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A Pretty Black Plastic Hanger

Almost two years ago at the beginning of the year I listed out my New Year's Resolutions for the year 2011.

I had some pretty lofty goals on that list considering I was 7 months pregnant and about to pop out my first baby, but that's pretty much how I live my life; go big or go home.

Actually not really, I pretty much live in fear of most things, but clearly I'm not afraid to type out resolutions for all to see, knowing I have a 2% rate of following through with them.

But I am proud to say in October 2012 almost two years after typing out those resolutions I have finally achieved one of them.

I am happy to say my closet is now made up completely of black plastic hangers, there is not a nasty, dingy, wire hanger in site.

Please, do not try and aspire to match my ability to set such high goals and stick to them. You will probably just disappoint yourself.

Whenever I set the goal of getting rid of wire hangers it was really just because I hated them and thought plastic hangers would make everything look all nice and neat.

But then I soon turned it into a way to get rid of clothes. At that time almost all of our clothes were on wire hangers so I bought some black hangers, and every time we would wear something we would hang it back up using a black hanger - that way at the end of the year we could take inventory and get rid of anything on a wire hanger knowing that it hadn't been worn in a year.

Well a year passed and my not-quite-a-hoarder-but-almost-maybe personality kicked in and I couldn't make myself get rid of the clothes on wire hangers, knowing, thinking, hoping that maybe I would wear them again, sometime soon.

And here we are another year later and I decided it was time to purge the clothes.

So after church Luke and I conquered the closet, we filled 4 trash bags full of clothes on wire hangers, creating a beautiful, wonderful closet full of black plastic hangers.

Every girl's dream.

Here is Luke multi-tasking during the great closet purge. He was both taking down clothes and saying "stop I don't want to be on your blog!!!"

That blurry thing is his hand trying to block my camera. C'mon Luke I've been blogging five years now, get over it.

And my side of the closet completed. Ahh isn't it just beautiful?

I made Luke come in to observe the beauty of the black hangers (he had already "finished" his side and had gone to watch a football game" and he stood, looked at it and said "cool" and then walked out.

Maybe that is a normal reaction to clothes hanging on a rod, but to me it is a goal that I finally achieved!

Two years later.


  1. "No wire hangers!" It's from that old movie, Mommy Dearest...heard of it?
    My husband walks around saying that to me in an old woman voice when I'm having mad fits (every few months) about the wire hangers that seem to gather with dry cleaning.

    Love your post...and blog! So glad I found it today.
    I'm an expat living with hubs and about to pop out first baby while living in the UAE. I was about to fall asleep (as I'm trying hard to stay away from caffeine until baby arrives), and your post woke me up and made me laugh. :)

  2. This is such a great idea! Love it!

  3. girl after my own heart... I have this secret love of having matching hangers.

    Looks great!


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