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Secret of the Wings Review

I am a self-proclaimed Disney lover. I love going to Disney World, I love watching Disney movies, and the Disney channel is on in our house pretty much all day long -- well until Luke gets home and turns it to football.

With that said I was recently offered the opportunity to review a new movie from Disney and I knew it was something I would enjoy, so I went for it.

I received Disney's "Secret of the Wings" in the mail and waited for the perfect time to watch it. Let's be honest, as a busy mom there never really is "the perfect time", but I was anxious to watch it. So one Sunday afternoon I popped it in my laptop and Eli sat on my lap, and we watched the latest movie from the Disney fairys franchise.

I am familiar with the other movies in the series, but Disney's "Secret of the Wings" was my first time watching one of these movies, and after watching it I am anxious to watch the others.

This movie was particularly enjoyable because it reunites Tinker Bell with her long-lost sister Periwinkle. Did you know Tink had a sister? Me neither!! And neither did Tink. The movie has a cute intro and several scenes which lead up to Tink and Periwinkle's meeting. I did not know what the movie was about before viewing this and this scene completely caught me by surprise and even made me a little emotional.

As the oldest sister of three girls, I fully understand the strong bond that sisters hold and can't imagine going my whole life without knowing my sisters. Yes, it is a cartoon, but the animators do such a good job of making everything so realistic. In fact production actually enlisted the help of twin-study experts to find out exactly how twins react upon meeting each other for the first time. That is so neat to me, and it was really evident in the movie that the proper research was done. You can feel the emotions while watching the movie.

One of the reasons Disney is so special to me is because it is a part of my childhood. My sisters and I would sit around and watch Disney movies together. While watching this movie I thought of my sisters many times and thought about how I wanted to watch this movie with them. I know that they would enjoy it just like I did.
Tink and Periwinkle are very different in a lot of ways, just like my sisters and I are different, but nothing changes the fact that they are sisters; they have a special bond that they share with no one else. This is how it is with my sisters: no matter our differences, or distance, we will ALWAYS be sisters and share that bond.

While watching the movie I especially thought of my middle sister, who is a hair stylist and thought about how she would really enjoy the intricate details of the fairies' hair! Seriously! There was one fairy in particular with short hair that I thought about taking a picture of and giving it to my sister to cut my hair like - it was that cute!
Which is no surprise considering Ken Paves (yes, THE Ken Paves) was the official hairstylist for the fairies. I am jealous of a fairy's hair!

I would recommend everybody watch Disney's "Secret of the Wings" -- especially if you have a sister and have experienced that deep bond. This is a movie I definitely plan to own and watch again.

Me with my sisters: So thankful for the bond we share:
Would you like to own "Secret of the Wings"? To be entered for a chance to win, tell me what sisterhood means to you.

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  1. Sisterhood is SO much more than simply being friends, it's about a lifelong love that cannot be broken! I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful sister!

  2. Sounds cool! Sisterhood means a best friend for life, someone you can always talk to! So thankful for my sis!

  3. Sisterhood means someone that will be by your side no matter what! I have 2 younger sisters and they would do anything for me and I for them!

  4. I have two definitions of sisterhood - my twin sister and my sorority sisters. My twin is my best friend and always will be - don't know what I would do without her.

    For my sorority sisters they are some of the best friends I could ask for and being out of college for almost 15 years we are still very close.

  5. i don't have a sister but so want one for bg. it just seems like having a sister is having a best friend for life.

  6. I am the oldest of 3 girls! Sisters are built-in best friends. It means always having someone you can tell anything and everything to and knowing they'll love you anyway. They know the real you and completely get it!

  7. my twin sister is my best friend. we have been through so much together.

    being sisters is more than just "being sisters" she is a lifelong friend. a best friend!

  8. This would be the perfect joint Christmas gift for my girls. My hope for them is that they grow up to be the best of friends like I am with my sisters.

  9. Sisterhood means being there for each other unconditionally

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  10. Sisterhood means so very much! It means having someone that will always have your back, Ben if they don't *really* agree with you! It means always having someone to call with happy news, to vent, to gripe, to scream! I am so thankful I have a big sister!!

  11. I don’t have sisters of my own, but I do have twin daughters and I have seen unconditional love in them! That is what sisterhood means to me.

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  13. Having a sister means having a friend for life, someone who you can talk to about anything. I love watching my two daughters, ages 3 and 2, develop this friendship already!

  14. Sisterhood is such a special bond and one I wish I had not missed out on. I can only pray that my kids will share as special of a bond that only the best of friends can.

  15. Sisterhood is such a special bond and one I wish I had not missed out on. I can only pray that my kids will share as special of a bond that only the best of friends can.

  16. having someone who knows you inside and out
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  17. My big sis and I are different in so many ways too, but sisterhood creates a bond that overlooks all our differences and makes us both stronger individuals.

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  19. Sisterhood means having a friend for life. Sisters do not have to share blood, but they have to dwell in each others heart!

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  21. I see sisterhood at its best with my daughters. Even though they strongly disliked their brothers-in-law they never criticized the choices and always supported each other.

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