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I've always been a procrastinator.

I was the girl in college who stayed up all night to finish that 12 page paper that she had a month to work on.

I'm the girl who rolls into the gas station on fumes praying that the red line below that E letter is just a warning and doesn't in fact mean I'm empty.

And I'm the girl who will put off cleaning until my house is practically begging me to clean it.

Procrastination is not a good thing, I have learned this time and time again. But for everytime I've learned that procrastination is bad there are at least three instances where my procrastination wasn't so bad.

Like earning an A on the paper I put off until the last minute. Or making it to the gas station on empty every single time and never needing to call for help.

But this time, my procrastination has caught up with me.

You see, this summer while eating a roll part of one of my molars chipped off. CHIPPED OFF. I thought this was weird and was very concerned for about a day.

I was mostly concerned with the fact that i couldn't find the chipped tooth and realized I had eaten my tooth. Which freaked me out. After that I was concerned that my tooth just chipped for no reason.

And then I forgot about it. I didn't think it was that big of a deal and I seemed to be doing fine.

Then one day out of the blue I decided to go to the dentist. At this point it had been five months since my tooth chipped so I guess in my mind I figured it was time to go.

I really don't know how or why my mind works the way it does. It is one of the great mysteries of life.

I called the dental office and told them I needed a filling. Apparently I think it's ok to tell the dentist what needs to be done with my mouth.

So I arrived at the dentist, the sweet hygienist looked in my mouth, saw the chipped molar and then numbed the entire left side of my mouth.

There are few things in life worse than a numb mouth. A collapsed lung, and contractions for 24 hours. Other than that NOTHING compares to how awful a numbed mouth feels.

I sat there all laid back in my chair, kicking my feet merrily away waiting for the dentist to come fill my tooth and get this over with. I had told the hygienist I was cold so she gave me a warmed blanket so I was quite comfy and cozy despite the annoying feeling of a numbed mouth. I was planning what I would eat for lunch once the numbness went away when the dentist came to me with x-rays in hand.

This was the moment he decided to tell me that he could not fill my tooth because I needed a root canal and crown. There was nothing he could do that day.

Ok great, whatever, NOW PLEASE UN-NUMB MY MOUTH.

He referred me to a root canal person.

I then waited another 2 weeks to call the root canal person. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?

I made an appointment with the root canal man and then that's when it happened. My tooth began throbbing. THROBBING.

Tis the week of Thanksgiving and my tooth is causing me so much pain I can't even chew on that side of my mouth.

And I can blame it all on procrastination.

I'm ok with procrastination causing me to get a bad grade, or causing me to run out of gas calling my husband during a meeting for help but I am NOT ok with my procrastination causing me to not fully enjoy the beauty that is turkey, dressing, cheese potatoes and pumpkin rolls. NOT ok.

I may have learned my lesson about procrastinating.

Just ask me later.


  1. This totally happened to me about a year ago! Part of my tooth had chipped off (a molar) and I ignored it for the LONGEST time. Then it got to the point that it was throbbing and I couldn't was AWFUL. I finally went to the dentist and was told I needed a root canal (which I had figured out myself). They gave me painkillers and an antibiotic, and scheduled me for a week later to have it done (they wanted me to take the antibiotic for a week ahead of time). I had always heard horror stories of root canals, but honestly it wasn't that bad....just boring. :) I had absolutely NO pain after, which surprised me. I guess if it's done correctly, it's not supposed to hurt after. All that to say...I understand! And I have learned my lesson when it comes to procrastinating on the dentist as well. :) Well, at least I think I have.

  2. Ohhhh girl - I know all too well about # 1 procrastinating & # 2 TOOTH PAIN. If you ever want some tips about how to ease it - shoot me an email. I don't want to give you unsolicited advice if you don't want it..haha! I hope you get it fixed soon and you're not in pain much longer! I really don't think there are many things worse than a toothache!

  3. When I saw the title it surprised me because just from the little I know about your through your blog and Scentsy, I wouldn't have expected you to be a procrastinator! I am the complete opposite end of the spectrum. We need to each find the balance. :-) praying your tooth isn't too bad for thanksgiving, if it is, just procrastinate on thanksgiving for a while longer. ;-)

  4. Ok, so not much is worse than an abcess tooth and you not being able to get in til after Thanksigiving usnit cool. I hate to admit, but I have had a few abcesses and if they can't get me in the next day they atleast prescribe antibiotics and pain meds to get me through, and usually those don't even take care of that agonizing pain! You have an infection and they need to do something so it doesn't spread or make you crazy in the meantime. So sorry!! :(

  5. I used to be terrible about going to the dentist. In fact, I didn't even have a dentist. Then I bit into a granola bar and ate half a molar. Found a dentist THAT DAY. Apparently breast feeding can cause a lot of problems (no one is 100% sure but there are a lot of people who say it happened to them), but I needed 3 fillings and a crown. Whoa.

  6. The same thing happened to me and by the time my tooth start hurting BADLY until the day of my root canal (only a few days) the infection had spread even was bad. I hope you can find relief through antibiotics and pain meds til the day of the appointment.

  7. The same thing happened to me and by the time my tooth start hurting BADLY until the day of my root canal (only a few days) the infection had spread even was bad. I hope you can find relief through antibiotics and pain meds til the day of the appointment.

  8. You can DEFINITELY get meds to carry you through until the appointment. Antibiotics and pain meds will help. Call!

  9. I was dying reading this because..YEP. Happened to me. I felt like a HOLE in my tooth for the last 5+months...once it started to REALLY pain me I finally went to the dentist. Then they had to check me first...then set ANOTHER date to do the work....and turns out, an effin' root canal! dude! awful! It was throbbing by the time they did the work. I am SO glad that's over with. And? It took about 3940230928 shots to get my mouth numb! So pissed. I basically had a numb, lopsided mouth for 7 hours! inanity.

    I'm with you...there is NOTHING worse than a numb mouth. Yea. Contractions. Those.

  10. Okay what is the deal? You should be able to get a root canal today! or tomorrow. Why are you having to wait? I had a tooth that went bad... really it just slowly happened until one day I wanted to pull my tooth out with a pair of pliers and even inhaling oxygen through my mouth sent pain shooting through my body. ANyway, all that to say, it hurt like a mother. But I went into my dentist on Monday morning after the pain got REALLY bad over the weekend, and they fixed right there - I just called on Monday morning and said I'm in horrible pain and I think I need a root canal and they fit me in. I had to go back the next week to finish the crown, but they did the root canal and a temporary crown of sorts right then and I was out of pain within an hour of arriving at the dentist. There is ZERO reason for you to have to be in that kind of pain. If that dentist is making you wait, you should go to another one. I'm sorry you are in such pain. There really is nothing worse than tooth pain. yikes.


  11. not to mention, root canals and crowns are EXPENSIVE. been there done that last year. good luck and hope you get some relief soon:))


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