills here is the onesie I made for baby G:

Those pink things are stars. And the yellow thing is a G. I was thinking the paint was puff paint that I could use to make a cute G. It wasn't it was just a regular G so it looked all weird and gloopy. 

Gloopy is a technical term for NO PAINT TALENT WHATSOEVER.  

Tambra's sister told me she hopes that my onesie will be dry by the time the baby is born. Encouraging words little sister. 

Luckily I had ordered an adorable gown for baby G from a friend that totally made up for my gloopy onesie:

By the way please notice that Tambra looks amazing as an almost-done pregnant girl. Before I was pregnant I would see cute pregnant girls and think maybe I would be a cute pregnant girl.

44 pounds later, plus pregnancy acne, two constantly swollen feet, and hair that fell out faster than a man going through a mid life crisis, it is safe to say that pregnancy doesn't look good on Megan.

It was such a fun day and I was able to hang out with my two pregnant friends. Jodi and I were pregnant together the first time around and apparently she didn't listen to me when I said DON'T GET PREGNANT WITHOUT ME NEXT TIME.

I will never understand why people think I'm bossy.

I'm thankful for these girls and our history. I can't wait to meet their baby girls!


A 5K?

In what can only be described as a momentary lapse in judgment I recently told a friend that I would run a 5k with her. And not just any friend, but I'm going to run a 5k with one of those running friends who tracks her pace and how fast she can do a mile and all that nonsense.
I blame it on the fact that I consistently run three or four times a week on a treadmill and now consider myself to be a running enthusiast.

Clearly I have no issues in believing in myself to do the impossible.

And yes I do enjoy a good 20-30 minute jog, but if we are going to be honest (which we, being me, is going to be honest) I really like to jog on the treadmill because it gives me a few minutes of uninterrupted TV time, which is rare, and it's guilt free because I'm burning calories and all that jazz at the same time.

And then when I get off and drink my coke and eat my chocolate chip cookie I don't feel completely bad about it. 

So I told the friend I would run a 5k with her, Actually looking back I think I was the one who suggested it. Bless my heart.

I'm not certain..... but I'm going to venture to guess that I won't be able to watch Real Housewives in front of me while running this 5k. A missed opportunity for the 5K industry if you ask me.

At the beginning of February I realized that the official run was about a month away and I should probably actually prepare for it instead of just "winging it" which was my plan prior to this point.

Now I'm at the point where I can say that I am prepared. Prepared to fail.

I have NO idea what I was thinking in signing up for this run, especially with a friend who declared to me that 'she tries to run the 3 miles in 28 minutes "NO PRESSURE". 

Luckily I have an accountability partner in the form of my tiny almost 2 year old son. Everyday sometime between 10am and 2pm he screams WALK and then runs and gets my shoes.

It's like the Lord is using him to make sure I get some sort of physical activity, which is partly cute, partly annoying.

So outside we go treking around our neighborhood. Eli enjoying the scenery with his thumb in his mouth, momma pushing 35 pounds of what feels like potato sacks up hill and all around.

I try jogging outside, uphill with the stroller which then turns into a jalk (walk+jog) followed by a fast walk, followed by a slow walk, followed by me passing out.

In other words....I'm going to rock that 5K.

After a few days of "training" outside with the jogging stroller and also using the treadmill I've gone back to my original plan to just wing it.

So in two weeks think of me as I'm running my first 5K. The website guarantees that every person gets a medal. I will be sure and hang it next to my painting of my key to nowhere.


A Valentine's Miracle

Today the Trees experienced a Valentine's miracle.

If you read this blog a few weeks ago you will remember that I signed Eli up for gymnastics. He hated the first session but I had an optimistic outlook that the future classes would go better.

Better can be a relative term.

Just last night I told Luke I was dreading going to gymnastics. And with that sentence I felt like I was a middle school student who was being forced to train day and night because her parent's wanted her to be an Olympic star.

But that's not the case, I'm just a mom who thought it would be fun to put her child in a 1 1/2 to 2 year old gymnastics class that meets for 45 minutes once a week. At this point I think I would rather be the overworked middle schooler trying to make it to the Olympics. Toddler gymnastics just ain't working for me.

Being a person that wants to make the most out of every single cent there is no way I would miss a gymnastics session, we will be there rain, shine or 200 tantrums, I paid the money so I must face the time.

