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My Hair Video

Today I found myself in a strange predicament.

I put Eli down for a nap and then started getting myself ready to do my daily nap chores, ya know cleaning, laundry, emails, etc.

And then I realized I had nothing to do. My house is clean, we are going out tonight so no need to fix dinner, I did all laundry yesterday and I'm caught up on all emails. Yes I could FIND some sort of work to do but instead I decided to enjoy it.

I watched a little Say Yes to the Dress (minus bon bons) and then decided to take advantage of my "free" time and film my hair vlog.

I've had a copule of people ask me how I do my hair, and while it's NOTHING special I decided to film it.

And before you watch I have to remind you that I am entirely long-winded. Somehow this video is 16 minutes and that's after I edited out some parts.

So if you have absolutely nothing to do feel free to watch, and maybe skip ahead.

A few disclaimers:
1. I say um a lot
2. My chair squeaks. I heard it while I was filming but thought maybe you wouldn't be able to hear it in the video. I was wrong
3. It is hard to see my hair which is the main focus of the video. Awesome.
4. I've never claimed to be cool. It is obvious after this mess

The products I mention in the post:

1. Paul Mitchell Brush
2. Paul Mitchell Fast Form Gel
3. Big Sexy Hair Spray
4. Big Sexy Powder Play
5. Paul Mitchell Blow Dryer

Also, my curling iron is a Conair 1 1/2 inch barrel that I got at Target. I've had it for a couple of years and it seems to work just fine for me but I should probably invest in a new one soon.

Comment if you have any other questions!


  1. The hair-nesia comment cracked me up!! I also use big sexy hair and LOVE IT!!

  2. I too cracked up at the hair-nesia comment. Thanks for the tutorial! When I curl my hair it goes flat within an hour, so perhaps I need a better curling iron or stronger hair spray. Thanks again for all the tips!

  3. So how long does it actually take you to curl your hair? Because I'm not sure I really have the patience for all that. It looks awesome though!

  4. I love your hair! Thanks for sharing. What kind of curling iron do you use and just out of curiosity do you use special shampoo?

  5. OMG my right doesn't curl as good as my left either! I DO NOT get it! So annoying! Love your tutorial though! You have THE BEST hair! Love it!

  6. I have never seen volumizing powder, so I may have to check that out! My flat hair could definitely use some.

  7. What a cute video! You have beautiful hair!

  8. Woohoo! I'm so happy to see your hair tutorial. You always have great hair...I'm going to try and copy. :)

  9. I am so curl challenged. Can we do a trade? I'd do your makeup if you will do my hair.

  10. So so pretty! I curl my a similar way but it never looks as good as yours! :) I haven't done it in sections, where I pin some up, I'll have to try that and work on my technique! :) I might also curl each handful too big? Very cute tutorial, thank you for posting! I'll have to check out some of those products too!

  11. I am so jealous of your hair. Thatisall. :)

  12. This may have changed my straight hair ways. :)

  13. THANK YOU! I have watched so many videos and tried to curl my hair with no luck, I just couldn't figrue it out and I would give up and throw it in a ponytail. But after watching your video, I did figure it out and today, I have pretty hair! Thanks girl!

  14. Thank you for the tutorial!! Your hair is gorgeous and your video cracked me up!! You're too funny! I loved the hair-nesia. haha Thanks again! I'll definitely have to try this. I hope my hair looks as good as yours!

  15. Lovely! How do you manage to keep so healthy hair
    Salon Singapore


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