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Journaling: Day Four

Thursday Thursday.

This day started out with me thinking I was going to get my hair done at 2:00. My sister is a hair stylist and if our schedules align she usually does my hair, but with her being in a different town it is so hard to get our schedules together. This weekend is my 10 year high school reunion (something I always said I would never go to (never say never)) so I am DESPERATE for a hair color and cut.

Because I'm sure everybody at the reunion is dying to see my hair and praying I don't have split ends. 

Anyways, I'm not going to see my sister before the dreaded reunion so I had to call someone local to do it. Which means I will end up paying 100% more than usual but DESPERATE TIMES CALL FOR DESPERATE MEASURES.

I got a call around noon to notify me that my hair girl was sick. I will admit that I sort of freaked out a tiny bit, and by tiny bit I mean my heart dropped to the floor and I think I quit breathing.

But then she told me that she was going to come in on Friday and she could do it then. Hallelujah! 

Side note - my friend just texted me and told me she got her nails done today for the reunion, I feel like I'm really behind and I'm going to be the sloppy not cute person at the reunion which sounds like high school so it will be normal.

Carrying on...

I never wash my hair on days when I'm getting my hair done, so here I was with gross 2nd day hair (I'm a girl who washes her hair everyday) and no hair appointment. I didn't want to just throw it up in a pony tail, so I went to Meredith's blog and watched her sock bun tutorial. 

It took me several attempts and this was what I finally got:

I will admit I felt a little ridiculous with it, especially when Eli and I met Luke during the day he asked why I was trying to look like Michelle Duggar. He is so weird. And then he kept talking about it all day and saying how crazy it was to see me "like this" what does "LIKE THIS" mean??

Another side note: See my super cute red necklace? I will be giving it away on my blog soon! Stay tuned....

Luke brought Eli and I home after we dropped my car off at the shop to get the oil changed and whatever 18 other things the maintenance men found wrong with it and we spent our afternoon playing. Playing means Eli jumping on my back a hundred times begging for piggy back rides. 

Later we picked up my car, got pizza and enjoyed our night together!

We also face timed with my baby sister for her birthday. We watched her open gifts and wished we could eat her cake through the phone

(I totally blurred out my mom cause she was blinking, but I thought this pic of my sis and Eli was too cute)

It was a good Thursday! 

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  1. I keep wanting to try the sock bun! Tell Luke it is totally not Michelle Duggar's style... more so Kim Kardashian :o) Super cute on you!

  2. If you look like Michelle Duggar I need glasses because I think you look great! I have tried and failed miserably at the sock bun one too many times! you rocked it!

  3. I don't like sock buns on anyone.

    I love your face in the car. you look so unsure. lol.

  4. I think you look GREAT with the sock bun, you should do it more often =)

  5. Too funny! I hate second day hair too. My 10 year reunion was a certain number of years back :) i skipped out though, they had it at some creepy bar. ???
    Weird. You'd think they'd pick something a little classier.

  6. i literally laughed out loud at luke's reaction. so something b would say. i'm actually still laughing.

    i think it's cute. i don't think i have enough hair :(


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