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2012 in Review

2012, another year come and gone. Looking back on this year I can only sum it up with one word - thankful.

Not everyday was a great day, not everyday was perfect, but our life was and is full of perfect moments.

Luke and I went into 2012 praying that God would reveal what Luke should do professionally - should he stay in education and start making plans to advance in that world? Or was God going to open the doors in a different profession?

Honestly, we were hoping for the latter, but we know that God's ways are not always our ways and we were just wanting to stay in God's will for our lives.

Secondly we were praying that God would provide a way for me to stay home. However that happened, whether it was me advancing in my Scentsy business, or Luke getting a new job - however it happened we (I) was practically begging God to please allow me to stay home - all in his perfect timing of course blah blah blah. That perfect timing stuff isn't always the easiest thing to say during those days of waiting.

All the while during those prayers life was happening..

In March after several weeks of brainstorming and party planning we welcomed friends and family into our home for Eli's first birthday. It was so much fun!

Later that month we took Eli on his very first plane ride and went to Colorado with Luke's family. We had a wonderful time of relaxing and just hanging out.

In May Luke completed his first year as a teacher and we got ready for summer! Luke's brother got married and we spent a weekend helping get ready for the wedding and welcoming Torre into the family.
Although I didn't really get to see the wedding cause I was keeping my 14 month old entertained!

My mom and I headed to the Dominican Republic in June for a FREE trip I earned through Scentsy. We had such a wonderful time. The trip was the complete definition of RELAXATION. No agenda, no to do lists, no laundry, just fun in the sun! I'm so glad my mom was able to go with me, we had a great time!

We had a wonderful (and fast) summer and ended it with a trip to the beach with my family.

Luke headed back to the classroom for his second year of teaching - but God had different plans. During the first week of school Luke was offered a position with a local company, it was an answer to almost all our prayers including the fact that it is in an industry that Luke already had in interest in and loves.

The next month in September I made DIRECTOR with Scentsy! I had set a goal for myself to make Director by August. I missed it by a month, not too shabby!

In October Luke and I decided the time had come for me to stay home full time with Eli. I was nervous to tell my work that I was leaving, but I also couldn't wait to be home with my baby boy.

I transitioned into the role very easily and kind of don't even remember working part-time.

While 2012 was hard at times Luke and I are so thankful for the year. We learned to truly trust God, we grew together and we watched out sweet baby boy grow everyday. We were able to take several trips, lead bible studies together, and continue to establish our life together. We have both set goals for our 2013 and are helping each other to achieve them.

I feel so blessed and I want to maintain my feeling of Thankfulness and never take a moment for-granted.  

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  1. This totally made me tear up! I need to remember all of this as I'm definitely struggling to figure out where to take my job this year.

    Absolutely LOVE that picture of you and your mom in the Dominican Republic!!


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