This morning I tried to muster up my best most excited chipper voice and asked Eli if he was ready for gymnastics to which he replied "NO!"

Which is fine, I'm the dummy who asked him. (you thought I was going to say "I'm the dummy who signed him up" didn't you?)

We got in the car and as we made our way to gymnastics Eli started excitedly shouting "nacts" ("gymnastics" in toddler terms) and play!!!! So it sound like this:


This was music to my ears and I knew it was a Valentine's miracle from above. Or maybe it was just God granting the prayers of our teacher/coach who probably wishes she would never see us again, or that Eli would fall in love with gymnastics.

Most of the class went about as well as a class of five toddlers can go. Eli was actually enjoying the session and was actually listening to his coach and doing what she said! I was in shock but doing everything I could not to rock the boat. Don't look directly at it, don't talk directly to it, just let it be.

Then we hit the trampoline area where the kids take turns jumping on the trampoline. The coach always shows the kids all these fancy tricks to do and then they get on there and just jump their little hearts away sans fancy tricks, while us moms stand at the side and say, "Open legs, close legs, now kick" and the kids still continue just to do whatever the heck they want.

Somebody should really film this.

It was Eli's time to move away from the trampoline and this is where he lost it. He wanted to stay on the trampoline and he expressed that in the best way he knew possible; a full blown tantrum. As I was pulling him away from the area I looked out the window to the viewing area and noticed a very handsome Indian man watching us, it was my husband, praise the Lord.

Can I just saw at that moment I was secretly thrilled he got to see Eli meting down in action. Sometimes I think..... wait...... I KNOW he thinks I exaggerate Eli's fits. This was like the best vindication of my life.

I tried to steer Eli to the next area so that Luke could see him in action, but Eli also saw Luke at that moment and went crazy.

Have I mentioned Eli is completely obsessed with his dad? Like I could leave and I'm pretty sure he wouldn't notice. As long as his dada is with him he is perfectly content.

I'm the one who grew him in my body from a tiny fertilized egg into a full grown human being, while dealing with bouts of nausea and heartburn so bad I thought I was going to reach into my chest and rip my heart out, while Luke sat on the couch glancing at me telling me he had really bad heartburn one time in high school so he could totally relate.

I'm working on letting go of bitterness.

Luke came into the gym and completed the remainder of the gymnastics session with us, which was a lot fun and I'm so glad he got to see it.

After our session ended we went to lunch where I asked Luke what he thought. He told me he was a little worried because the boy next to Eli was much taller and stronger and seemed to have more athletic abilities than Eli and would totally be first draft in the NFL while Eli was overlooked.

Because two year olds running around like chickens with their heads cut off is clearly the same as the NFL DRAFT.

Also? No pressure Eli.

We had a fun Valentine's lunch and I was able to be the photographer for these two best friends.

My sweet valentine boys.



Whenever I find a good gadget I love I like to share it with my blog friends.

Actually not just a gadgets, if I find a good food or drink I share it also like when I shared my love of Zevia. 

Well I have a new gadget that I've started using in our house that I absolutely love that I wanted to share with you.

Its called the PropUp and works with any iPad. We have the original iPad which sadly is also almost equivalent to having the first computer I got in's time for an upgrade. 

Sorry I got sidetracked that was a little note for Luke to see....anyways the PropUp is so awesome and so useful. I use it for everything. My dad gave it to me when I was home for Christmas and since we started using it around the house we fell in love with it! 

The PropUp does basically what it claims in the name, it props up my iPad, but it works better than anything I've used and I've tried several different "stands" for my iPad. This is by far my favorite. 

It is lightweight and completely simple to use, even a monkey could use it, you just stick the iPad in the front of the PropUp. So easy.

Our iPad serves many purposes around the house: I use it for working on Scentsy stuff, Eli watches lots of shows on it (umm I mean he uses it for educational purposes such as learning Spanish), I use my iPad in the kitchen for recipes and I also watch Netflix at night in bed.

The PropUp has proved to be useful for all of those things. I have fallen in love with this product time and time again.

The PropUp in use around the house:

In the kitchen

Me reading a book (don't I look so studious?)

It also even props in your lap:

Different views of the PropUp:

Look how dirty my iPad is! That would be the proof of a toddler's use of the PropUp!

