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Outfit Link Up and Giveaway Winner!

I'm linking up with Rachel at Suburban Strut again for some outfit pics! 

Lately I've had an obsession with cobalt blue - and from what I'm seeing I'm not the only one. It is such a big color this season and I am loving it!

I got this cobalt blue shirt at

And this cobalt blue jacket at TJ Maxx. This jacket is cute but verges on the line of a circus ring leader jacket. 

And then this blue dress that I got at Gap

If I like something I tend to get like 8 million pieces of that one thing, so right now I am getting all things cobalt blue. I should probably step back a little! 

And now the riffraff giveaway winner!

Kodi you are the winner! Email me and I will send you the necklace!

Thanks to everybody who entered! Be sure and visit the Riffraff FB page! 


  1. I bought the gap dress earlier this week. I loved it on you at your big work event. It is a great color!

  2. Loving you in blue and I love it too!! How funny - Kodi won my Riffraff giveaway too!!!!

  3. I absolutely LOVE cobalt. That was the color of my bridesmaid dresses :) So glad I found your blog, I love it!

  4. So you're saying that I have my bridesmaids wear cobalt blue, right?! Cause I'm reeeally leaning that way.

  5. Outfit link up and giveaway winner are announced in the post here. Good to read it
    Team building events


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