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Journaling: Day One

To be honest Monday's are the hardest day of the week for me. I'm away from Eli all day and I know that I will be away from him the next day also. And when I get home from work I feel like it is rush, rush, rush to get everything done.

So when Luke suggested that we go out to eat on this Monday I was a bit apprehensive. I felt like it would be out of our normal "Monday" routine and might put a kink in the night, but then I decided to just let loose and go with it.

Now that my big event at work is over I feel a bit more relaxed. Weeks leading up to a big event in my life I have lots of anxiety and constnatly feel the event resting on my shoulders and back. I'm snappier, moddier and basically the COMPLETELY OPPOSITE of all fruits of the spirit. Not something I strive for or am proud of, but hey it happens.

So being that work is less stressful right now and we didn't have any plans for the night I let loose and decided that our normal Monday routine was ok to skip.

We went to eat at Cheddar's which I LOVE, but Luke notified me half way through our meal that he hates it. GOOD TO KNOW.

We decided not to mess with a high chair and let Eli sit in a booster next to me. He surprisingly did well in it, and never tried to get up. I think we will use a booster from now on.

It was such a fun time with my boys. These are the "normal" "mundane" moments that I am thankful for.

After dinner we went by a neighborhood that Luke is working on so that he could check on some things.

Then we went by Sarah's house to drop of something and pick up something. That sounds like a drug deal. If necklaces and cosmetic bags are drugs then consider us dealers.

We got home, got Eli his milk and got in our bed and watched Dancing with the Stars. Eli loves the music in the show.

It was a great day and night. I will admit Eli skipped his bath tonight. Probably the first Monday in the history of his life that he hasn't had a bath. Oh well.

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  1. I'm so glad you're doing this! I love hearing the regular every day stuff. That Eli is just too cute! Love his little expressions. And it's so funny that all these babies love DWTS so much.

  2. I love the everyday posts! Oh, and Maddie totally skipped her bath tonight too....pretty sure we will all survive ;0)


  3. I love that pic of him looking at you! So sweet. And I'm still a little offended you were too scared to try my cooking...
    PS can't believe you outed us on the internetz.

  4. aww i love your "getting real" journaling prompt. and going out to eat period can be a lot of work, in or out of norm. glad you just went with the flow and had a good time. - faith

  5. I am so going to try the booster next time! Good work. Thanks for my awesome button. I think it's beautiful! So thankful for your friendship and our cutie boys. One day we will meet and I will hug you. Sorry not sorry!

  6. I'm doing journaling for the 31 days, too! Ha! I love reading about everyone's normal, day-to-day stuff. Can you even believe that Eli is big enough to be in a booster? Cooper actually behaves better in one than a highchair. I think they feel more a part of things :)

  7. I'm glad they'll be a post each day when I check. Not that I'm a stalker...just stopped using my reader.


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