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Input vs. Output

There was a time where I would sit down nightly, open up blogger and the words would flow onto the screen.

Whether I was talking about watching The Biggest Loser, what Luke and I had for dinner, or our weekend activities the words just came together.

But lately I feel like my writing mojo is gone. And this isn't a post about how blogging has changed, or nobody reads my blog anymore, or I don't know what my purpose it's not about any of those things. I don't even really care about all of that anymore. After almost six years of blogging I have figured out what I'm doing and why I'm doing it.

I enjoy writing. I enjoy expressing myself through writing whether it is retelling a story, sharing my heart, or writing about something or somebody I love. Writing is my "thing".  I may not be good at it, and I'm sure I will never write a book, but's my "thing".

So if it's my thing.....why can't I find it lately?

I think it's because of what my input it. Writing is my creative ouput, but what am I putting in my life to foster this output?

Lately it hasn't been much. I have filled my extra time with TV, Scentsy work, cleaning and housewhold duties. Obviously NONE of these are bad things, but I cannot let them all consume me. I love Scentsy and I love the work I do through it, but I cannot let this become ALL of me. I have to let Scentsy be apart of me and not all of me.

I've been trying to get back to just me. Who I am. What I need. And right now for me, I need to feed myself spiritually. I need to dig dip into the Word of God.

I have noticed a direct correlation between time I spend in the word and what my output become, and really, times when my writing it flowing and I feel most "me" through writing it when I have spend adequate time with God. Just reading his word, studying it. Filling myself with it, so that my output is God-honoring and a Light for him.

My input directly affects my output, and I want to make sure that I am filling myself with the things I need. Not just the things I want or things I think I should be doing at that moment. If I'm not filling myself with what is needed then I will never succeed at the Scentsy work, or the household duties or being a good mom or wife or friend. I must first root myself in God and concentrate on the input.

So I've been working on my input lately. Spending time with my bible open and my music playing. There are times I become distracted and think omigosh I should be working on this, or I look over and see a mess and desperately want to go clean it or I think of an email to return, or a good show on my DVR or, or, or, or or. It goes on and on.

But I have seen what happens when I allow anything but God to be the input in my life and I don't want to continue that cycle. It is not good for me or anybody around me!

And sure enough as I've started letting God be the input I have felt a bit of desire to write come back. He has given me my passions and creativity so it only makes sense that spending time with him helps grow these areas. 

What are you inputting in your life? Do you see a correlation between your creativity or anything else and your input?


  1. I'm having similar issues lately and my response has been to start a cleansing detox. I read about it in Whole Living magazine. I'm hoping a cleanse will help wash away some of the bad stuff that's in me literally and figuratively.

  2. I tend to let work and running take over my life to the point of shutting out everyone and everything else. My committment this year has been to balance, to leave work early for dinner with a friend, to have people over, to chat with friends on the drive home, to end my day with my Jesus Calling devotional (rather than crashing on the couch with whatever was on the DVR), to take a break during the day to read a chapter of James or another book from the Bible. I can't tell you how much happier I am. I can tell I'm smiling more, my heart feels lighter, I'm feeling less tired and grouchy. Yes, what you input means a ton! Great post.

  3. Beautifully written! This is my goal for the year - improve/increase my input so my output context blesses and encourages others... In life, not just blogging

  4. This is SO true and such a good reminder. I, also, feel like I am in a similar place recently... Thanks for pointing me back to Him. :)

  5. this is me, too. always. when i have writer's block it's because i'm not filling up my tank with anything. i mean, i'll get consumed with raising my children and i LOVE that, but that's not "me." i read and i cook, but that's not "me." but when i'm in the word and I know that God is speaking specific things to me, that's when i can write. that has changed over time. i used to be able to write about being excited for the start of spring television or new fashions. but i just don't find those things inspiring me anymore, and it's always the Word that inspires me.

  6. I so agree with this... Writing is my thing too. I blogged for a while, a very little while, and I wanted to like it, and I still have hopes of trying it again... but I journal and I feel like that is where I do my best work. :) And praying or focusing on things of God is the truly the best input. Wonderful post...

  7. I can SO relate to this, Megan. Thanks for putting it into words. (And I agree - blogging HAS changed! What is up with that?? I can't figure it out!!)

  8. hello my friend. thank you for writing this. i know you wrote it for you, but God used it to find me on a hectic day flying home from houston after a disastrous week and just stop. pause. reflect. thank you.

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