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Random of Sorts

I didn't intend to go all week without posting but starting Sunday I started feeling under the weather and it was all downhill after that. After a trip to the doctors office, not getting any better and then a trip to the ER I am finally feeling much better. Thank goodness. So even though I feel like I do these posts waaaay too often, here's a little brain dump:

1. I own a ridiculous amount of boots. Boots are my weakness I love them so much. I got an awesome new pair of boots last weekend and I already want another pair. But see the boots I got are ankle boots and I want a new pair of tall boots. Makes total sense!!! Does anybody have their eye on a pair of cute boots out there? I found a pair I really like at Kohl's but I'm open to options:

2. My new favorite Scentsy scent is Apple Press. It is new this fall and it is AMAZING.

3. I need to know which show you prefer: The View on ABC or The Talk on CBS. Important issues here people.

4. Luke was Mr. Mom while I was sick and he did a fabulous job. Except for cleaning. My house is a pit after my 3 day sabbatical in bed, I'm slowly trying to get it back in shape.

5. My friend Sarah is selling some awesome cosmetic/travel bags that are perfect for Christmas gifts or just perfect for YOU.

6. The high tomorrow is 69. SIXTY NINE. I am so excited to make some Paula Deen Taco Soup, cheddar biscuits and something yummy for dessert. Snuggle on the couch and watch Shark Tank. Sounds like a perfect Friday night.

7. I am really loving Katie Couric's new show. And think maybe it's the new Oprah?

8. Whenever I get Scentsy orders they come with a TON of butcher paper. So today I let Eli color on the paper. I thought it was brilliant until he came to me with his milk and a crayon in hand. It was a nice snack. Also? I'm finding crayon all over my tile. Apparently the tile was more fun to color on than the paper.

9. I should be cleaning

10. I'm excited for fall tv to start back up? Any shows you are looking forward to watching? I'm looking forward to Revenge.


  1. I love the boots.
    I just watched The New Normal and it was so cute. The little girl makes the show.
    Other shows I adore or am looking forward to: Sons of Anarchy, Revolution, Dexter, Walking Dead, Modern Family and The Middle.

  2. Boo, I hope you're feeling better!

    Those boots are super duper cute, my favorites are from Charming Charlie

    Eh, cleaning can wait with adorable baby boys around :)

  3. Glad to see my child is not the only one who thinks crayons are a food group ;) E is too stinkin' cute!!!

  4. i canNOT stand the view. but for some reason i still DVR it every day. mostly so i can fast forward through all of the nonsense, but still know what's going on in the world. makes sense, right?
    we LOVE butcher paper, but my girls insist on me "tracing" them so we end up looking like we have body outlines all over the place. it's like a crime scene straight out of CSI.

  5. I LOVE boots. Have you ever checked out the site They have boots at great prices!

  6. I love boots, but I wear a 9 1/2 to size 10 so I think my feet look extra huge, like I'm John Wayne walking around or something. I'm totally jealous about your weather, it's supposed to be 97 tomorrow where I live :( I am so ready for fall!

  7. I love those boots and I love even more that they are from Kohl's aka not expensive! And those cosmetic bags are precious!!!!

  8. I ordered these:

    and these:

    This week. I've had amazing luck with boots at DSW so I'm ready this year... if you can believe it, I think last year was my first year wearing boots. I know, unbelievable.

    I prefer The View... and now Katie. She IS the new Oprah.

    I haven't really stocked my DVR for fall... I'm going to regret it in a week.. gosh I love TV.

  9. I love Revenge! I had the entire season on my DVR and I just finished watching it about 2 weeks ago. Can't wait for the new season to start. Also Grey's & Big Bang Theory. I WAS really excited about Mad Men as well, until Dish Network & AMC had issues and they dropped AMC. :(

  10. I am so excited for fall tv! Revenge, Nashville, Homeland, Dexter....I cannot wait!!

    Also...I just got these boots:

    Still on the fence on whether or not I want to keep them.


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