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{Re} Organized Linen Closet

I really love a good organizing project.

I am constantly organizing various closets and spaces in our house.   So much so that once I finish a project I'm ready to start the next project even if it is something I have already organized, I figure there is some way I can make I can make it better.

Luke has asked me (in the kindest way possible) "why can't you just leave things where they are?" It's not that I can't leave things where they are, its just that I want to make sure that we are maximizing. every storage space to its greatest capacity in this house.

I love our house, but I HATE that it has no storage space. NONE. We have one linen closet. That is it. No coat closet, no utility closet. Nothing.

So I feel like I am constantly fighting a battle of not having too much junk and clutter and using every storage space possible.

In the process of ensuring we don't have too much junk and clutter I have collected A LOT of Scentsy "stuff". The problem is I need all of this stuff to help run my business.

I've been trying to brainstorm the perfect way to store all my stuff and I think I found the perfect way.....for now.

First I took our only closet, our linen closet, and dumped everything out of it and tried to figure out where these towels and blankets could go to better maximize the space.

I moved the red towels under our guest room bathroom sink. I took the pillows and put them under the bed in our guest room. I always forget about all the wonderful storage space under beds.

I moved the luggage to a far corner in Eli's closet that wasn't being utilized. And moved the blankets to a shelf in his closet also.

Currently I keep all my Scentsy stuff in Eli's closet which wasn't working because I find that I need that stuff the most during his nap time, plus it was at an awkward angle that would work better for stuffed animals and those blankets that aren't used on a daily basis.

So I moved all my scentsy stuff to this closet that is in the hallway and I love it so much more!

I feel like now I'm really maximing the space in this closet.

In the middle shelves I have my tubs with all my various Scentsy needs.

At the bottom I moved this plastic drawer thing that was just taking up space in Eli's closet and filled it with Scentsy related items that needed a home. It fit perfectly in this closet.

I also love that I have extra space to put completed orders that need to be delivered. Usually they just sat on our dining room table but now I have the space for them.

Above the tubs I put my warmers that I keep on hand in case anybody needs a last minute order (or if I want to open one and just keep it for myself)

And above my warmers are my own personal decorations that I use around the house that don't have a home right now.

I am so happy with my new Scentsy closet space. I hope one day we can build a house and build me a whole Scentsy room - but for now the linen closet will do!


  1. I have only one linen closet in my house too... No coat closet, nothing else for storage. I hate it!

  2. I have "Organize My Life" on my Life List... I don't know that I'll ever achieve complete life organization, but i love the process!

  3. My mom & I are the same way about our organizing. There is always room for improvement!


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