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Luke and I have a nightly routine consisting of him watching random shows on TV and me browsing random areas of the internet.

Sometimes he complains about the amount of time I spend on my computer, and sometimes I complain about the dumb things he watches, but for the most part this routine is perfection.

Sunday night we were partaking in our routine, I was looking through soon to be Cyber Monday deals and Luke was watching a show on the History Channel about Bigfoot.

Ok wait, what? BIGFOOT? This was one of those nights when I complained that Luke needed to turn the channel. Sure I don't actually watch the TV when I'm on the computer but BIGFOOT? Let's watch something of substance, like The Real Housewives of anything.

Luke assured me that the Bigfoot show was worth watching because the team was in Oklahoma where a large amount of people believe Bigfoot and his family of sasqutches live.

I'm not sure what the plural form of sasquatch is, not sure I ever thought I would need to know.

So Luke continued to watch the show and I continued to surf the web, while occasionally glancing at the TV. I have to admit it was pretty gripping television. People camping in tents thinking they saw the sasquatch in the wood of Oklahoma when really it was a RACCOON. Ok not gripping at all - really just annoying.

Where is this story going?

Well later that night I was the only person in the house awake. I enjoy my nights alone, I get so much done when the house is quiet.  And like clockwork when I start drifting to sleep I close up my ipad, and go check on Eli one last time before the morning.

I was checking on Eli around midnight when I decided to look out his window into the backyard, I'm not sure why I decided to do this but I was half awake and it made sense at the time.

I lifted up one white shade from his window blinds and took a scan of the backyard, and there before me was the largest black object I have ever seen.

In what seems like a scene ripped straight from a movie I quickly blinked my eyes, rubbed them, and then re-examined the backyard, was I truly seeing a large black object in my backyard?


As I stood staring into the backyard SCARED OUT OF MY MIND, but trying not to make a sound I saw another black object step onto the scene.

It was time to act.

I ran into our room like a crazy woman and told Luke to wake up that there were things in our backyard, possibly Bigfoot.

He looked at me with a mix of confusion and annoyance on his face. And also like he thought I was insane? Maybe I was? I didn't care I said, "THIS ISN'T A DREAM GET UP AND COME LOOK!" "Oh and shhhh don't wake up Eli or you have to stay up with him the rest of the night".

We tiptoed into Eli's room stepping over trains and wooden blocks on the floor and once again lifted up the shades looking into the backyard. All the while I was secretly afraid that the black objects would be gone and Luke would think I was once again walking and talking in my sleep. Yes, it has happened.

But sure enough there they were; the two large objects. I asked Luke if he saw them, and did he think they were Bigfoot and his mistress?

To which he replied, yes I see the two large DEER in our backyard.

At once I felt a rush of disappointment and relief. How cool would it have been if we saw Bigfoot the very night we watched the show about him? Like he reveals himself to those who are willing?

But clearly that is not the case. And clearly my imagination runs a bit too far when I see what is an ordinary deer in our yard.

How cool would it have been if it was Christmas Eve and we could have told Eli they were reindeer?

Almost as cool as if it had been Bigfoot.


  1. Too funny! I think it would've been really cool though to have deer pop up in my backyard, although highly unlikely here in the city. Hope Bigfoot stays away from your neck of the woods!

  2. You seriously crack me up!!!!!!!!

  3. Hahahahaha! You seriously crack me up! And my husband totally believes Bigfoot is real and we have to watch those dumb History channe shows all. the. time.

  4. girl you're imagination is too much like mine. although i would've sworn it was people waiting to kill us in our sleep. you can tell i watch too many scary movies!


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