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Fall Weekend Fun

We had such a fun and FULL weekend. I loved it!

It all started Friday when my sister who is in college randomly decided to come spend the night with us. I love that she lives a bit closer to us now that she is at college and hope she will randomly come stay with us more. We loved having her!

We had planned to go to a bonfire that night with friends from church so my sister Haley joined us. 

It was a COLD night but we had fun going on a hay ride and then sitting in front of the bonfire while we {Luke} roasted hot dogs and smores! 

Saturday my mom had already planned to drive up to keep Eli for us while we went to a wedding so it was just a bonus that  my sister was there.

One of Luke's friends from high school was getting married, so we were able to enjoy some time catching up with his old friends. I love that Luke comes from a close group of high school friends and as each person gets married the spouses are invited in! :-)

I only took one picture that day, here I am with Shannon (a fellow spouse)

Saturday was also special because Luke's high school friend Sam was in town for the wedding. We were able to host Sam, her husband, and their friends over to watch the OU game. It was fun to have everyone over and Eli thoroughly enjoyed being the center of attention before the game. 

Sunday we relaxed after church. I also snuck in a 3 hour nap which was fabulous!


  1. Your bon fire pics are so cute Megan! Eli is such a doll baby. Glad you guys had a fun weekend!!

  2. What a fun weekend! How great that you get a long with his old friends so well. I love that Bobby takes the time to get to know my old friendds and that he actually likes them.

  3. Such fun and pretty pics! It sounded like a wonderful weekend!

  4. I told Brandon as we left that we should have taken a picture with all of us and forgot to do it! Thanks again for having us over to your house! Eli was a total blast!


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