I would suggest anybody who has an iPad have at least one of these. It really is that great! Plus it comes in three colors pink, green and black!! Check out their website here! 


A Funfetti Link Up

One of my favorite things to do at night once I'm in bed but can't seem to fall asleep is lose myself through the mindless game of pinning everything I can on Pinterest.

Oh, and yes I have trouble falling asleep after chasing Eli all day, I've never been a person who needs much sleep.

In college my friend and I would sit in the hallway till the wee, WEE hours of the morning talking about anything and anyone, and then I would get up about an hour and a half later for my English class.

I was about to say that I have no idea what I learned in that English class....but actually I do remember one thing. We had to give speeches and there was an older man in the class who was getting his degree late in life (which is so awesome, kudos to him). Well he gave a speech about his life as a former truck driver that scared THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS out of me. I will never look at truck drivers the same.

His point was to help us know where their blind spots are and blah, blah, blah but it was terrifying. And might explain why when I see a semi truck on the highway I speed up past it like I'm in some sort of Toyota Rocket Ship.

And I for sure remember what my friend and I talked about because we would always talk about this boy who I had a crush on and I swore up and down in all my college freshman innocence that I truly deeply LOVED him. Yes I used the word loved. No I hadn't ever really talked to him.

No his name was not Luke and yes I later realized that I wasn't really in love with him. I can still hear my friend shouting at me in that college dorm hallway at 4am "THERE IS NO WAY YOU REALLY LOVE HIM". While I maintained my declaration of love.

Wasn't college fun?

All of that was a long way to explain that I like to look at Pinterest on my phone late at night when I'm just chillin.

Yes I'm long winded and yes I'm 28 and just used the word chillin. I try and stay young. Blame it on lack of sleep.

So several times throughout the week I stay up late and pin, pin, pin. I pin cute outfit ideas, I pin some workout ideas, I want to pin ideas for the next baby nursery but I do not want people to assume I'm pregnant (I'm not) so I don't. I pin organizing tips and cleaning tips, which sadly has not changed any of my organizing or cleaning abilities.

But mainly I pin recipe ideas. Pasta recipes, mexican recipes, crockpot recipes, dessert recipes. You name it, if it's food I pin it!

Well my friend Sarah hosts a monthly "Proof is in the Pin" post which basically encourages you to actually DO the things you PIN.

She's that encouraging type of person. Which comes in handy when I need a pep me up. She gets lots of emo texts from me. I've heard she's changing her phone number soon....

Anyways, (man I keep getting off track tonight) I decided to participate in her monthly challenge this month because I actually did some of the things I pinned.

And by that I mean I did one thing I pinned and it was a recipe that required 3 ingredients and no cooking....obviously if it's a challenge I will accept.

I made this delicious Funfetti Dip  that I found here: Eat Yourself Skinny

(picture taken off the blog above, it is not mine but I'm an awful photographer and this picture is great.)

I'm basically a fan of anything with the words "fun" and "fetti" in them so this was a total no brainer for me.

It was really easy and super yummy. We snacked on it with some animal crackers which boasts on it's container that you can eat 13 for only 100 calories so I felt like it was a pretty harmless snack.

Luke tried eating the dip with an apple and made the worst face ever and said they were not good together, just FYI.

The recipe calls for plain yogurt but I might try vanilla next time just to see.....

Well sadly that's my only pin! I was planning on sharing more than one pin but I just went back through all my pins and I have not done anything else.

Funfetti Dip and nothing else - that kinda explain my talentless life (see yesterday's post of my painting of a key that Luke asked me today if I thought we could sell it on ebay because there is no place for it in the house....)

He also told me next time I get the urge to paint to let him know and he will go to the store and buy me the supplies for less than what I paid for last night.

And then I emo texted Sarah for a pep me up talk. She loved my key.


The Key to Nowhere

There is a myth going around that the good Lord above gave every person a special talent of some sort.

Some can sing, or at least they think they can sing, we've seen enough episodes of American Idol to know that not everybody who thinks they can sing can actually sing. Some people can dance, and I'm not talking about that air humping stuff, I'm talking beautiful symbolic dancing. Others can paint or draw, and they use that gift wonderfully in their life.

Well it took me 28 years and one adult art class to come to the realization that I have no gifts. Zero.

