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Random Musings.

It's been a while since I've written a random post, so here we go.

1. I've realized, that now that I stay home, I don't get dressed anymore. Well I mean I wear clothes but I wear lounge clothes. Even if we are running errands lounge it is. I'm all about comfort now (poor Luke). And I'm realizing just how tiny my lounge clothes collection is. Where can I get good nice looking lounge clothes? And I should probably sell all my work clothes.

2. I made it my mission to finish all Christmas shopping by Thanksgiving and I'm almost done! Woo hoo!

3. Since I started staying home I've become a reading machine again - which I'm so glad! I will do a post over the books I've read soon.

4. In my Scentsy post the other day I forgot to mention a very important thing. All Scentsy Buddy's are still Buy One Get One FREE!!

5. I always put my Christmas stuff up the week BEFORE Thanksgiving. I'm itching to get all my decoration boxes out of the attic. Well for Luke to get all the boxes out of the attic.

6. I just bought my 4th (or 5th?) planner of the year. I need to do a review over all my planners - maybe it will help someone save money from buying FOUR (or five?) planners!

7. Eli has entered that phase of toddler-hood where he refuses to eat. But then acts starving later but won't eat. It's fun.

8. I'm sick of these 70 degree days. I'm ready for some real cold weather!

9. As much as I hate pedicures I need to suck it up and go get one. It is time.

10. I have no more random thoughts but couldn't stand to leave just nine things.


  1. Old navy has good lounge clothes. I would live in yoga pants if I didn't work.

  2. Come to Jersy. It's FREEZING around here. I'll take warmth any day!

  3. Please do a post about your planners! I know there are a lot out there and would love to know what you think!

  4. I quit my job in June and quickly realized how lacking my lounge clothes are too! Now when I shop I look for comfy pants and shirts instead of slacks.

  5. We are gonna have a high of 64 degrees here in southern California and I am so flippin excited that it feels like fall finally! Gap and Ann Taylor Loft have some good lounge clothes. In fact The Loft has a Lounge collection and they are having 40% off eveything the next 3 days if you enter the promo FRIENDS. Have fun shopping!

  6. I could live in lounge clothes! Might have something to do with me not fitting into my others clothes...oops! Way to go on the Christmas present buying! I wish I could be as motivated as you. I haven't even started yet.

  7. "I'm sick of these 70 degree days. I'm ready for some real cold weather!" I can't believe that someone else besides me feels that way! All my coworkers think I'm crazy for saying that! May I follow your blog?


  8. Old Navy is definitely a good answer...and if you want some sportier lounge clothes & have an Academy sports nearby they have a store brand called BCG that is cute, comfy, & affordable!

  9. I agree on the weather! need cool!

    I also need cuter lounge clothes..and more...some of mine have holes! haha

    I hate spending money on pedicures but always feel like I really do need to get one. horrid looking toes.

  10. Lounge clothes are where it's at.

    Good for you for getting all your Christmas shopping done. I have done almost nothing. I think this will be the year of gift cards. I feel like I have a good excuse since I just had a baby.

  11. I love the lounge clothes from Aerie. Check them out. (-:


  12. TJ Maxx for lounge clothes...did I spell that right? It doesn't look right. Anyway, you get the point ;)

  13. I'm cracking up that you've bought so many planners...because that's me.'s not, but it used to be, before I dished out $50 on an EC one. But recently, I've thought about just getting a cheapy Target one...or a new EC one (even though mine doesn't run out until July 2013). I'm just weird. I have it set in my mind how neatly I'll write in it and how nice it'll look...and it doesn't...and it makes me want to start over. I do it with journals, too. I can't help myself. ;)

  14. Really not looking forward to picky eater stage !! :)

  15. Your random posts are my fav!! :)


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