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Weekend Update

We had such a great weekend and it actually felt a little bit like fall.

Well just a tiny bit. The high was 84 and we were acting like it was going to be 50 degrees. We are SO ready for Fall....and it's starting to feel that way!

Friday (before the cool front of 84 degrees) I spent the night alone with my iPad. Luke had a music gig so after Eli went to bed he left to play some music and I enjoyed the night with some Velata chocolate, trashy magazines and Dawson's Creek. It was pretty nice, but I was ready for Luke to get home after a couple of hours.

I always think I want alone time and then when I have it I really miss Luke.

Saturday we went to a football game with Luke's family. The weather was just perfect. It did get a little hot later in the afternoon but nothing close to the triple digit temps we have been experiencing.

Hanging at the game:

(Luke's pulled up jeans crack me up, I told him not to wear jeans that he would get hot!)

 Sunday was our normal day of church. Our church is doing a circus type series this month so every Sunday after church there is a fun activity. Today we had a petting zoo. Which would have been fun if Eli wasn't scared of every single animal ever.

Eli tried to put him on a pony for the pony rides and Eli freaked out. We're still working on that animal thing. 

It was a great weekend and we got a taste of fall! I don't know what it is about fall but I anticipate it more than any other season!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! 


  1. I can't wait for Fall either! I want to bust out my sweaters and boots pronto!

  2. YAY for fall{ish} weather! Looks like a great weekend!!! Happy Monday!

  3. ME TOO! I switched my Scentsy over to my fall scent this weekend and have worn boots 2 days in a row! We're even having Chili for dinner tonight... LOVE fall!

  4. Our church just ended a circus series! How fun! :] Looks like you had a great weekend! Bring on the fall temps!

  5. We are so excited for fall too! Such cute pics and that pic of all three of you is so good! :)


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