I've always suspected that I was gift-less but people in my life who seem to be more "half cup full" kinda people assured me I did......they can assure me no more. The truth is out.

What led to this epiphany? Well tonight a group of friends from our church met at one of those paint your own canvas places. They seem to be popping up everywhere and like all the fro-yo and cupcake stores that are opening up everywhere I feel like people are asking two questions..1. Why didn't I think of this? and 2. How long will this fad last?

So anyways we arrived at the paint room and everybody seemed to be nervous about their painting, while I remained the cool, calm, positive minded person - which is rare for me. I declared that all our paintings would look great, that they walk us through what to do every step of the way. Just relax I said with such ignorant ease.

This is yet another example of how I take control and make statements that aren't necessarily true but they sound authoritative and true so people believe me. I blame this weird trait on being the oldest child.

However my statement could not have been further from the truth, and sadly I was the example of how not every person who walks through those doors and pays enough money that could have bought  a decent set of groceries can attempt to paint a picture that they easily could have bought at Hobby Lobby on their 50% off day.

Not bitter.

The picture we were painting was already traced out for us on our canvas, which seems simple enough. I mean we work on staying in the lines in Kindergarten right? How hard can this be?

Very. Put a couple of paint brushes in my hands and I lose all sense of control. I couldn't get my hands to move the right way. The teacher would say to paint a soft stroke and my stroke would look like I had stroke while painting the line.

While others were stressing about straight lines, or correct shading I just wanted to be done. Clearly painting was not my thing.

The instructor came over to help me at one point and used the words "Holy Mary what did you do?" then he had me get up so he could fix it. I'm pretty sure that a paint your own canvas class means YOU PAINT YOUR OWN CANVAS but mine was so bad he needed to intervene.

It wasn't a total awful moment because I used the time to snack on chips and queso which can make pretty much any situation better. Even the sudden realization that you have been lied to your whole life and you have absolutely no talents.

Before the painting began. I was so young and youthful with the whole painting world ahead of me, I had no idea what was in store:

After I was done painting my wonky key.

So now I will be over here trying to figure out what the heck my special gift from the Lord is while reading So Long Insecurity and trying to figure out what to do with a picture of a key.

Anybody want to buy a wonky key?


Sunday is not a Funday

Do you ever have one of those days where you KNOW you need an attitude adjustment yet you do nothing to correct yourself?

Today was one of those days for me.

It started this morning with Eli and his short fuse. Not sure if it's because Luke (Eli's best friend) has been gone more than normal lately, or if it's because he hasn't felt good or maybe just the fact that he is almost two, but my child has been off his rockers lately.

Like I'm so scared of setting off the monster that lives inside Eli. All it takes is not getting his milk fast enough, or me looking at him wrong or...........I don't even know, it's just so scary.

Well this morning Luke ticked Eli off somehow right before he said "peace out" and hightailed it to church while I was staring at a screaming Eli.

I'm talking sprawled out on the floor face down. It's his new pose. Forget "Tebow'ing" this is "Eli'ing"

Later in the morning Eli got in a bit of a better mood, which allowed me to shower and get ready for the day.

I've heard from other friends that Sunday mornings are hard because it seems like they get in a fight with their spouse or the family gets in an argument. I never knew what this was like because for our whole marriage Luke has gone to church two hours before I even roll out of bed.

I never encountered that "Sunday morning Stress" until I had Eli. Now I pretty much hate Sunday's.

It is so stressful trying to get ready while Eli runs around.

Re-reading that statement I annoy myself. I sound like a whiny baby and I'm sure in a few years when I have 8 kids I will read that sentence and laugh hysterically at my sad naive self.

(We don't want 8 kids it just sounds more dramatic that way)

(Dear Lord please don't let me be a prophet)

We finally made it to church just a few minutes late (mama had to stop at Starbucks...yes HAD TO STOP).

Because we were a bit late I decided to let Eli stay in service for the music part - he loves to watch his dada sing and I love to watch him watch his dada sing, so it was partly selfish. He would clap and say YAYAYA after every song which was slightly awkward after the slow songs. But I was just glad that crazy Eli was finally in a good mood. Dada solves all the world's problems. Or at least all Eli's problems.

Everything was fine until after church. Have I mentioned that Eli is attached to his dad? He only wanted his dad after service because apparently I'm CRUELLA DEVILLE. His dad couldn't hold him because he had work to do, so Eli was left with me. Tragic.

