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Dinner Dates

Last weekend Luke and I had a date night planned for Friday night, so Friday during the day I tried to come up with some "conversation prompts".

I'm a worrier by nature (not a good thing) and I'm always worried Luke and I will run out of things to talk about, I mean we've been together for 10 years, WHAT MUCH MORE IS THERE TO SAY? So I try and get some conversation prompts ready to go in case we need them during dinner.

My worst fear is being that couple that sits and doesn't talk and all other couples look at them feeling bad for them because they are now that boring couple.

For the record we've never run out of things to talk about, in fact I think I'm incapable of running out of things to talk about, I can take the most boring conversation and somehow make it entertaining and maybe even a little awkward in a second flat.

So while we were eating Friday, although we didn't need it I decided to bust out one of my conversation prompts I had prepared....

If you could pick three living celebrities to eat dinner with who would you pick?

I of course had my three picked out so while Luke was picking his three I had him guess as to who mine would be.

He successfully guessed all three!  He knows me so well (which makes me scared that maybe we know each other too well and maybe we WILL run out of things to talk about one day!)

Here are my three guests of choice for a dinner (not together, all separate dinners).

1. Britney Spears.

Let's face it. I love me some Brit Brit. No matter what she's been through, how may times she has shaved her head, or how many drugs she might or might not have taken I want to eat dinner with her.

And let's say all was going swimmingly at dinner and she was being 100% honest with me I would ask her 3 very important questions:

1. Did you get breast implants at age 16?
2. Did you really cheat on Justin and if so WHY?
3. Do you need a new best friend? I will be there for you.

2. Andy Cohen

I'm a big Real Housewives fan and an even bigger Andy Cohen fan. I read his book a couple of months ago and it had me laughing out loud almost the entire time. I think we would have so much fun together. I would love to talk to him all about the Real Housewives and if Bethanny really is his favorite like so many assume. What an entertaining dinner that would be!!

3. Tom Hanks

My love for Tom Hanks is deep and wide. I love every movie he is in. I think he is an AMAZING actor plus he has seemed to stay relatively normal while being a big actor. I would love to just pick his brain about acting and that world and how he stays so normal. And also if it was hard to film an emotional scene with a volleyball because it makes me cry every dadgum time! Plus I think he is hysterical and would make me laugh a lot.

So those are my three picks for a dinner with celebrities.

Who would you pick?


  1. Kevin Bacon (his wife needs to kick rocks, can't stand her)
    Sophia Bush
    Julia Roberts

    I do the same thing! I used to have a list on my phone. Ha!

  2. Now you need to tell us Luke's!!! :)

  3. Britney Spears!!! Love me some Brit Brit!!!

    Adam Lambert – I love him. He has an amazing voice and he does so much work for different charities.

    Temple Grandin - I would ask her so many questions about autism.

  4. 1. TOM HANKS is my all-time favorite actor. Love him so much.
    2. Keri Russell because I'm obsessed with her, and she will always be Felicity.
    3. Robert Pattinson because I'm a 12-year-old girl at heart and I think he's dreamy.

  5. I'm impressed Luke was able to guess those three! I'd have to think about who my three would be, but I'm pretty sure one of them would be Taylor Hanson. No shame!

  6. I think I will pick Victoria Beckham (she's a perfectionist and I would love to hear some fashion advice from her),Adele (I love her songs so much that accidentally she had became my idol) and Jennifer Aniston

  7. Alexandar Skarsgard!! So I could stare at him across the table :) definitely Kristen Wiig, she we be awesome and make me die laughing and Blake Shelton because he seems to keep it real :) and I'd make him sing!

  8. I can relate on being a worrier...

    My top three picks for dinner would be:

    1. Britney Spears-Not liking her music these days but that girl will forever have a place in my heart!

    2. Reese Witherspoon-love, love, love her and her movie she chooses to act in! I would so want to know the details on what happened between her and Ryan.

    3. Joyce Meyer-I would love to pick her brain on all the Godly wisdom she preaches about.

  9. I like your list, although that picture of Britney is freaking me out. What is up with her face??

    I'm not sure who my guests would be, but I think I'm stealing Andy Cohen from your list. He's a good pick.

  10. If you like Tom Hanks, you should listen to the Nerdist's podcast with him. They did it back in early October, and it's posted on their site. It's fantastic. I didn't know he collected antique typewriters or was a big Storage Wars fan.

  11. I'm surprised Ryan Seacrest isn't on here.


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