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31 Days of FAILING

When I randomly decided to join the 31 days of blogging I knew I wanted to choose something that would encourage me to blog everyday about the basic details of life. Stuff that I always want to blog about but I'm afraid it will bore people.

And then I started my 31 days and realized I ALREADY DID THAT.

Really my 31 days details weren't any different than what I normally did, so I guess that was something good that I learned from 31 days. I will just continue to do what I'm doing. BE BORING.

Maybe next year I will do something superficial like 31 days of wearing only items in your closet without buying anything new. Superficial seems easier than boring details from my day. Like my "Top Knot" yawn.

Plus I'm so far behind in my 31 days I'm not sure it is worth catching up. Eli and I were in my hometown all week visiting family and friends and I did a couple of Scentsy parties while there.

It was a productive and fun week. There was a time when I wanted more than anything to be back in my hometown, but right now I'm ok with the way things are. I would love to be closer to family and some of my close friends that are there, but I love our life here and our town. Sometimes my heart feels torn.

Apparently visiting with family and friends while thinking about how my heart is town between two cities trumps blogging everyday. Go figure.

So this is me ending my 31 days. It was a good 13 days give or take (TAKE) a few days.

Stay tuned as I continue to be boring, it's what I do best!


  1. I understand about your heart being torn between 2 cities. My family lives in the US and I live in Scotland. It costs thousands of dollars to go and visit. I've not been home in 3.5 yrs. Breaks my heart.

  2. pretty certain **I** could totally do "31 days of failing". THAT one? I could get on board with ;P haha

  3. I would never call you boring....but I'd so be up for 31 days of failing!

  4. Thank you for letting me be the only one that can't keep up with 31 days... Where do these people find the TIME? I have written 7 posts in 14 days. Oops.

  5. First of all, I didn't even try. And second, I really like your so called "boring" blog. You keep being boring and I'll keep reading.


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