I had to take him out of the church screaming and crying, literally SCREAMING AND CRYING. I was holding him by one leg and arm. I was so frazzled (and sweaty) I had a man stop me and ask me if I needed help.

To which I replied "DO YOU HAVE ROPE?"

He probably left and called child protective services.

I got Eli in the car only to realize my BRAND NEW Francesca's earring fell out of my ear somewhere. I searched the parking lot and found remnants of a beautiful $12 earring.


I felt that it was a ploy from the enemy to cause me to lose my crap on this beautiful Sunday (as if the screaming child wasn't enough) so I resisted the urge to cry, picked up the remnants of my earring in hopes of gluing it back together later (I'm serious) and headed home.

Nobody finds it more ironic than I do that this all happened less than 24 hours after I wrote a post about  how time is going so fast and Eli is growing so fast and soon I will be sneaking into Eli's room when he is 30 to rock him in his sleep while his wife calls Luke at home and asks him to please come pick up his crazy wife while issuing a restraining order.

Today was yet a gentle reminder that the days are long but the years are short. Yes my child embarrassed me, yes I sweat out of areas I thought only people who ran marathons sweat out of, and yes I questioned how the heck can I do this parenting thing, but I also remembered that these days are numbered. He will not always throw these fits, he will not always be small enough for me to scoop up and take him where I need to take him.

So at the end of the day, after it is all over I am thanking the Lord for days like this. They remind me that each day no matter how easy or hard is a gift, and no matter how bad our attitude is,  each morning we get to start again and try again.

All while praying that I make all the right moves and Eli doesn't lose his temper with me. Terrible Two's....ain't nobody got time for that.


The Wedding Singer

This weekend Luke and I were able to watch two good friends of ours get married. It was a fun weekend and because Luke sang in their wedding we were also apart of the rehershal events, which made for a full weekend.

There was a time in Luke's life when I felt like he was one more wedding away from becoming this generations next big wedding singer.

And then one day all the wedding singing requests ended. I blame it on old age (I mean who wants an old man singing at their wedding when they could have a young youthful teen) or it could have been due to the fact that Luke repeatedly expressed his disdain for singing in weddings.

What is it with men and weddings? Or maybe it's just my man? Luke acts like going to a wedding is nothing short of pure torture.

However I never once heard him complain about singing in the wedding this weekend. Probably because he hadn't sang in a wedding in awhile and he was realizing that his singing days are numbered.

Or not.

I on the other hand have the complete opposite reactions to weddings. I look forward to them and regardless of how well or how long I've known the couple I cry my little eyes out at the wedding.

I love weddings so much, and it always reminds me of the commitment Luke and I made to each other and to God.

The commitment I try and remember at night when Luke is completely on my side of the bed while snoring (something I had no idea he did prior to marriage) or when he leaves his dirty clothes on the lid of the hamper rather than LIFTING THE LID to place them inside.

That commitment.

And then this weekend like a cold slap in the face I was faced with completely different emotions at this wedding. It happened the night of the rehearsal when I was watching the slideshow of the couple and saw all the pictures of the groom as a baby and young child with his family.

Suddenly I was transported years in the future, I pictured myself watching a screen like the one today, but if it's the future and if Apple has their way it will probably be some floating screen with fireworks coming out of it or something.  And on that screen pictures of Eli as a baby were playing, pictures that seems so everyday-matter-of-fact- now were up on the screen in the future for all.

It was at that point that I began to understand why my mother in law cried so hard on our wedding day that it caused some people to wonder if she had mistaken our wedding for a funereal.  While I stood on that wedding stage seeing Luke as my groom, she saw her baby boy whose thousands of diapers she changed. Her little boy who would run and play outside and read The Lord of the Rings books just for fun. The boy who grew into a teen in what probably seemed like the blink of an eye.

Not sure why I chose that moment to think about all those things, but next thing I knew I was bawling at the rehearsal. Luckily I cry enough that I've gotten pretty good at hiding my tears. I'm a graceful crier, if you will.

The wedding came and went and Luke sang his song beautifully causing me to wonder if age really matters and if maybe he could still sing at weddings well into his thirties?

Which honestly doesn't matter, but I was trying to think of anything to keep me from turning into that crazy mom who already dreads the day her child leaves.

