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Day 8 of 31

It is hard to squeeze in a post right now because everything is so crazy busy.

Eli and I are headed to my hometown Tuesday afternoon. I have three Scentsy parties scheduled for the week! I am looking forward to the parties and also spending time with family and friends. We will miss Luke so much, and I know he will miss us, but I think he has booked his calendar pretty full for the week so the time shouuld go by quickly.

Sunday night for dinner I made Angie's chili. YUM, it was good. My idea of a perfect chili is THICK and SPICY (but not too spicy for Luke). This chili hit that criteria. We had a lot of leftover chili so Monday for dinner we did Three Way Chili. I grew up eating this but I've realized that not a lot of people are familiar with this.

Basically you cook some spaghetti noodles and dump your chili over the spaghetti, you can add any toppings, I usually loveo cheese and onion on mine but didn't have a freshly chopped onion at home tonight.

This isn't the best picture (maybe the wrost picture ever) but it is sure good!

After dinner Luke gave Eli his bath while I started trying to pack us and get all my party gear ready to go. It is definitely a huge feat. Plus I have no idea what to pack since it is 30 degrees in the morning and 80 degrees by noon. The responbility of dressing another human is stressful.

Soon after Eli's bath a cute little baby wrapped in a towel came running into my room where I was packing. I love this happy little guy so much

I have a lot to blog about this week.....

I will be doing a Riff Raff giveaway! Get excited!!

I want to highlight the latest Scentsy specials for October (there are some good ones).

I still need to blog about my weekend AKA my 10 year reunion (it was better than I thought it would be)

I plan on doing a vlog about how I style my hair because I've had several people ask.

So, I have a lot of things to blog about, along with my regular "journaling" for the 31 days.

However, it will all wait, on Wednesday I will be silencing my blog in rememberance of Matt Turner.

Please continue to pray for Julee, Preslee, and their family during this time and in the months to come.



  1. I love love love eating my chili on a bed of pasta, and I agree it must be spaghetti noodles. Mmmm!

    Thanks for the shout out lady.

    Have a wonderful week!

  2. I find it silly that I just now realized you were an NWAer. Riff Raff giveaway, wahhoooo :)


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