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Makeup Makeover Round One

Remember when I blogged about needing to try new makeup, like 18 years ago? Well now it's time to do my first update. The original post is here. 

I'm sure you've been checking back with anticipation every single day. Well you can calm yourself because the day has come to update you in my makeup journey.

First I started with 3 new products:
1. Naked Eye Shadow by Urban Decay
2. Benefit Hello Flawless
3. Benefit They're Real mascara

1. Let's start with the eye shadow: Naked by Urban Decay

First of all it comes with a pretty hefty price for eye shadow in my opinion. But after using it I can say that it is truly worth it. It lasts so long and just blends together so nicely. If you need help in applying eye shadow there are lots of tutorials on youtube. I watched one and then ended up not even applying my eyeshadow how the video said to do it so it seemed pointless for me to watch it.

I can tell these eye shadows are going to last a long time. I'm definitely excited about this purchase and I'm not even lying when I tell you I get compliment on my eyeshadow all the time. I've NEVER gotten compliments on my eyeshadow before!

2. Next I branched out from my Clinique foundation that I have used FOREVER and tried Hello Flawless by Benefit. I'm sort of eh about this. Maybe it's because I'm used to the same foundation for over 10 years but I'm just not loving this as much as I do my Clinique foundation. It is sort of watery and I don't feel like it lasts any longer than my previous foundation did. But I am determined to use this whole bottle. Money doesn't grow on trees around here.

And I don't HATE it, I am just anxious to try something else.

3. Since I've been using the same mascara since I first started wearing mascara (much too late in life) I decided I needed to find something new.

I did a twitter survey trying to figure out what mascara I should try and "They're Real" by benefit won by a landslide, people swear by this stuff.

I have very short and thin eyelashes, basically the worst combination when it comes to eyelashes. This mascara did help me and I liked it a lot, the only thing I didn't like about it was it is SUCH A PAIN to get off. I would use eye makeup remover, do all the proper "eye makeup remover" protocol and it would still be on my eyes. And then when I woke up in the morning it was not a pretty sight. That is probably the only downside to this mascara. Other than that is great and made my eyelashes much more full.

On to the next 3 products. Hopefully it won't take me a year to review them next time!


  1. Glad you liked the mascara! That is my exact same complaint. I switched back to my stand by Definicils from Lancome this month because of the pain of taking that off. Definicils is fine but Benefit gives more volume. I have the same kind of lashes as you. So annoying!

  2. And I really want to try naked but can't spend $50 on it! Ugh!

  3. I did not like that foundation either. I felt the same way, but I had bought a little sample set and it came with it.

    Try Bad Gal lash, I love Benefit, but have the same complaint about They're Real. Hard to get off. Bad Gal is much easier.

  4. I have wanted to try that mascara but have not.

    However I have tried the Naked Eye Palette. I love it I have the 2nd one as well. :)

    With that foundation it's considered a light foundation. You can build it to be a thicker consistency and last longer. Clinque foundation is considered a medium to full foundation. Which is why it last longer than the Benefit Foundation. :)

  5. I really think I should try that mascara. I've heard so much about it from several people in blog land and in real life! :)

  6. That's my mascara too! I had the same problem with it, but started using Ponds Coldcream & it worked like a charm.

  7. Post pics of your eyes :) ...that sounds really creepy but I swear its not

  8. The makeup makeover is described in the post here. Read all about it
    mineral make up

  9. I bought the naked palette 2 and am having buyers remorse. I think the shadows in the first palette that you have are better for my complexion. I also saw that they came out with a less expensive condensed version (just matte colors) that I'm dying to try. Also, my FAVORITE mascara is Loreal Voluminous Lashes. It's in a gold tube. Can't wait to see the rest of your reviews!

  10. have you tried signing up for ipsy bags vox boxes by influenster? they send my beauty samples each month. I just signed up b/c like you i have been using the same stuff forever and i really want to try new things without spending the $10.

  11. thanks for the informative blog.


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