Too late.

After the wedding I told Luke about all the weird things that had been going on in my head (floating screens in the future being the main one). Luke agreed that I was maybe on the verge of crazy and I should quit focusing on the future and focus on today. Which was pretty good advice coming from a wedding singer.

Maybe one day I will follow his advice...until then I will be staying up late in bed, trying to shove my snoring wedding singer to his appropriate side while reading I'll love you Forever and being ashamed that I now relate to that creepy mom who breaks into her sons house late at night and rocks him in his sleep.


The Phone Apocalypse

I like to think of myself as a pretty "techy" person.

I mean I can navigate Facebook like a beast, and don't even get me started on my Twitter skills. I can tweet with the best of them.

Luke on the other hand, considers me to be completely ignorant when it comes to having to do with anything even slightly related to technical products.

I'm not sure what he is basing his decision on, maybe the fact that when my phone goes slow I scream and yell and declare to throw it as hard as I can at the nearest wall.....which would clearly solve all my phone problems if I no longer have a WORKING PHONE.

And also reveals that I might have a slight anger problem?

For months now I've complained to friends, family, peddlers on the street, basically anybody that would listen that I have the worst phone ever. Somehow out of the 19380324820 iPhone 4's that were put together and sold in various stores throughout the US I got the absolute worst one. A "lemon" if you will.

I would share my frustrations with Luke here and there and he would say "well you are updating it right?" to which I would respond "mm hmm'.

Let's talk about something if I respond with something less than actual words I'm probably lying. And not sure why I chose to lie about updating my phone but it seemed like such a nuisance to sit down, plug my phone into the computer and click that little "update phone" button. BLAH who wants to take the time to do that?

Not me. So I never did it. Ever. In fact I never plugged my phone into my computer. I have all my videos and pictures because I email them to myself.

Like I said, I'm pretty much the most techy person ever.

Well this story is headed in only one direction and regardless of your phone technical skills you can probably see where it is going.

My phone quit working. It was a slow and steady process. First beginning with me not receiving texts causing a close friend to threaten repeatedly to QUIT TEXTING ME ALL TOGETHER BECAUSE I NEVER GOT THEM ANYWAYS. I could feel her frustration each time I didn't receive her texts and I could feel a part of myself dying as I realized just how many texts from people I was probably missing.

If I can't text people my life might as well be over.

Unreceived texts, a phone so slow it rivaled the modem internet my family got in 1998, and a phone constantly shouting at me (through text) that my STORAGE WAS FULL all led up to what he will now refer to as Megan's phone apocalypse.

I can't get into details, because it would reveal a side of myself that I'm not proud of but it involved my phone saying I had ELEVEN text messages but it wouldn't show me any of them. It was like a form of hell. I wanted to cry, I wanted to scream, I wanted to crush my phone which I considered many times, but instead I decided to reveal my secret to Luke.

I had to get up slowly from my comfortable spot on the couch and walked back to Luke's office, and it was there that I had to admit to him that I had never once, in the 2 years that I've owned my phone, plugged it into my computer, causing him to look at me in a way that suggested "if it wasn't for that marriage contract thing I would leave right now because I can't handle you". However he put away those desires and helped me get my phone back to working order, not without unnecessary comments and looks of disapproval.

My phone was so far out of date iTunes wouldn't even update it, which seemed like an Apple problem to me, but Luke assured me it was my own fault. We had to restore my phone which in what can only be a MIRACLE FROM THE LORD I didn't lose any contacts or videos and pictures.

And now, I've sat amazed all morning at my phone. It's like I went and got a whole brand new phone! I had no idea what I was missing, and now my friend doesn't have to yell at my anymore because I'm not receiving her texts.

Moral of the story? Update your phone. Apparently it's important.

Also? if you lie to your husband it will most definitely come back around and reveal itself when you least expect it.


Luke's Birthday

Today was one of those days I absolutely love.

Cloudy, dreary, rainy at times with a chill in the air. Ahhh, I love it so much.

The only thing that could have been better was for it to have been a Saturday with nowhere to go and rain coming down all day. I love those days.

The weather this morning wasn't quite chilly yet which was good because Eli and I needed to get out to go buy Luke a birthday present. Today is his 29th birthday and he's pretty emo about it. Something about how when he turned 10 years old and he doubled his age it was only 20 but now when he doubles his age it's almost 60. I didn't really follow along and thought it was sort of crazy talk. I can only imagine how he will act when he hits 30. Lord help us.

