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Weekend Update

This weekend was one of those picture perfect weekends. I have said it before; our lives are not perfect but they are full of perfect moments.

I am so thankful for my life and all the ways God has blessed us and also all the ways he has grown us and taught us.

Friday we did just what I planned on doing. We had Paula Deen Taco Soup with Garlic and Cheese biscuits. We then watched the Shark Tank and just had a good time hanging out at home.

Saturday morning we woke up and decided to try a new donut shop that opened up by our house. It was packed which made me happy, I love to see new family businesses doing well. Eli and I shared a cheese and sausage roll and a chocolate sprinkle donut. Eli loved the donut - go figure.

We then drove around town for a bit. It was rainy and chilly. Perfection.

The rest of the day was spent together. I also ate a lot of leftover Taco Soup. I love that stuff. Add a little cheese and tabasco. YUM.

Sunday was super hero day at church so Eli wore his new batman shirt. I told him to say cheese and this is what he does:

 Luke wore his "super hero" shirt; Rocky. We have to watch that movie EVER SINGLE TIME it is on TV. So annoying. But my boys look cute:

Me and my baby boy at church. I wore a shirt with stars cause I thought it seems to fit the super hero theme. A Wonder Woman outfit seemed a bit inappropriate. 

After Eli's nap we went with Luke to measure some land. We walked around the neighborhood twice which was good exercise. Eli took turns riding in the stroller and walking with dad.

Now I'm eating Nutella and watching some Real Housewives, great ending to a great weekend!


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