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Meeting Santa

A couple of weeks ago Eli and I were in the grocery store and they had one of those giant inflatable Santas all blown up and waving around.

As we walked by it Eli exclaimed "SANTAAAA" which took me by COMPLETE surprise. Luke and I have never talked about Santa to him, not by any purposeful reason but Santa doesn't really come up in conversation January-November.

I had no idea how he even knew who Santa was, and Luke didn't believe me that he really said it. So that night we went through about 20 minutes of showing Eli pictures of Santa and saying hey Eli who is this? And he would scream SANTA. It was pure vindication for me. I didn't just imagine that Eli had said Santa and I was able to prove it to Luke!

Well over the days Eli would not only say Santa but he started saying "ho, ho". Yes Santa typically says "ho, ho, ho" but Eli leaves off the 3rd Ho. It is very frustrating for an OCD person such as myself but no matter how many times I worked with Eli on it he still only gives me two ho's.

The fact that Eli knew who Santa was made this season that much more fun. He loves our Santa figurines around the house and his picture with Santa from last year so I've been talking it up, in anticipation of our 2012 Great Santa Visit.

Which occurred today. It was going to be awesome. I would say "You get to sit on Santa's lap today!!" to which Eli would say "HO HO" it seemed absolutely perfect.

We made our way to the mall and took our place in line. We would point at Santa and Eli would smile at him. I knew this was going to go so well.

And I feel like I need to tell a side-story here. Last year we went to the Santa at our local mall and much to my surprise and unhappiness he didn't have on the regular Santa suit - he had on his "workshop" outfit. Also known as kind of a "rip off".

But because I'm a sucker for traditions I decided to go visit the Santa suit-less Santa so that our displayed framed Santa pics would have matching Santas. Priorities.

As we waited in line we approached a tree where Eli and I took a picture last year. I thought it would be perfect to recreate the moment.

Last years pic:


And then this year's pictures....


Well that went well... (also why has my hair not grown in a year? I should figure that out)

Despite our terrible attempt at a mommy/son beautiful moment captured on camera I still held out hope that Eli's encounter with Santa would be magical.

We kept getting closer to Santa and Eli kept trying to run to Santa. PERFECTION.

Then it was our turn. Eli started walking to Santa holding my hand while Santa looked on with his arms wide open (which would be creepy on any other given day).

The closer we got the slower Eli walked. Till he basically stood there looking at Santa with a look on his face that can only be explained as "oh crap I have to actually sit on that man's lap?"

This is where I win the best mom of the year award. I threw Eli on Santa's lap took off running and told the camera guy to snap the picture. We had already paid our RIDICULOUS fee so we were getting a picture. Perfect smile or not.

So here is Eli with his "Ho Ho"

Please note Santa's death grip around Eli. Also, after today Luke and I had a conversation we've never had before. We debated whether we thought Santa's across America wear "protective cups".

As soon as I grabbed Eli he was fine and gave Santa a chipper goodbye.

It was a fun morning and one we will definitely remember! 


  1. I can't not laugh while I'm looking at that picture...hilarious!

  2. I LOVE this. Monroe loves Santa and has never been afraid of him. This year, he was a little stubborn with the smiles but we never got the classic Teary shot. There's a Santa in Charlotte everyone swears is the real Santa at a hardware store. He wears his workshop clothes, too, but they kind of look German or something. This guy sort of looks like an old Bob Ross with that little Santa Afro and his work clothes look like either pjs or a little boys turtle neck. I hope that doesn't come across as rude, because all of those factors together kind of make this my favorite Santa picture ever (well just behind the shot of my own kiddos). If it weren't for be fact that I don't actually know you, even though the Internet makes me feel like I do ;), I'd want to post this on my Facebook wall. It's awesome.

  3. Too hilarious! I agree with the above, he does kind of remind me of Bob Ross. I think I prefer the traditional suit over this wardrobe.

  4. I'm not sure what makes me laugh harder - Eli screaming or the look on Santa's face.

  5. too funny! The mother/son recreation photo had me laughing but Eli w/his "ho ho" took the cake!! :)

  6. Oh, that picture is so funny! I don't want to laugh, but I have to. Glad the little guy was okay!

  7. Everything about this is HILARIOUS. I especially love the photos of you and Eli in front of the tree!

  8. I love Santa pictures of kids crying. I just think they are hilarious. I agree though, that "santa suit" (if you can call it that) is a RIP-OFF. However, from neck-up, the guy looks terrific!


  9. Sweet memories! This post will be one you look back at over the years, I'm sure! Love that last picture with Santa!

  10. This might be without a doubt the best Christmas picture I've ever seen. It def made my day.

  11. Pretty sure I ho ho'd in the middle of the library reading this! The pictures and the "protective cup" conversation are priceless!

  12. funny! I love the mommy/son photo montage in front of the tree! Thanks for keeping it real!

  13. this picture is awesome...i have 2 similar ones on my blog! I can definitely relate to your dropping the kid & running! only to come back moments later and cuddle them as if you did nothing wrong! ha!

  14. I'm just gonna say poor little Eli, that HAS to be the creepiest Santa I have ever seen! This picture really made me laugh, I think I would be crying too, Eli ;)

  15. Poor Eli! That picture is pretty priceless though. What was even more funny was the series of pictures of you guys because that's how all our pictures look x2.


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