I've known for awhile I wanted to get Luke a Thunder shirt for his birthday so Eli and I went to a local store that sells some awesome Thunder appareal. We then went to the store and got all the necessary ingredients for a cookie cake. Luke isn't a big cookie cake fan but I decided it would be ok if I went ahead and made him one for his birthday. See also: I was craving a cookie cake.

Luke came home from lunch and told me they got him a cookie cake at work. WELL DANG. There went my brilliant plan for a cookie cake at dinner. The man who doesn't even like cookie cakes can't have two in one day. That would be kinda cruel on his birthday.

So after he went back to work Eli and I got in the car again and went to buy the necessary ingredients for a yellow cake with chocolate icing - Luke's favorite cake.

I made Luke's favorite meal of beef enchiladas, spanish rice and black beans - which is also Eli's favorite meal on the days he chooses to eat - which was apparently not today.

Toddlers and their eating habits.....this is the stuff I wonder, WHY DID NOBODY PREPARE ME FOR THIS?

Overall it was a great night and I hope Luke had a great birthday. I feel like every birthday of Luke's I am working overtime to try and make-up for his birthday two years ago. I was pregnant and for some reason I chose to use February 7th, Luke's birthday to obsess over my weight from pregnancy and cry and cry. And cry.

Not my finest moment. Now I am forever trying to one up myself on every birthday of his.

Happy birthday Luke! Eli and I love you so much! You are an amazing husband and daddy!


Date Night Goal

At the beginning of the year Luke and I both made our list of goals for the year and then shared them with each other.

Well actually I shared mine with Luke because let's face it, if you are reading this blog then it's quite obvious that I share way too much of my life with waaaaay too many people, so sharing my goals with Luke is like putting on pants - its completely natural.

Luke on the other hand is incredibly private and didn't openly share his goals with me. So naturally, like putting on pants, I "accidentally" pulled his paper off the printer when he printed off his goals. Which by the way, who prints off their goals? I write mine in one of my 15 journals sectioning them off into categories and color coding each category with a different colored sharpie pen.

Now THAT is normal.

After I read Luke's goals we did discuss them and we found it was funny that I had set a lofty goal of going on 6 date nights in the year 2013. SIX.

Six may not seem like a lot, but it sure beats the three dates that we went on in 2012. Last year was a hard year for several reasons, maybe one day I will talk about it. So dates got put on the back-burner. Which honestly, I don't think it affected our marriage negatively. Yes it is nice to go out but I'm not one of those people that harps on dates being a necessity. They are nice and fun but I don't think they are vital to your marriage surviving. Just my two cents.

Back to our date goal...because we didn't go on a lot of dates last year we decided to attempt to go on at least one date night a month in the year 2013.

So here we are in the beginning of February and we've already been on THREE dates! We are so ahead of the curve! Which is awesome for me because I'm almost never ahead of the curve in my life. When teachers would grade on a curve I was always the kid that brought us down. School was not my fortay. Or maybe it was just the studying and homework part?

Anyways, Luke and I have enjoyed dinner and a movie, a fun Thunder game, and a night at a work party with Luke's company. And, yes I considered a work party a date but I hate an entire meal with my husband and not one person threw food at me while demanding a cookie, that my friends is called a date.

And now that I've finished this post I have no idea why I wrote it, I guess talking about the success of goals is important!

Here we are on our date nights:

Well I guess technically it is two pictures of us on dates and one of me eating on our date but Luke didn't want to be in any pictures that night and does a date really happen if you don't chronicle it through Instagram? I didn't think so, so I had to take a picture.

Hopefully we stay above the curve and continue our goal for more dates in 2013!!



A new month means a new warmer from Scentsy Fragarance and I have a feeling this month's warmer is going to be VERY popular!

How cute is this easter egg?? If you want one I suggest ordering early because it will probably sell fast and you want to make sure you have it in time for the Easter season! It is 10% off this month!

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The scent of the month is Posy Peach and I've been warming it in my house for the past week, it is a a fruity scent for those who like that type, but it isn't overwhelming.

February is one of the best months to explore Scentsy whether it is through trying the products for the first time or possibly starting a business.


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